What are some fast breakfast recipes?

Livio Z.
One easy, delicious, and healthy breakfast recipe is a fruit and yogurt parfait. If you're really tight on time go for berries they can be just grabbed and rinsed off like blueberries or raspberries because the don't need to be cut up. Banana is another good fruit to add. Go for Greek or Skyr yogurt. To stay saited longer you can add fibreous cereal. This meal has all macronutrients (protein, fat, complex and simple carbohydrates) and tastes great!
Sarah W.
My go-to is half nonfat plain yogurt and half flavored low fat yogurt (I can't do just plain yogurt) and toss in some berries im in the mood for and/or granola. Coconut almond granola with strawberry yogurt and raspberries is my favorite combination so far.
Ginger I.
I like to keep it fairly simple during the week with just a couple of scrambled eggs and I keep fresh berries or other kinds of fruits on hand. To change it up a bit I might also just heat up some quick oats and add berries to it with some oat or almond milk or even a spoonful because f almond butter.
Alia F.
i mostly eat scrambled eggs, some vegetables and drink a glass of water for breakfast. But two piece of bread with selfmade guacamole, cut fruits and some other things you could easily find on the internet 🙂
Cassia W.
Spinach and eggs! I always add cheese and extra greens, but eggs are quick yet also meditative to cook something on the stove. Spinach can be added in at anytime and adds iron to your diet as well
Dener P.
I always like to start the day with water, my medication then breakfast. My fast breakfast can consist of big pancakes put in the microwave then topped with whipped cream, honey and different fruits – I love this one as I have such a sweet tooth and it's the easiest way of getting my fruit in! Other than that I've heard oatmeal is really good and contains slow release elements and only takes a few minutes in the microwave!
Cynthia F.
I am on a ketogenic diet, so I usually make something like a morning scramble. I add olive oil to a medium sized non -stick pan and I warm it up a bit. While it is warming, I cut my protein into small pieces on a separate plate. Unless it is chorizo because you can cut it up while you cook it. Now that the oil is warmed up, I add my bacon , ham, chorizo or breakfast sausage. Now, usually if it’s bacon or chorizo I may just skip too much oil because they have their own natural fats. As they are cooking, I scramble two eggs in a bowl and cut up diced pieces of onion, tomato and jalapeños. I add the veggies to the protein, and let them cook for a while. Then, after a couple minutes I add the eggs and start scrambling until they are done. If I have any, I complete the dish but making breakfast tacos with two 5 net carb tortillas and I’m ready to eat!
Mariam F.
I think oatmeal is the best and maybe an apple on the side and drinking green tea u just have to add water on a tea bag in your breakfast is ready and healthy and fast
Lola C.
A breakfast hash! I do this by cutting up a bunch of vegetables, sauteeing some onions, frying some eggs over said onions (and adding some jalapenos). I make some home fries as well. I combine everything in a bowl, smush the egg a bit so it is in pieces, and top with goat cheese or shredded cheese! Super yummy and filling. Banana smoothie to drink gives you a balanced breakfast.
Amy X.
I like to put eggs in a steamer for 20 minutes and then set them in ice water for 5 and then I have really easy hard boiled eggs to grab and go!
Emily P.
I enjoy making egg, ham, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Cook eggs, add the cheese, use the same pan to warm up some deli ham, and then add all that to a toasted bagel or bread. Really quick, but fills you up for a long time. I will also eat some fruit or yogurt with granola.
Alice Z.
If I'm in a rush I'll put some eggs to boil while I get ready and add some toast on the side. Other days I'll grab some yogurt and put granola or cereal in it and a fruit on the side.
Od Lia N.
Keeping a store of hard boiled eggs is helpful for me but my go to breakfast is a bowl of raisin bran with a banana or berries 🙂
Shalyn F.
A fast one for me, is warming up some left over steak (I don’t like eggs) with peanut butter and apples. It’s not really a recipe but it’s what I enjoy
Athene N.
Well, one breakfast smoothie I make all the time is super delicious!! Some of the ingredients are…
Half banana,2tbsp of peanut butter,1tbsp of chia seeds,2scoops of vanilla protein powder, almond milk!
Mark Q.
Any recipe about eggs is really fast and simple. If you like waffles and pancakes, buy the frozen versions, just pop them into a toaster or microwave, add some syrup or jelly in it, and enjoy.
Claudia T.
Omelet breakfast sandwich. If you have your veggies cut up already, you can just scramble the eggs, add the veggies, and fry it up. While it’s cooking, you toast your bread and boom. Breakfast.