What is your quickest most creative breakfast recipe or suggestion?

Logan S.
Depends what your health goals are. I recommend not eating a ton of carbs so I the carbs I do eat, I want them in the morning! That’s why oatmeal for breakfast is my favourite choice. I add walnuts to mine as I loooove walnuts but if you’re looking for something more filling or different you can do eggs (or egg whites), yogurt gives it a tart flavour some people like, there’s so many choices.
Joabe A.
Chia seed pudding with fruit on top. I add a little bit of cocoa powder for a chocolate flavour. Is delicious and nutritious!
Steffi U.
A sausage and veggie scramble. Cut the veggies the night before and cook the sausage the night before. Next morning, toss in the ingredients and scramble. The pre-cut veggies and pre-cooked meat store well in containers for multiple day use.
Lisa Z.
Avocado on toast with sumac sprinkled on top, and fruity gummy vitamins. I love to have a glass of chocolate nut milk as well.
Christian W.
The best breakfast for good energy for most of us, (especially people with ADD like me) is something that is high protein plus a little glycemic fruit like apple or banana.The best breakfast for good energy for most of us, (especially people with ADD like me) is something that is high protein plus a little glycemic fruit like apple or banana. Since I tend to eat an apple every lunch, I go for a banana in the morning. (Actually, now that I think about it, my medication hasn’t been working as well in the afternoons, and it might be the acidity of the Apple. I think I’ll try something less acidic for lunch, which might rule out apples entirely until dinner time.) Anyway, if I always eat a banana with breakfast, it means that all I have left to be creative with is the protein. Greek yogurt, peanut butter, oats. You can get all different flavors of Greek yogurt and sprinkle oat-loaded granola on it. Or a bowl of granola mixed with Greek yogurt on top of a banana.
A peanut butter and honey and chocolate chip and banana milkshake is good. My personal favorite is to just split the banana in half, slather peanut butter on it, sprinkle chocolate chips on it,my personal favorite is to just split the banana in half, slather peanut butter on it, sprinkle chocolate chips on it. When I’m in a hurry, it’s grab a peanut butter granola bar and a banana and head out the door.
Svetlana F.
Make up a dozen mini frittatas with broccoli and ham ahead of time. When you want one, wrap in paper towel and heat in microwave for 1.25 min. Enjoy!
Maelya Q.
A shake! Add some milk, either cow or almond, 1 or 2 pieces of fruit such as bananas and strawberries, some oats and yogurt and a scoop of powder protein! Or an egg for protein. Also peanut butter will add to the wholesoness. Make your own creations and stock up for the week when groceries shopping. Frozen fruits can add a smoothie effect for the hot summer months.
Mathilde C.
Place a measure of porridge oats and a roughly equal measure of water in a microwaveable bowl – a medium size glass bowl is good. Add 5 chopped prunes and 2 desert spoonsful of mixed chopped nuts and seeds. (You can keep these ready in a box in the fridge.) Microwave for 3 minutes. Add milk or non dairy milk substitute. Enjoy. Also – no pan to wash.
Ida C.
My quickest recipe would be a healthy smoothie with:
Mixed Berries
Bee 🐝 Pollen
Lemon 🍋 juice
Sea Moss
Orange 🍊 Juice
Elise A.
My husband and I love to make egg muffins. Either scrambled with spinach and veggies. Or we line muffin tins with breakfast sausage and then crack an egg in the center. Both very yummy!
Bertram C.
I like eating cornflakes with banana slices and milk with some honey in it. I also like the healthy cereal in Greek yogurt with some honey.
Floyd W.
When I'm feeling creative in the morning, and it's fairly quick. Make quick polenta, 1/4 cup cornmeal, 1 cup water, butter to taste – I use a tablespoon, a couple teaspoons of sugar. Bring it to a boil, stir like mad, take off the heat once it thickens. Takes about 5 minutes. Throw some frozen blueberries into your bowl, put the polenta on top and go take a shower.
When you get back it will be cooled to an edible temperature. And you have a treat of blueberries
Rosa N.
I throw whisked eggs, spinach, and a teaspoon of soy sauce together and fry it in oil. It’s so good and quick! And if I’m feeling spicy that day, I add some sriracha 😉
Leal N.
Good morning, I really like to use 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower rice in place of most of the ice in my morning smoothie. I keep it in an easy place to grab in my freezer. It doesn’t affect the taste, and somehow starting the day with a vegetable already in me sets me up to keep making better choices throughout the day.
Oscar C.
I can quickly scramble some eggs and eat them with salsa. If I’m in a bigger rush, I can make toast with avocado and eat it on the way to work!
Clara A.
Overnight oats: yogurt, almond milk, oats and topping of choice. Also, eggs. I boil 3 or 4 one day, and have them during the next few days, again topping/side of choice.
Landon J.
I've been using Tim Ferriss as a source of inspiration and knowledge, combing the four hour body and chef recipes.

Some microwaved scrambled egg whites and whole eggs with scallions, chiles and seasoning, takes less than two minutes to prep.

Birgitt F.
I toast bread the I spread avocado on it and on top of that I put a fried egg, to drink I put a banana in the blender some milk and adding sugar is optional. Run the blender and pour it In a cup and sprinkle some powdered cinnamon to give it even better taste
Theodore U.
Boiled eggs and a glass of milk with a slice of light bread. A tomato and cucumber are also my favorites at a light breakfast. Instead of boiling the eggs I sometimes prefer cooking them on the pan with a little bit cheese and olive oil. Enjoy the breakfast:)
Silke X.
I am not someone who can easily eat breakfast so I opt for something light but high in fibre, fats and protein.

A typical meal would be 2-3 scrambled or boiled eggs. Mixed with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and served on 2-3 rye or seeded cracker bread pieces.

Alternatively I will eat oats made with boiling water and sprinkled with a teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of brown sugar or 1 xylitol sachet.

Susanna O.
Oatmeal/porridge made with 60% water and 40% whole milk. 1 teaspoon of linseed with nuts. Half a teaspoon of honey and 150g of fresh seasonal berries. A glass of water and feed the dog!
Gabin S.
Toasted bread with honey, coffee and one yogurt. Drink as much water as possible and if possible one ginger tea with lemon
Bobby O.
I used to love different types of oatmeals with variety of fruits + jam. Now im more of dark bread sandwich with seasonas vegetables: tomato, onion, vegan cheese, tzn pickled cucumber, some green leafs.
Elsie S.
2 boiled eggs and toast with a small bit of butter and white pepper is a good start to the day.
I also like to make porridge and serve it with a smidge of honey and handful of blueberries. Tasty and nutritious!
Enola Y.
my quick breakfast is Chia Seed Pudding, with honey, chia seeds, fresh fruit, and coconut milk. the recipe is quite simple. look it up online easily and add your own fruits
Kenzi Y.
Sautee some baby spinach with olive oil in a non stick pan. Add 2 eggs beaten well – and add red peppers or scallions. Cook well and serve with dark danish bread “rodbrod” and a mug of black coffee. Happiness!
Vicky J.
You can make granola with fruits and yoghurt. You can put yoghurt, then granola and fruit in a bowl. It gives you carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins. If you put in nuts, like almonds; they give you protein as well, which makes this breakfast a creative and healthy one.
Kimberly J.
A parfait. I am not a morning person and I dont really like breakfast, but a parfait is super easy to throw together. Just some yogurt, nuts and berries and im done!
Canto B.
Omelettes have been a gateway drug to the cooking world for me. If you know how how to make an omelette, then everythinbelse becomes a possible filling. Leftover filling omelettes have never failed me.
No Lie O.
veggies sautéed with eggs and cheese. Not very creative but I can never get away from it.

Creative wise, I like bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with syrup and crushed red peppers in the sandwich. It’s a flavor combo to die for