What vegetation breakfast had worked well for you?

Judy F.
It depends on your level of vegetarianism – however, while in Norway I got a few breakfast salads. Sounds weird, but a big plate of veggies, some nuts, A poached egg, and some good handmade bread was amazing. Another option is toast or frozen organic waffles with almond butter.
Emilie U.
I don’t eat strictly vegan since I have dairy in my breakfast. My favorite breakfast is 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1/2 c Muslix or granola, 1/2 cup fruit.
Gerald P.
Oats with dry apricots: before bedtime I put rolled oats and dry apricots in water (sure, I separate it) and leave it to chill in a fridge. Morning time boil the oats for 2 minutes, add a few dry apricots and a bit of juice after apricots (those water that it chilled in before. It's sweet and no need to add more sugars). That's it! After it you could eat 10-12 nuts (any of them except cashew), teaspoon of coconut oil (it's sweet and easy to eat). Very fast and delicious vegetarian breakfast👍🏻🙂🙏🏻
Norisete W.
You mean a Vegetarian breakfast? I like a egg sandwich with cream cheese,lettice,onion,tomato,red pepper,& pickle. I have a cup of coffee with it & a mixed berry yogurt for dessert.
Analide Q.
Vegtables mixed into a omelette works well, with spinach on nice bread, which is hard to find in gluten free versions
the gluten free varieties of food stuffs, can be hit or miss. Ive lost my drive to cook from sctatch with cakes, bread etc not got my own cooking equipnent. utensils,spices,oils,salts etc etc expartner is being difficult, obstructive and violating my wellbeing. Nobody knows what my stuff, familar tools mean to myself and motivation. Same with gardening stuff, feel robbed, numb, feel so hurt
Victor P.
I’m a nanny so making myself breakfast while I’m trying to handle kids is hard. I always gave the kids fruit with their breakfast and each kid likes a different fruit. So, for myself, I combined all those fruits for a fruit cup and had some yogurt with it to last me until lunch.
Billy T.
Hi! Did you mean vegetarian or vegan? Anyway, first thing that comes to mind is avocado on toast.

I'm pretty specific about this thing, everything must be perfect. I start off with two wholegrain bread pieces and put them into the toaster. While they are getting nice and crispy I start heating nonstick pan and cook two eggs (you can skip this part if you meant vegan). If your nonstick pan is in good condition and you preheated it enough there is no need in adding oil. I sprinkle a bit of salt on eggs and put the lid on. By that time bread is toasted. I spread half of an avocado on toasts (1/4 per large piece of bread, I use hass avocados). Then I wait until the eggs are ready and put each of them on their corresponding toast (vegan option: sprinkle lenon juice on avocado, trust me, it tastes great). Thats it. In addition to making you feel full and energised because of whole grains in bread and fats in avocado, it also makes you feel like a cool chef for doing so many operations at once.

You know, I can eat a lot of other stuff for breakfast like oats, yoghurt with fruits or nut butter sandwiches, and they work well for me. But there are mornings when I don't want to eat at all and I know that I have to. Then I cook my favourite meal (you might already guessed what it is) and eat a great breakfast.

Thank you for your question! Good luck with your Fabulous journey and have a nice day!

Marcia J.
I’ve been doing oatmeal which has been great but just switched to smoothies. A little more quicker and can be consumed on the go!
Constance Z.
I would suggest outmeal with banana cinemon coconut flakes and a little bit of salt. Instead of milk you can use water or oat/soya/rice milk
Brit E.
I have loved overnight oats. They make breakfast super easy in the morning, and can be dressed up to make them truly enjoyable to eat.
Neil P.
Whey protein, but I also love mixed veggies and fruits as long as I get all of my fat and protein. Guacamole on whole grain toast is best!!!
Alison E.
Smoothies with spinach, beans, peppers, etc. have been useful and easy in the past. To set the best conditions for success make sure everything is washed and ready to go so you simply need to place things in the blender and drink. Superfood salads are a great go to when mixed with berries and other fruits.
Andrea A.
It's my normal one! Either fruit with a glass of milk and 2-3 cranberry biscuits in Norway, or green grapes with a glass of milk and either a croissant or 4 rich tea biscuits in Ireland. 🙂
Enrique F.
A great vegan option that always gives me plenty of energy to start my day (and tastes great too):
In a blender place;
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup organic spinach or kale
1/2 cup bananas (previously peeled, sliced & frozen)
1 Tbsp flaxseed meal
1 cup fruit juice (organic, unsweetened)
Blend until smooth, makes 2 servings.
Vicki U.
Oatmeal, peanut butter, agave syrup and banana. It's very filling and is good whether or not you're working out in the morning.
Bob J.
This question doesn't make sense! I have chopped onions, sauteed spinach and procuitto that I sauteed on the weekend. I mix that with an egg and cheese and microwave for 40 seconds. Mix and microwave for 30 more seconds. Top with hot sauce. Vegetation? I guess spinach and onions. But is that what is being asked?