How do you keep healthy breakfasts interesting?

Eve Y.
I have kind of weakly rutine which is different breakfast everyday
It contains, egg+mushroom, peanut butter + jam, outmeal+nuts, boiled egg, butter +cheese
And I have daily routines, I drink water at first, and I eat an apple before breakfast
Jutta O.
I'll tell you how I did it, at first I was trying to give my plate an instagram kind of presentation, so it looks tasty and healthy, but I don't take pictures of it and share them because I like to keep it for myself, without the stress of media. Then I found out the cooking process is something that I really enjoy, trying new combinations of things, maybe something I saw on tiktok, and if you enjoy the process, at the end, a good looking meal comes by itself, and what's more, satisfaction of having done all yourself 🙂
Sofia E.
I have pancakes with only 1 spoon of sugar with some syrup or whatever toppings I want. It isn’t the healthiest breakfast but it’s 10x better than before
Bruce U.
By adding tasty and healthy foods in the list. For example include seasonal fruits, fresh juices, whole wheat bread or oats, replace sugar with jaggery. Just small changes and that's enough.