How do you handle the chaos of mornings with a big family and still eat a healthy breakfast and exercise?

Hansgeorg X.
Honestly I feel like there are two choises:the first one is to wake up one hour before everyone wakes up so you can have peace and quiet and that's when you eat and do your morning routine etc!
And the second one is that you exercise outside and if you live in a apartment do it in your room or living room or just run outside or maybe you even have playgrounds with special machines for workouts! As with the healty eating try eating before this and with the morning routine try have the morning routine just in one room (prefarbily bathroom) so others can't get in your way. Hope this helps :))
Martino T.
I don't have a big family but I still need my alone time. and yes it's still hard to be motivated to exercise. but healthy breakfasts are always rewarding
Agathe F.
Get up half an hour to an hour earlier than everyone else for some peace and time to yourself in the mornings. Make sure to go to sleep earlier or plan a nap during the day to compensate for the lost sleep!