How long do you spend time preparing breakfast before work ?

Caitlin R.
I don’t usually spend more than a few minutes in the morning — I keep several cold breakfast items on hand so that I don’t have to cook or do dishes before work. I usually make about 6 or 8 hard boiled eggs in the instant pot, and keep them in the cheese drawer with various kinds of cheese and some smoked salmon or fake crab sticks. In the mornings I will pull out whatever looks good, and put it on a plate with a few veggies ( snap peas or grape tomatoes, carrots ). I also keep a shaker of « everything bagel » toppings and dip my eggs and cheese in the seed mix. Sometimes (if I’m sick of this kind of breakfast) I’ll heat up some leftovers or make a pot of overnight oats the night before.
Lidia N.
In ordinary days, preparing breakfast just need 10’ at much, the Right time for my espresso moka, peal a banana, mix the granola into the kefir or cut a slice of cake. I often bake something for the whole week breakfast, but sometimes, in lazy sunday mornings I like to make pancake for my boyfriend.
Frida Z.
It does not take that long. I usually eat very light breakfast. Unless if I plan to fast on that particular day. Usually some fruit and plain water is enough. Like banana. On fasting days where I need to eat sahur, which is before Subuh prayers (around 6.15am), so I would eat slices of bread with something like egg or jam, and a few glass of plain water or one glass of plain water and tea.
Gabby T.
The night before, I decide what I want to eat for breakfast, and I make sure I have the ingredients. The morning of I usually spend between 10-20 minutes making it.
Emma X.
No more than 5 minutes, usually less. (Fried egg with spicy tomato pesto on top is the best quickest breakfast ever, spread the word.)
Ida X.
I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so I opt for something quick and easy… I have some Ziploc bags that I've filled with a mix of almonds, cashews and pistachios (I buy them individually and mix them myself I also reuse the bags) and if I'm in a real hurry or that's what I'm in the mood for, I grab a bag and munch… If I have a little more time, I may scramble myself a couple of eggs. It only takes a few minutes to make and clean up is super easy.
Mila I.
5-10 mins. You don't need much time to eat healthy. Eggs, greens, cottage cheese, chicken breast, fruits. All those things don't require long cooking.
Corrie Z.
I spend 3-5 minutes preparing breakfast. Today I made gluten-free instant oatmeal with berries and walnuts and microwaved it. It was delicious and really easy.
Gab Nio N.
I prepare my breakfast the night before. If I don’t, I won’t eat breakfast. I try to prep breakfasts for the entire week.
Joe N.
I usually do one of two things: meal prep, so I only have to microwave food in the morning, or just eat something simple, like cereal, oatmeal, toast with avocado
Charlie Y.
Honestly, not long. To be more efficient, I try to go for quick, healthy foods that I can make. So this will be more like fruits, peanut butter, oatmeal (microwaved), or even just a quick bag of nuts. I feel this helps with staying on track as time is an issue.
Alfred P.
I stick to a healthy breakfast of muesli/sultana bran etc with added fruit and yoghurt if I have it – it’s all already prepped and it takes a few seconds to cut a banana up – total of 2-3 minutes and it keeps me full until lunch time!
Russell T.
Lately I’ve been getting my son up and dressed for school while my wife cooks the three of us a simple meal, 10 minutes to prepare oatmeal or scrambled eggs.
Samuel O.
Non molto. Fin'ora poco tempo massimo 5 minuti, giusto il tempo di scaldare il latte. D'ora in poi metterò più impegno e quindi tempo nella preparazione, che sia di sera o di mattina
Suzanne A.
As little as possible. Usually I'm cold in the morning so in the kitchen I don't think too long. I look for the healthiest options available and try to make them my breakfast. With tea, everything is better.
Rasmus Y.
Only about 5 min, really. Eat something quick, easy, but healthy. Remember, as a Fabulous user I am here to support you in whatever you do!
Terri I.
Not long. I usually prepare lunch when I get tp work. Heat up some oats of have some cereal. Occasionally just have some fruit with yoghurt. Tend to only have eggs on the weekend when I’m in no rush
Inka F.
I wake up 10 mins earlier than usual so I will have enough time to boil egg. While the egg is boiling, I prepare a box with whatever I want to eat that day. Like a few walnuts, olives, cheese, tomato, parsley. Then I take it to work. If I am in hurry and wake up late, I prepare a jar with oatmeal, milk/ plain Greek yogurt, banana and peanut butter. It is quicker than preparing a breakfast box. Very rarely I wake up 40 mins earlier and spoil myself with an omelette with spinach or mushroom. I have breakfast at home with green tea, omelette, cheese, olives and greens. If I crave for dessert I make pancakes with only banana and egg or I just have a banana and peanut butter. So it depends. It takes 5-10 mins to prepare breakfast.
Dayane T.
I spend less than 5 minutes. I have a huel shake with almond milk which has everything I need to start the day. I’ll also take COD liber. oil and magnesium/calcium vitamins
Bertha Z.
I typically prepare breakfast at work. I make toast w/ peanut butter and honey most days.
Occasionally I prepare egg bites on Sunday afternoons to eat while at work during the week. This takes less than 10min of prep.
Mathilde W.
I usually spend about 5 mins because I have a quick cereal and a smoothie it would be more efficient if you prepared the smoothie the day before
Cara O.
I will usually spend one minute getting my ingredients out before making my actual dish. My simple go to is egg, cheese, and ham on toast with 2 tangerines on the side (yogurt is also a good option too). This meal only takes about 5-7 minutes to make and it's really easy!