Why is it that breakfast is much harder to maintain a routine than lunch/dinner?

Lukas T.
Sorry. I don’t have that challenge. I love to eat. Especially eating great things to make me great. So that’s a routine I gladly pounce on every morning. Are you eating things you love to eat and that are good for you? Like blueberries, avocado, cottage cheese, raw seeds, cranberries, oat bran, yogurt, dark chocolate? I’m getting hungry just writing about this! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s breakfast! 😆

August O.
I believe breakfast is much harder because it's in the beginning of the day. When one is used to sleep (or loves sleep), it can can get challenging to get up and make breakfast, just as it is challenging to wake up and do anything. I personally don't have issues eating breakfast just because I've included this in my routine every morning but still struggle with other challenges to begin my day – exercise, tidying, etc.

Jonathan Z.
I feel the same and I think it is so much more work to change because it seems so unnatural. For me is cafe latte in the morning enough on the way to work and I really enjoy it. Now I have to wake up earlier and make some food which is supposed to be delicious. Then I have to eat it although I do nit feel hungry at all, so I am not really enjoying it and it does not taste so delicious. Lunch and dinner I am more making with somebody else so it feels easier, it feels more natural simply. It is really hard, this brekfast thing……but we will make it! We will succeed!!!

Ella Z.
Because for most people, its difficult to get the day started. If you aren't a morning person, you will have to work harder at training yourself to get out of bed and get straight to your goal. Having a motivating factor will help. Ask yourself, why am I getting up? For me, the answer is always so that I can make a better life for my children. I have to work, teach, and provide. Plus, I want to be a better me.

Zaida N.
Breakfast is harder to maintain over lunch and dinner because we often don’t have the time to prepare it and sit down to enjoy it each day. Try getting up a little bit earlier or making hard boiled eggs in advance to enjoy on your commute.

Signe C.
People tend to burn the candle at both ends leaving sleeping to the last possible moment before dashing out the door… and sometimes its just not feeling hungry to motivate you to eat.

Ethan U.
That time when people have to do all the household work.and ready for office..some people cant wake up early,some cant eat breakfast early morning

Senta B.
For me, my mornings rarely have the same routine. Some mornings I have time for a sit down breakfast, some mornings are on the go. So I look ahead at my week and plan which mornings I’ll have my “on the go breakfast” and which mornings I can make a sit down meal

S L Na E.
For me it’s because breakfast is less social. I eat lunch and dinner with others such as colleagues and family. I get up early, and in that process do not connect with family as often unless they too are rising early. I also try to intermittently fast in the mornings but do call breakfast 1-2 liters of water or a plain cup of coffee.

Wesley W.
Because in the morning you don’t always have time to prepare breakfast except if you wake up earlier but for that you would have to change your complete sleeping routine and that could take months. And also in the morning you would rather eat you’re sugary cornflakes than something healthy.

Catrin Y.
Sometimes it’s a question of time, as mornings can be quite rushed, and some people can’t really stomach eating early in the day. Try making breakfast the night before, like overnight oats, chia seed pudding or fritattini (little egg muffins), which can be stored in the fridge overnight. If you don’t like eating first thing you can store them in a transportable container and eat it later during a break. Or simply grab a banana or an apple and some nut butter. The nut butter is a good source of protein and also helps slow down the rate of sugar absorption from the fruit. Bananas and apples have a low GI so will help you feel full longer.

Melvin T.
I don’t wake up early enough to have breakfast. This is because I have a habit of sleeping late. By the time I wake up I am rushing to get out of the house to go to work – hence missing my breakfast.

Food choice is also a problem. Avoiding sugary foods and acidic foods like fruits in the morning is hard.

Jolanta J.
It’s harder to maintain because sometimes I wake up later and don’t have as much time for breakfast. Other times I join a fitness class which is the same time as my breakfast

Abdul U.
Inconsistent bedtime results in inconsistent get up and going time. Building these little, consistent morning habits helps with regulating each day.

Elaine P.
I don't know maybe your not a morning person or your focused on running out the door. Whatever the case there has to be a plan in place. Prepare before sitting in front of the TV in the evening or just know extacly what your going to have for breakfast. Best to eat between 7-9am weather hungry or not. That way you won't pick through out the day.

Sue C.
Because when you eat healthy and rich breakfast, you get energy for all morning and after your apetite will be normal, you will not be hungry and csn control your apetite. Good food in breakfast gives energy for brain, body, you are feeling good and fully alive ☀️

Angelo E.
The mornings are often rushed and people would rather have an extra few minutes sleep than breakfast. Many people are not hungry in the morning and find it the most boring meal of the day so have less motivation to make it. The lack of interest and time makes unhealthy cereal quick and convenient.

Amelia N.
Often times I find that I have to sacrifice either sleep or breakfast. Usually it's breakfast. For lunch and dinner I'm already up and about and can get to eat without having to directly "sacrifice" something.

Diego T.
I think once you get into the habit of it then it can be quite easy. We ignore breakfast because we just aren't used to being hungry. That goes away with time.

Sacha P.
I’m not sure that it is as I struggle with a routine for all my mealtimes. If I had to say though I think it would be related to the lack of consistency in my morning routine which contributes to the not maintaining a breakfast regime.

Suzy Z.
Because you have to go to work, if you are running late you have to hurry and cut short non-vital task . You can show up hungry to work , but not undressed .

Eva U.
I think that, if breakfast has been a habit since you were a child, it would be impossible to skip later. I never skip breakfast, I need it's energy to start my day!

Malou B.
To me it’s the other way around! I love breakfast, but when it comes to dinner I’m always lazy or tired and not really hungry so I sometimes skip it. If I ever skip breakfast, I’m totally not feeling like myself!

Travis Z.
Most likely because breakfast occurs when you’re almost on your way out. This might motivate you to skip breakfast often

Mille E.
For me there seems to be a tension between getting as many pieces of ready for the day for future needs in competition with my immediate needs. Although I value them all but I chose to fill my immediate needs more often. I am not regularly hungry in the morning. When I think about skipping a breakfast if I think about how it affects me later on in the day it helps me prepare the dang breakfast I don’t currently need and take it with me so I am ready for a good day.

Kelly O.
I would guess it's because you have to eat breakfast early in the day for it to be breakfast. I've never had a problem with breakfast or dinner, only lunch.

Bella W.
Because people hit the snooze button a lot so they don’t have much time to make breakfast and they rush fast to school or work..and sometimes they don’t even feel hungry so they just skip it

Alexander Z.
Waking up for work. I think people try to maximize the time they have at night before they have to go back to a job they don’t necessarily like… which means they stay up / wake up later.
Leaves them rushed in the morning

Bruno F.
Because of time management: if you prepare it so it only costs you like 2 minutes to prepare in the morning, it will be easier. I make porridge but prep the ingredients so I only have to add a bit of boiling water, some butter and some almond milk. Takes me literally two minutes and it works 🙂

Valentin O.
Breakfast is much easier to miss because most people are disorganized with their lives and most like running late to go to work or school. And, I guess, it is harder to eat in the morning.

Adam A.
I am having better luck with breakfast than any other meal. However I would think that morning time may be hard for some because they have not seen the benefits of breakfast. Celebration is an important part that must be remembered.