What is the ideal TIME for breakfast?

Ahr X.
I am an early riser-5am…so i drink my water first, and usually have a healthy home made high protein muffin with my coffee. Then i take my antioxidants and herbal powders with a small amount of juice. Wait an hour and do some form of exercise-yoga, tai chi or qigong. By now it is about 9:30-10am…i have a meal now.

Diksha F.
I'd say anywhere from 8-9am since I'm a night owl and don't get hungry as soon as I wake up but it mostly depends on your routine and job and preferences.

Adrian J.
I usually have breakfast 30 minutes after I wake up, so I can go to the bakery and buy some things in this period. It's usually around 7:30 that I have breakfast everyday.