I usually eat my breakfast in the car and it is the same every day. A banana. How can I add variety and still maintain a flexible breakfast?

Brett U.
Add in a handful of granola or two. Maybe put it in a small container and eat it either from your hand or wIth a spoon. This will add some variety to it I think, and not be too taxing to prepare (you can buy it ready made from the shop).

Eline Y.
If you don’t have much time to have breakfast while sitting down at a table, you could prepare it in the evening for the morning after. Maybe you can try to add some bread, make yourself a sandwich and adding bananas, maple sirup, or maybe chunk things in a plastic bowl and carry it with you.

Torquato F.
Maybe you could add some more fruit like a fruit salad I don’t know though cause I usually have it before I get in the car

Nicolas O.
Maybe try and change the fruit or just search for other things that you can take on the go such as nuts or even yogurt which is a little harder to carry but it’s a great option

Nicolas O.
I suppose with the cleaning I'll always start with the washing up because then the sink space is clear. and when you are cleaning you likely need to use the sink! I mean you might then find other bits that need washing up but it's a bit like one of those puzzles you have as a kid where you have to keep moving the squares around till you get the picture right. that's the best way of explaining how I clean

Edgar W.
you could carry a yogurt instead, or if you prefer fruits you could eat an apple or a pear. I love eating fruits in the morning they keep me going until lunch!