Should i have a heavy or light breakfast?

Ringo P.
Light. You should fill up on the right sort of food i.e. protein so you aren't left feeling heavy and bloated but you are satisfied
Marin Y.
It’s not a matter of heavy or light. Make it nutritous so that you have enough energy until lunchtime. Make sure you consume enough protein and fats. Try to keep fast carbs low, switch for slow-absorbing carbs (whole grains, instead of sugar doughnuts).
Emil N.
I should have a moderate breakfast. I don't want to have too much food since I am watching my calories for the day, but I also want to habe enough food to sustain me. Since I usually eat closer to noon/lunch, I may combine meals and have brunch instead.
Natanael W.
You should definitely eat breakfast, but light to medium, you don’t want to start your day weighed down or tired. And you don’t want to spend too much time preparing breakfast on your work days.
Magnus P.
Depends. If I'm not very hungry I'll have something light, even just a protein coffee. However if I'm hungry I'll make something substantial like an omelet or oats.
Lily Z.
I Think You Should Have A Light Breakfast Then Later I You Feel Hungry Then You Can Have Your Snack. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO TAKE YOUR SNACK WITH YOU.
Adelmo P.
It is best if you have a large breakfast due to the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be heavy or light. Eggs are light yet full of protein, while pancakes (and some smoothies) are a heavier option.
Frank T.
1)Eggs with hum cheese maybe beens a cup maybe two of tea or Juice or Coffee or milk,it also can be 2)oatmeal with fruits and honey, any drink and if you are still hungry some toast which you can do with cheese, tomatos, olives or jum if you prefer sweet So here are 2 examples of a good breakfast you think is it heavy or Light, I would say it's Just perfect! Have a Great Day
Gail Q.
My one js usually neither heavy neither light. I stick with 2 eggs/coffee/milk and keeps me nourished till lunch time. Seems not much but makes me feel full.
Daniel E.
Well it depends on what type of day you have planned, when is usually work from home, I tend to have a light breakfast.
When not working from home, I have a heavy breakfast to keep me going till afternoon.
Axel S.
A light, although fulfilling, breakfast. You don’t want to feel drowsy afterwards, you want to feel energised and ready for the day ahead.
Frida Z.
It depends on what you are eating. If you are eating a healthy breakfast like eggs, oatmeal or mixed nuts with fruits, you should be full with a reasonable serving size . On the contrary, if you are having an unhealthy breakfast, it will take you more food to eat to make you full.
Lucas A.
I prefer a breakfast which keeps me full and satisfied for a couple of hours. A light breakfast doesn't give me the energy I need to get started in the day. I always end up snacking on a scone or a pastry of some kind so I'm better off filling up before I leave the house!
Gabe N.
A breakfast that is balanced and not light in order to give you fuel through out the day but not heavy to make you indolent
Aubrey X.
Give yourself a light, but balanced breakfast to jumpstart your day! A large breakfast may leave you feeling bloated. Breakfast just gives you enough energy to be productive until your next meal, so you don’t have to overdo it!
Felecia J.
it depends, personally i prefer heavy breakfasts because i tend to not eat lunch. if you do eat lunch maybe stick with a light breakfast
Ricardo S.
I prefer breakfast which has high protein like eggs , milk etc . I think heavy and light depend upon user, and I prefer amount of quantity which will keep me energised till afternoon lunch. Heavy or light Breakfast will depend the work , travelling, gym etc works you take before afternoon meal.
Curtis C.
I would just enjoy my breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t worry about being it too heavy or too light! 😀
Ugo Z.
As long as your breakfast is healthy it doesn't matter. That way you can eat as much as needed to kick start your day in grand fashion. This app is a GRAND MOTIVATOR TO KEEP YOU ON TRAck!
Kasper X.
It depends whether you wake up early or not in the morning: if you wake up just a few hours before lunch (let's say two or three), maybe have something light like a yoghurt, a cracker and a piece of fruit. But if you wake up earlier, I find it good to have a breakfast with several components: in my case water with lemon, coffee, bread, fruit, maybe scrambled eggs(and if you are still hungry maybe yoghurt as well). Find what suits you and makes you feel better. Either way, being a light or heavy breakfast I would opt always for healthy! Also a nice tip is having several snacks throughout the morning, if you feel that your breakfast wasn't heavy enough, this will give you more energy!
Deann X.
I think you should have something between light and heavy. Because of too heavy may make you tired and sleepy, too light make you hungry too soon.
Grace G.
Whatever ensures that you keep your energy going! I eat a banana and peanut butter with coffee while I linger over the day’s news and then enjoy eggs after I’m ready for the day.
Pius F.
A heavy breakfast is always good because you can prepare for when you get busy. There will be times when you just can’t eat throughout the day so a big heavy breakfast will fill you up for most of the day.
Adam P.
It depends on your whole-day activities. If your routine mainly involves heavy physical activities, you may have heavy breakfast. But if you sit behind your computer for a whole day, go have light breakfast.
Malthe F.
Well that all depends on what your day looks like. If your having a full day of work maybe having them have your breakfast wil well that all depends on what your day looks like. If you’re having a full day of work maybe having a have your breakfast with high protein can have you full longer than let’s say, a waffle Also if you’re not hungry you should eat some fruits or yogurt. You shouldn’t force yourself to eat breakfast earthed. I believe the guy who invented Kellogg’s cereal coined the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”
Herbert Q.
Just because breakfast is so important doesn’t mean we need a lot of food. The important thing is to have very nutritious food. Fruit is fantastic for your gut first thing after a glass of water, really wakes up your metabolism since it goes through your system a LOT faster than carbs and proteins. I start with berries, an apple, or orange (sometimes 2), then I do oatmeal or a protein shake with nut milk (higher protein and better fat than regular), or I have simple eggs with some veggies like zucchini or bell peppers.

Spreading out what you eat all morning will keep cravings away and give you a lot better energy, not to mention it helps you make better choices for the rest of what you eat that day. Along with drinking water, which actually works better than coffee, gets your body energized and awake and ready to take on whatever you have that day (believe me, your adrenals will thank you). Hope that helps!! Happy eating!

Naja G.
I think if you're not used to having a large or heavy breakfast you should start light then start to increase it. This way you avoid being sick and slowly gain more nutrients for the day.
Insa U.
I think there’s is no Rule, it’s more about to listen to your body, sometimes así wake up really hungry, I ate eggs, bread and juice, sometimes just have fruit or juice or cereal.
Zo Y.
It depends on your working hours and he type of work. To be on a safe side stay with light breakfast and you can gradually increase if required.
Jack U.
Breakfast provides fuel for the day and helps to invigorate you with energy for some time if you include some protien. Carbs are a quick short energy source so don't typically satiate until lunch time. So eat a heavy or light breakfast just be sure to include that protein and minimize carbs.
Nil I.
Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So you should eat like a king every morning. Fruits, yogurt, oats, juices, cereals, etc. Enjoy your breakfast 🙂
Juraci S.
Just the right amount. You know in life every thing should be in measure.(
Written at the gate of the temple of Delhi 4000 years ago) Eating or entertainment should
have a measure. Not too-much nor too little. You know when you abuse. For a normal man 500 calories is good . Growing man needs more. Elderly needs less.
Catherine J.
Definitely light in sugar, but you can go heavy in healthy nutrients like fiber. Experiment, pay attention to your energy level during the day according to what you eat .
Anton A.
Have medium one. Heavy is needed if you have to do have work or late lunch. Never take a light one since it will invite drinks break before lunchtime or affect the penultimate lunch hour performance.
Carmine O.
It depends if you have time or not if you’re in a rush to get out the door have a light breakfast if you’re in not in any hurry and are super hungry eat a heavy breakfast hope this helps!
Benjamin Y.
My answer would be: what feels better? If I were you, I would experiment. Try a heavy breakfast, and see how you feel an hour/ two hours later, and how you feel at lunch time (taking into account what kind of activity you’re doing that morning, whether active or sedentary or somewhere in between). I had to do this: for a while I was eating an apple with peanut butter – but by 11 I was already hungry. I tried it for a while with added toast – but this was a little too heavy, and I felt sluggish. Finally I landed on swapping out the toast for rice-cakes.
Scarlett J.
It's not so much about heavy or light for me but about what foods you eat. So have yoghurt and fruit and top it with nuts and seeds. Or have eggs with a bit of rye bread or avocado. Keep it filling by including protein and get some fruit and veg in there for a great start to your day 🙂
Sofie C.
I don't think it matters so much the amount of food but how nutrient dense it is and what you need to burn throughout the day.
Rita U.
I try to eat a larger breakfast, not heavy but balanced, high protein, complex carbs and healthy fats combo. This seems to fuel me better than too light or one aspect of food type only. Today I had a bowl of 1 cup of Nonfat Greek plain yogurt, 1 apple chopped, 2 Tbsp of sunflower butter (nut allergy). This givesome good protein, fiber, complex carbs and healthy fats. There is’ saying: Eat 🍳 breakfast like a king🤴 ! Lunch like a prince! Dinner like a pauper! It may be difficult to be hungry in the morning but eating within 1 hour of waking, a balanced meal will sustain you longer and give you fuel and energy as well as mental clarity. I have been tackling this for a while and it seems to make a huge difference when I actually do it! Oh, I do have a coffee habit, but try to spread it out some days and rely on a good diet for energy mostly, and hydrate well to compensate since coffee is a diuretic and can dehydrate you. Some days I have eggs with veggies with olive oil, whole grain toast or a bowl of oatmeal. I just try to eat protein, complex carbs and good fats for that balance. It helps stabilize blood sugar. Sorry for typos, doesn’t let me edit 🙃 Hope This helps someone out! Much love and support on your personal wellness journey!!!🍀💫🏆🥇👣💪👍👌🥳💞
Abella Q.
I usually have a light breakfast because it makes me feel better. With a light breakfast, you can eat smaller portions throughout the day without feel super full.