Do you have any breakfast ideas that don’t involve eggs?

Jeremy P.
I don't have the time in the morning these days to cook so I either make a pb & j the day before and put it in the fridge or I have a few different bags of nuts and trail mix or brekfast bars put up in my pantry so I'll grab a hand full of mix or grab a bar and head off to start the day ahead if I did have time in the morning I would make biscuits and gravy cause thats what my grandma would make me for breakfast when I lived with her its very good and doesn't involve eggs and you can make the biscuiys from scratch or get a thing of premade biscuits hope this helps

Gwendolyn J.
a bagel and cream cheese + sprouts and any other topping totally works for me! drunk a glass of milk or oj with it too..

Lily S.
Absolutely, there are plenty of options! You can soak oats overnight and add some fruit, nuts or even dry fruit. I also like eating peanut butter toast topped with banana slices and a glass of milk (i use soy milk, but any will do). You can also put avocado with tomato slices or any kind of hummus on your toast. There are also plenty of pancake recipes that don’t include eggs. Google for vegan recipes and don’t be scared to substitute ingredients you don’t like.

Juana P.
Yes!! You can make a fruit bowl with honey. Toasts with PB&J. Cereal. Yogurt with granola, fruits, and honey. Bagels with cream cheese and jam. Banana pancakes. Oats. Or my personal favourite, cold pizza. Jk! 😁