Anything fast but still great for breakfast?? Sometimes I feel there is no time to have a great breakfast…

Storm N.
One trick I’ve found is to get yogurt that comes in a tube. A quick hit of protein that doesn’t take any time at all. 😊

Loris Q.
I'm often in a hurry most mornings! I focus more on feeding my kids and preparing for my work day, so my breakfast is usually light or skipped; sometimes pretty normal.

Maelya Y.
I felt the same way until I started meal prepping. I now make breakfast sandwiches and freeze that for those days that I'm running behind, so all i have to fo is pop them in the microwave in the morning. There are so many quick, healthy options that you can prep the night before. Plain Greek yogurt with granola and a fruit topping is a great option. Or one of my favorites is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Just leave off the bread if you're trying not to eat so much of it. Really any protein and fruit combination is a great, quick start to the day. You can find so many ideas online of some meals to prep ahead of time to make mornings easier.

Mia J.
Overnight oats! Mix it up the night before then store in a jar in the fridge – it’s ready in the morning either to eat at home or carry to eat on the commute or in work. There are loads of variations on the recipes on the internet 🤗

Katie Q.
I have trouble with breakfast as well. I try to do a few things so I dont miss out on "the most important meal of the day", as some like to refer to it. First, I tried to see where in my morning commute I was doing pretty menial things like listening to music or answering emails. For me, I realized it would be ideal to eat breakfast on my car ride to work and in my first hour of work. Then I decided what I can make that is satisfying but easy. For me, its fruit and two pb&j sandwiches.

Brandon S.
If I'm on a time crunch I grab a granola bar, usually a couple! I live somewhere where I'm lucky enough to have great fruit most of the time so I usually eat some fruit as well for example a peach or an apple, something quick that doesn't need to be cut of pitted or peeled!

El Onore S.
I try to keep it simple by having easy things to prep like hardboiled eggs and an avocado or kefir/greek yogurt with nuts, chia seeds, fresh berries, and a little honey. The last is easy to put in a jar and take it with you.

Ted Y.
For a sweet breakfast – I'm Italian and we eat sweet for breakfast- a glass of cold milk and 4 or 5 biscuits, if you'd like to eat more add a fruit. For a salty breakfast eggs, which you can boil the previous evening

Enio Q.
I use oatmeal flakes (really cheap ones). Pour some boiling water over it and let it steam for about 5 minutes. Add some jam or berries – whatever you have in your fridge or larder – and eat! Takes all of 2 minutes to prepare, and you can let it steam and take a shower in the meantime. Slow carbohydrates and oatmeal goodness done quick and easy.

Elijah C.
Overnight oats
1 cup Oats
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup milk (I use coconut or almond)

Vanilla Essence
Chia Seeds
Prepare in used peanut butter jar

Quick, easy, delicious!

Takes some planning to prepare the night before but in the morning just grab and go!

Naomi Y.
Smoothies! Prep ingredients in advance and freeze individual portions. In the morning just grab a portion, toss in blender and go!

Mads Y.
Individual Greek yogurt packages are great because it’s an easy way to get protein. U can grab a piece of fruit to go with it that’s quick and easy. A few nuts to go w/it are also quick and easy for healthy fat.

Lison E.
I was never great at mornings, but I often make my breakfast in the evening in an old jam jar and pop it in the fridge overnight. That means I can just grab it from the fridge in the morning and either pop it in my bag or eat at home (if a miracle happened and I was up early enough for that).

I use low fat Greek yoghurt, a handful of frozen berries (they defrost over night no problem), and a handful of mixed nuts and seeds (almonds, hazelnuts, flaxen seed, poppy seeds, whatever you like really).

Joshua O.
I like to mix different cereals, seeds, dry fruits and nuts and put it in a airtight container. In a hurry I just put the mix in a cup of milk (Oats milk, rise, cow …) and I'm good to go. If I have a minute I'll heat up a little the milk and put some maple syrup or honey. Some fresh bananas are also great!
Another fast one would be: the cereal mix I mentioned before and some sugar free Greek yogurt .
If you have more of a "salty" tooth you can prepare stuff the evening before: beat up a couple of eggs with herbs, a few little pieces of bell peppers (yellow, red, green), a teaspoon of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Leave it in a well sealed jar or tupperware. In the morning you will just put all this in a nonstick pan, or in a mug and than for a minute in the microwave, make some coffee or pour some juice and you are done! Have a great day!

Phyllis C.
Eat 2 or 3 Eggs, best for breakfast, cause they have all nutrients that your body need to keep you full. And Also Keeps you healthy and fit.

Ethan F.
Eggs! There is nothing more simple and nutritious. I like em scrambled, boiled… everything. Today I had an oatmeal. It took me about 5 minutes plus 5 minutes to add some fruits, protein bar, nuts and syrup. Bon apetit!

Mattie O.
You can boil 2 eggs the night before and eat them in the morning. You can also cut some avocado slices and eat them with the eggs and some bread.

Wesley P.
Mix a mug of low fat yogurt with 4-5 spoons of oatmeal (medium grain). It takes only a minute to make and gets you going without hunger for hours.

Undine Y.
Yes, overnight oats o chia pudding, they take around 5
minutes to prepare the night before and you can take them to go or eat them in 5 min. Give them flavor with cocoa powder or cinnamon and you a good fast healthy great t breakfast

Nanna Z.
Scrambled eggs are a good option, they don't need perfection, they're messy, yummy, and go well with veggies that you could throw in.

Rose Q.
Overnight everything: oats, chia, cereals, mix of oats and chia… pour milk or plant based milk over a handful of anything from above, add sweetner if you like – honey or maple syrup. In the morning eat – cold or reheated. Can be made in a glass jar or plastic container for the breakfast on the go or in the office. Good luck!

Theodore J.
If time is your obstacle then you should prepare your breakfast during the days when you have 30 minutes of free time. I suggest preparing crunchy granola with quality ingredients like whole grain oats, honey, almonds, nuts, cranberries, cocoa butter etc. After 15 min in the oven, store it in a glass jar and you have great breakfast in 10 sec time.

Jeff P.
A super healthy brekkie option is coconut berry Chia pots. On a Sunday before you’re busy week make a batch of four glasses worth topped with berries and nuts and coconut and put it in the fridge (chia seeds and coconut cream mixed in a glass)

Hermit Rio P.
I use protein shakes. They are easy to make in a shaker bottle and I can carry it with me fast. They come in so many great flavors. Fresh fruit is also a great take along. No wrappers.

Wibke C.
It is good to prepare it the day before, I can’t suggest much about food, I am not an expert but maybe fruits, nuts, honey…

Carolyn U.
Apples, bananas and peanut butter. Apples and bananas will sustain you longer without energy spikes. Peanut butter is a slow protein and will last through the morning as well. A good go to when you don’t want or have time for the traditional bacon and eggs.

Zack W.
Consider quick, healthy, delicious breakfast traditions from other cultures. Some examples from this Mediterranean website:

* In Israel, you might have flatbread dipped in olive oil and sprinkled with za’atar (a Middle Eastern dried herb mix), and fresh cucumber and tomato salad.

*Lebanon: leftover grains, usually bulgur or barley + milk + cinnamon + honey + fruit

*Spain and Italy: toasted bread + soft cheese + fresh fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice

*Greece: paximadia (bread made from whole wheat, chickpea, and barley flour) + olives + cheese

*Syria: tahini yogurt with chickpeas + pickles + sliced radishes

*Morocco: fried egg in olive oil + soft cheese + olives + flatbread

Dana B.
I’ve been doing more “liquid” overnight oats in a blender bottle. Make them the night before, then drink them on the way to wherever I’m going! It works out well.

Roland Z.
I normally take a meal replacement drink by Amway. It’s fast, nutritious and delicious too! Sometimes I make overnight oats. One thing I’d like to try is chia seed pudding.

Nicole O.
I’m going to give overnight oats a go. I’m sure there are great recipes on Pinterest. I’m also going to make a jar of nuts and dried fruit for energy pick-me-ups during the day. Hope this helps!

Chad Z.
You can make egg muffins. It’s pretty simple. Just google the recipe. You basically make enough for a week and freeze the rest. And in the mornings you heat it up for 45 seconds and you can eat it on your way out

Alfred P.
An apple or make overnight oats the night before , avocado toast is quick .. but first give yourself more time in the morning to have breakfast !!! A smoothie is also fast if you do some prep work and make up baggies of ingredients in the fridge so you just have to dump in the blender and add water

Ilan T.
Anythingyou can prep ahead. There's all sorts of easy recipes for eggs, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, etc. that you can prep in bulk and keep frozen until you are ready to eat it.

Philip P.
I eat yogurt and berries every morning. I usually take all my food for breakfast and lunch for the week to work on Monday. Leaves me with no excuses to eat garbage.

Catarina S.
what faster then a slice of ham or turkey on a small slice of bread? And you can prepare it the evening before or you can boil eggs the night before and then find the breakfast ready in the morning. it all about organization

Eileen Z.
Sometimes, an apple or two is all you need for breakfast. You dont have to complicate it more that unless you have time. Next step would be a small serving of dinner leftovers for breakfast! It's always a higher in protein meal in its nature so it's an easy option. If all that fails, you can always preboil some eggs to have ready or do a quick morning egg scramble which takes next to no time

Valdo Z.
Grab some fruit, like an apple and a banana, or make something quick the night before that you can heat up or eat on the run. If you're really struggling for time, re-evaluate your evenings and see if there's a way to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier and take care of your morning needs properly.

Cecilie N.
Something quick and effective for me has been toast or rice cakes with peanut butter, avocado & toast, and maybe some fruit. If you have time to prep the night before or even 15 min in your morning, I recommend overnight oats, boiled eggs, bacon and egg muffins (no bread), zucchini & egg omelette, etc.

Of Lia E.
I have this issue too. The best way to make sure you eat a great breakfast when you have little to no time in the morning is to make some the night before. I make muffins they can be healthy with a cup of yogurt. Also just making a bag of dried fruits and some mixed nuts you like is perfect and you can make enough for the whole week. I also love to make smoothies and put them in the freezer. I have no time so once I get to work it’s thawed out enough I can drink it and I pair it with some kind of healthy gains. But if non of this sounds good YouTube will be your best friend on finding Healthy quick options for breakfast there are even overnight oats options if you like that. Hope this helps

Alberte P.
I sometimes have
Cereal for breakfast. Or I have a bar for breakfast if it is a fast breakfast. Also sometimes I have toast with avocado. Sometimes I have milk with it or water.

Miodrag E.
It honestly depends on my time constraints, as to what I eat for breakfast. I stock up on yogurt and granola, for when I want quick and sweet. I make hard diced boiled eggs on toast, when I want savory. And when I have time for it, scrambled eggs on toast with a fruit smoothie.

Pat O.
Hahaha! Yeah it's tricky, I'm now trying to use smoothies, always adding frozen fruits, greek yogurt, milk and may be a granola bar and Chía seeds.

Other than that eggs in any style, and hot oats in milk are an easy goer too.

Austin E.
I feel this! Lately I’ve been doing milk + protein powder for breakfast. Also helps me make sure I get enough protein, which is sometimes a struggle!

Lioba X.
Fruit and yoghurt is great, think about getting up 20 minutes earlier so you have more time. Instant oats only take a couple of minutes, just add fruit.

Lyna O.
My breakfast this morning was quick and easy. Also really healthy. I boil eggs at night and place it into the refrigerator. These can be added to other dishes or simply peak and eat for busy mornings, along with some fruit.

Louanne S.
It takes less than 5 minutes to break a couple eggs, mix them up with some milk and scramble them up in a pan!
I like to melt butter in the pan first and put half a can of corn in to cook while I break and mix up the eggs! I also like to cut up half an onion to put in after the corn, before the eggs. It probably takes me about 7 minutes to make when I do all that. Very simple and simply delicious!

Jiri J.
When running short on time I get two boiled eggs, a banana and granola bars with a big ice water. This can be eating while driving as well and great source of protein

Pat S.
You can quickly grab a protein bar or an apple to eat on the go in the morning so you still have energy for the upcoming day.

Ellen F.
I sometimes do something which a friend of mine calls porridge drawers. Basically, you make a thick porridge the evening before and leave overnight. In the morning it has hardened and is a bit like a flapjack but not as sticky or chewy. You can just grab a slice and eat on the go. Alternatively a banana is a good quick breakfast.

Valdemar C.
Yes, there is easy, fast and healthy breakfast options. For example, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you put a little peanut butter on the apple you have protein and something sweet to eat.

Sandra R.
Make chia seed pudding or overnight oats in batches in advance- if you have little Tupperware containers you can pre-portion it, or make a big bowl and spoon it out each morning. I now use this recipe and make 5 portions at a time: (per serving) 3x tbs chia seeds, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 50g blueberries, 50g raspberries, 0.5x tsp vanilla extract

Cecil N.
Protein bar or protein shake is my go to. The best option is to have something prepared to grab. Frittatas in muffin cups is a frwat example

Soham G.
The faster your breakfast the less likely it is to be good. But when time is an issue I might recommend oatmeal. Keep some delicious healthy additions readily accessible and you can have a quick healthy small breakfast.

I use quick oats with the addition of some nuts (pecan pieces are my fav), dried fruits (raisin, cranberry, currents, etc) and then I add a little flaxseed & chia seeds.

I never measure anything. Just throw a little of this and that in a bowl, add hot water (I have an electric kettle that makes it super easy) cover for a min or two while doing whatever, then add some milk/almond milk n sugar (not too much) and voila! Tasty healthy warm food. Can be taken to go if necessary.

But slow down to eat when possible. 😉

Bonnie N.
I am constantly rushed for time in the morning so I find preparing the night before helps e.g whisk eggs and dice veges for omelette, cover and refrigerate. Another good option is meal replacement shakes with berries and other supplement powders.

Magnus P.
Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives you energy and prepares you for any activity, having a great, heathy breakfast is crucial. A great breakfast is defined by choosing healthy foods that contain tons of vitamins as well as foods that has the source of healthy fats such as avocados and eggs (which contain omega 3). Plus there should also be healthy fruits. By including foods such as these, there is no doubt that the person would feel energized and confident to start there day.

Lucas Z.
Proteins. Have some peanuts or peanut butter on hand to add to a bowl of oatmeal or have with toast or bagel. You can also boil eggs the night before and grab a couple on the go if in a real hurry. Fruits like bananas, apples, or oranges are also good for quick grab and go.

Erhard Y.
I would suggest possibly prepmeal your breakfast that way it’ll be ready and all you’ll have to do is just take it the fridge and depending on it is, heat it up. There’s also the 3 ingredient pancake which is just 2 eggs and 1 banana. Quick. Easy. And full of protein.

August U.
Sometimes if I’m running late for something, I blend frozen fruit I have in my freezer and make it a smoothie. It’s really healthy, and wakes you up. I grab it, and a granola bar, and leave.

P.S. You can find a great variety of recipes on the internet, and you can find frozen cut up fruit at the store

Carl T.
Toast with peanut butter for protein is quick and easy in yhe morning. Oatmeal is also a good way to start the morning and its super quick!

Mads Z.
I make a frittata on Sunday to eat mon-wed, then make another one on Wednesday night. Or I make some overnight oats each night while I am getting my lunch together for the next day.

Lucas W.
I think scrambled eggs and toast is the best, fast breakfast I can make. Literally takes less than 5 minutes! Then of course if you just want to grab something and go, there’s yogurt or protein bars. Also, if you like blended smoothies, you can make it the night before and keep it refrigerated overnight!

Mathilde E.
I just do a smoothie. I put in it protein, fruits, multi vitamin,… Great quick breakfast that's full of what I need + only takes 5mins to make and drink.

Philip A.
Instant oatmeal packets can be a lifesaver for saving time, and you can do so much with them. I put some boiling water in a thermos, put in a little extra fruit, and a little bit of meal replacement drink(strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla), for an extra boost of flavor. If you don't mind watering it down a little, you can drink your breakfast on the go, with no mess!

D Rthe A.
Yogurt, granola or nuts and a bananna is filling and delicious! It takes a minute to prepare and then you just eat. I love it and there are so many different yogurts, fruit, granolas and nuts that it's hard to get bored.

Jade E.
If I know the week will be busy I will plan ahead. I make a week's worth of oatmeal that just needs to be reheated each morning. A great to go option is hard boiled eggs. Packed with nutrients and very portable.

Connie T.
A handful of dried cranberries, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds is a great way to go. Then, drink a quick almond milk in an individual serving.

Angel U.
Be grateful for the breakfast that you do have and make the choice to accept it as being great. Reflect on what is the purpose of a great breakfast and viewing your list decide which items works with your schedule. The days you have time treat yourself to the desire if a bigger breakfast and you will feel more fulfilled then not so at all.

Noa C.
I usually eat. Jimmy Dean instant breakfast bowl. It has eggs, bacon and cheese. Add a little pepper and it's a delight in the morning. I also like to drink Carnation Instant Breakfast essentials. They are packets that make a delicious fully packed nutritional breakfast 'shake' it tastes like chocolate milk. You take one punch add a glass of milk and stir and your done. I use 2 if I don't have time to make ANY breakfast. One pouch has 2x the amount of an 8 oz glass of milk and a 6 oz cup of yogurt, over 21 vitamins and minerals and 13g of protein ON TOP of the milk you mix with it. Those two things are PERFECT breakfasts.👌

Konstantinos U.
Eggs are nutritious and full of protein. If you tend to be short on time, boil up a batch of eggs for the week and store them in the fridge.

Also, an apple and a banana will give you slow release energy and all kinds of nutrients.

Instant oats are another great option. Just be careful of sugar content.

Selma Z.
I have a slice of Ezekiel bread with unsalted raw almond butter and Rigoni fruit spread. I drink a cup of tea with a little bit of milk. It’s a nutritionally balanced breakfast that gets me through the morning. When I’m exercising a lot, sometimes I have a banana between breakfast and lunch.

Dulcilene Q.
Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and walnuts mix it up night before put in the fridge , two eggs cracked in a ziplock bad with chopped chives bacon bits and chopped sundries tomatoes microwave 1:30 in the morning…. I/2 oatmeal 1/3 yogurt muffins bed put in mason jar top with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and raspberries store in fridge over night lots quick easy ideas out there

Carmen Z.
The quickest breakfast that keeps me fuelled for HOURS! Oatmeal! No need to add anything fancy if you’re in a hurry- I throw in dried cranberries and a dash of cinnamon and I’m good to go. Just add hot water to your oats and stir around, let sit for a couple of minutes as you put on your shoes and pick up your bag, then add cranberries and cinnamon. You can play around with toppings too and add raisins, honey, cocoa powder, banana slices (quickest fruit to chop!), almonds, walnuts, pecans, blueberries (no need to chop!) etc. You can also buy ready-made oatmeal in a cup where you just add water and go from most supermarkets.

William W.
Oatmeal is very good option. The packets tend to have a lot of sugar so some quick rolled oats should do the trick. If you are kinda lazy in the morning you could make a lot overnight and eat it for breakfast throughout the week. Oatmeal may get bland but there are lot of toppings and ingredients that could spice it up. I recommend making it with peanut butter . Or topping it with kiwi , strawberries and/or chia seeds.Just find something in your pantry and try it out.

Lucas S.
Fruits is the best choice.its ready to eat. Eating 2 fruits n I am done. Followed with some Indian breakfast item like upma poha

Herbert T.
I always have a bowl of brinta or a small bag of nuts. I don't eat a lot in the early morning but both keep me good untill 11.30 and it takes me 5 minutes to eat and make. Just brinta with some milk, heat it for 30 seconds, done!

Roberto T.
i like to do overnight oats. Just put a half cup of oats to a half cup of milk and put it in the fridge overnight. in the morning i microwave it and add fruit on top and enjoy. hope this helps!

Sofie N.
A coffee, cereal bar and a piece of fruit is better than forgetting breakfast. If you forget to take something with you when you leave the house why not keep some low sugar snacks in your bag or desk draw such as nuts or dried fruit

Gordon S.
For drinks i take a smoothie or tea with a toast with butter with honey. Otherwise milk with muesli and fruits on the sides

L On O.
I find that prepping in advance is really helpful. Some things that I like to make are egg cups, chia seed puddings and fruit salads. Something I also like doing is cutting my fruits as soon as I bring them home. It gives me more motivation to eat them in the morning! If you're not into prepping, some things I find pretty easy are granola with milk or some frozen stuff from Trader Joe's.. they have a pretty good selection. Hope this helps!

Carolin F.
You can buy resealable bags of nuts and dried fruit from the supermarket. Awesome morning food and you can take them with you for the day.

I’ve tried lots of things and this is the best for waking me up

Elis A.
buy a box of one of the costco yogurt parfaits and just eat that. if you want protein they sell sausages. i eat one every morning.

Yasemin E.
Scrambled eggs are my go-to for a fast breakfast. Sometime add bits of ham for taste
Sometimes it will grab some frozen vegetables and heat up in the pan just before doing the eggs. I follow a slow carb diet and so works for me. Is a bit more time I stir fry capsicum shredded carrot with some mince and microgreens.

Eric T.
Work ahead and make overnight oats…add coconut chips and fruit and cocoa nibs

Peanut butter and Banana

Avocado Toast


Protein Bars

Karsten A.
Just eat some fruit you love, cereals and a beverage that makes you feel good (like avoid coffe in the early norning if you have acid reflux)

Alison E.
I usually just make scrambled eggs with a banana. It’s quick and easy. Also oatmeal is another quick and easy one to make too.

Wendy E.
Fruit smoothies with a little plant based protein is super quick and tasty. You could even take it with you in your way out!

Eric X.
My go to is a breakfast smoothie – I include oats and greek yogurt so it’s more filling. You can take it on the go if you’re in a rush and also premix all the frozen ingredients into serving size Tupperware to speed things up the the morning if you plan ahead

Kitty N.
How fast? Eggs take 5-7 min in total to get cooked. Granola is great if you have yogurt. My favorite breakfast is avocado on toast (the quickest one). Smoothie is always a great idea: anything you have in a fridge goes to blender with ice – and breakfast is ready =)

Kenzi S.
Overnight oats made the night before are great for busy mornings and you can customize them easily. I also will sometimes make a batch of egg cups on the weekend and just heat them up oduring the week.

Silvestre N.
Yeah I feel you, am always on the run too, I usually do a smoothie-blend up a banana, chocolate, egg, cinnamon, oatmeal, and some almond milk all blended up . And you can always mix it up different fruits, maybe some juice, Pinterest has some awesome ideas

L O P.
Avocado on whole-wheat toast with just a little salt and olive oil. It takes hardly any time and makes you feel amazing 🖤

Joanne E.
It is best to prepair the night before, white or cream cheese sandwich as well as boiled eggs is a quick fix of carbs and protine.