When you feel with no energy to do your obligations, what do you do?

Natalie W.
I try to do my best to complete my obligations but if I can’t finish them I take some time to get some energy before finishing my obligations.

Paula T.
Try to forget about my obligations and focus on something that makes me really happy for the day, I cannot give my best everyday, I need to remember I am human.
If by any case you cannot leave it for tomorrow, take a break with something that clears your mind of, maybe take a walk, talk to a friend about life, or bake something, and after that time off, try to go back to your task, its probably easier to focus after that time of.
Always remember your mental health is your number one priority

Alexandra T.
This is the most difficult thing for me, too. I totally understand how you feel. I don’t know how to push past those feelings and “force myself” to be productive. What I have tried doing instead is just sitting down to meditate. Not for a set time, with no objective in mind, just to sit with eyes closed and observe whatever is happening. There’s no expectation either, so when I’m finished, I could have the same feelings or I could feel more inspired. Either way, I feel more calm and relaxed, which is much better than the anxiety/frustration of not having the motivation that I wish I had in that moment.

Elma P.
To be honest, I hessitate, whether i should or should not do this today. Especially with exercise because i am not new to sports so i am doing workouts in the morning and sometimes i get fatigued. Then it is the hardest part but i talk to myself and say "you can make it easier today" and then just start to do my routine. It is really a fight between conscious and unconscious mind and oje if the toughest because you yourself are the arch nemesis of yourself

Jacob J.
A good strategy for this is counting down from three then doing whatever it is that needs to get done. So you remember you need to do something, and say, "3, 2, 1, Go!" As soon as you say go you have to get up and do it, you want no time to think of something else to do and procrastinate.

Kyle W.
I try to change my working environment. I might move to a different room or settle down somewhere else to just move. Or I might just take a break for about 5 minutes, walking around the house and looking out the window, drink some water and refresh myself to come back.

Ariana G.
I try to rest for a while, breath, walk, eat something but only for 15 minutes maximum, so I won’t have laziness to continue.

Sofia P.
I fight this all the time. I have fibromyalgia, so sometimes I have to just give in to it and not beat myself up. Other times I know I just need to rest. Sometimes though, I just caffeinate and try to do the best I can.

Maja P.
I think of people who would be proud of me if I go and do it. It makes me feel better and gives me the energy and courage to do whatever that task is.

Leslie C.
Well, I believe in the power of music. Anything is possible with a little help of music and dancing. So, i put music on, think about it a little while and then start to do what must be done.

Marius C.
I make a list of what I need to get done, then I sort it into what has to be done today and what can wait for another day. That way my to do list isn't overwhelming and I can just focus on 1 or 2 tasks that are a priority.

S L Ne E.
I give myself space to explore how I'm feeling and why. There is always an explanation and when I find the reason I can either correct the cause quickly and move forward in any small way or figure out a more long term solution to my issue.

Phillip T.
Instead of doing them, more often i take the time off, but it sits at the back of my head that i backed off so the rest instead of bringing me peace and mindfulness, brings me only self-doubt, distraction and loss of time.
The times when I did do my obligations even though i had no energy I felt empowered, with strong will and complete, then I wanted to do even more work and the rest felt like it’s deserved and well spend.

Erica Z.
I sit down for a few min, I take several deep breaths, I drink some cold water, sometimes eat some protein or cheese…then I get busy and get it done.

Adrian T.
I just learned about the 5 second rule by Mel Robin. When you know that you need to do something, motivated or NOT, count down from 5 to 1 and get to it. I tried it today and have been ahead of schedule on most of my tasks. From getting up early to baby duty 😊

Riley C.
I would sleep or relax for 10-15 minutes. If it doesnt work I would look at my favourite chanels,look videos that are funny or eat something.

Jaime T.
I made a promise to myself that I will do some good to myself. I often feel anxious and depressed, with no energy. I often have so many things in my head that I want to do, but I just don’t have energy to do it. This week, I decided that it has been enough, that I need to do something. And I made myself a promise. So, every time that I feel that I don’t have energy, I just take a minute, take a deep breath and say to myself, you can do this, you deserve to be happy. And then I do it,😊

Flor Ncia E.
Take a break in order to reset your mind. Go for a walk in the nature if possible. Then break down your obligations in manageable chunks and write them down on a list, to make it easier to track your progress. As you move forward, mark each item as done.