Is it okay to drink a protein shake in replace of a meal for breakfast?

Baldu No C.
The answer is mostly yes. The greatest advantage of a protein shake is making the healthy lifestyle very sustainable, easy to stick with even in hectic times. There are things to be aware of though.
Firstly go through the ingredients of the protein shake you use and make sure you understand what they are and what potential health risks they carry. Make an informed decision on what you eat and whether it's beneficial for you.
Next, make sure you consume enough vegetables throughout the day. Consider eating some vegetables or fruits before drinking your shake or increasing your vegetables portions throughout the day, so that you meet the daily goal.
Ethan F.
It shouldn't be okay, at least for me, because it helps me that I intake as much as possible since it's anyways going to end up lesser that my maintenance calorie level.
Miguel E.
I dont see why not. I think the idea is to find a way of getting some nutrients that works for you. Not holding yourself to anyone else's standards. This is your routine, to make you happier. Might want to try a variety of them though, they can vary a lot in macronutrient content, flavor, and texture.
Ruby C.
Yes, if you’re really trying to lose weight and diet. If not, it’s not okay to do this and a full meal is better. In general though, I’d say that eating a full breakfast is better than not eating one and replacing it with a protein shake.
Luke W.
Yes it is fine to drink a protein shake for breakfast. As a suggestion, I would add some fruits and vegetables so that you’re getting more of a nutritionally balanced shake.
Lucile Z.
Any fuel in the tank is better than runnimg on empty. That being said, a purely protein breakfast will metabolise slowly but provide less energy than one with some carbs and/or healthy fats.
Generally, if you're trying to stay full longer (to lose fat for instance,) a high protein meal is good. But one devoid of anything else can be detrimental lomg term and less than ideal for energy levels.
Stay fabulous!
Blissings. ✌😜❤💛💚💚💙💜 from Luca
Nanna W.
It’s okay occasionally, as long as it doesn’t become a consistent habit. But one of those is better than no breakfast at all.
Randall O.
While better than nothing its not a complete replacement. It doesnt leave me full so i have tendency to snack mid morning
Louka Z.
A protein shake will not provide the long lasting energy that you get from eating real foods like eggs or fruit. That being said, better to have a shake that nothing!
Julia Z.
Yep! Just make sure its a good quality shake (good source of other nutrients, not from an MLM company, low sugar but actually tasty, etc.). If you buy the powder, mix it up every once in a while with milk/alternative milks or make a smoothie with bananas.
Simon F.
That does not seem very filling, but maybe it's okay if you check the nutrition facts and make sure it's not JUST protein and sugar, as many are
Connor U.
I think every so often it’s okay if you dont have time for a normal breakfast, but protein shakes had a lot of added ingredients that aren’t natural and aren’t the best for you.
Laura O.
It's not ok, because a protein shake will not make you feel full like a proper breakfast and does not provide healthy carbs that you also need. You will feel hungry again quickly and will end up snacking on things that are not good for you
Tara Z.
Its not necessarily the greatest option but it's definitely an option. Although, unless you're in a hurry and you're lacking time, I'd just take the time to make a hearty breakfast
Katie C.
It’s probably better than nothing, but you can’t really replace a meal. That shake might give you some sustenance, but you’re missing out on fiber, other nutrients, AND the sensations and experience of a meal. Even if you only spend 5 or 10 minutes eating breakfast , pay attention to eating it. To tasting it. To feeling it and smelling it. Be mindful. Slow down for it even if it’s just a couple of minutes. Food is restorative to your whole being—it’s more than just pumping a couple gallons of fuel into the gas tank.
Caroline U.
First check the shake to make sure it's not loaded with sugar. (Sugar gram amount divided by 4 equals the teaspoons of sugar) example 40 g÷4 equals 10 teaspoons of SUGAR. This may be listed as carbs. That being said a protein shake will work for some but not everyone. Most people experience stress in life and if you are warring with your weight there is a chew factor that figures in. Chewing food is satisfying so if you down the shake you may find yourself wanting to nibble later on. It's up to you and your body. So listen to your body for clues and always go for balance. It is hard to find in a bottle what nature created for you.
Kurt X.
depending on your body type, and what your doing in the day I would think if your just going to the gym for an hour then coming home yes, but if your going to the gym for 3+ hours I would say no especially if your going to exercise after the gym throught that day, because you need the energy from foods,like the carbs and protein.
Elliot Z.
I feel it's ok so that you have something in your stomach to start your day, but it can not be a replacement for a fuller breakfast. Make sure you snack later to keep maintaining your energy through the day.
Oscar U.
I think as long as you’re getting your nutrients it is okay to drink a protein shake instead sometimes. I would not completely replace a good meal though. Keep a equal balance some days eat a meal, some days drink a protein shake.
Oseas A.
I'm sure it is, but you should probably make sure there is fiber in the form of a fruit or vegetable blended in so that it holds you longer through the morning
Caterina A.
I honestly don't know. I tend to prepare and eat a meal. Even on days I don't have a lot of time, I can eat a high protein cereal (Kashi Go Lean) with berries. For me, the ritual of taking time for myself helps sets the day.
Gina Y.
Not in place of an entire meal. Your body still needs energy. If it is about building some bulk, you need some fat (mostly unsaturated better) to preserve the muscle you have. Otherwise, your protein shake defeats itself.
Depending on your goals, some moderate complex carbs (like oats, whole grain bread, etc.) is also OK.
Ted C.
I'm not sure! I've tried it before, and personally it wasn't the same. But it may be right for you! Only way to know for sure is to give it a try for a week or two.
Marsha P.
It is up to you. As long as it contains the minerals you need. You might feel a slight hint of hunger not very long after, so i would suggest bringing an apple or some fruit you like. One of the biggest sinners in terms of eating sugar is having a low blood sugar, so as long as you keep your bloodsugar staple throughout the day you can eat what you prefer for breakfast.
Alison E.
I think so! It’s got all your important nutrients and minimal downfalls that I know of! I usually want to start my day with as much protein and as little everything else as possible so I think that’s fine!
Andre G.
I'd say yes. I protein shake that is made of good quality protein as well as other nutrient rich ingredients,
and a decent amount of calories, while at the same time not loaded with simple sugars is a great way to get breakfast in at the start of your day.
Hector U.
i guess it would depend on what you are doung throughout the day. But i would personally say that an actual meal is a lot bettee than just a protein shake. ~Zikatoku 👑
Nevaeh U.
I’ve been having breakfast shakes (Herbalife) for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s quick, easy and tastes good, so why bother with shopping for 100 different ingredients or buy something ready made for 10x the price. I may skip a day but then I’m always reminded that “regular” breakfast makes me tired and wanna go straight back to bed. I add frozen berries and a healthy fat source like walnut oil or MCT oil (occasionally avocado). Love my shakes!
Maxime Z.
I think yes. Liquid is quicker to absorb into the bloodstream than solid food, thus the protein from the shake will absorb faster than a traditional breakfast. It is also more convenient if you're in a rush. Just grab and go
Jessie P.
I would think so. The most important part to the morning breakfast routine is to provide your body with the necessary protien to perform at your best throughout the whole day. Kinda like putting gas in your car, you might get away with putt putting into work without filling up the gas tank but what about after work? Treat both your tanks with a little extra love 😉✌
Gert Q.
Too much protein without proper fibers can cause constipation, so at least try and get in some fruit or bread. Other than that its fine.
Emma W.
I believe so, you just want to make sure that the protein shake is high quality and doesn't have a lot of sugar in it. Making a smoothie would be a better option.
Editha A.
Yes. It is an acceptable meal replacement as long as it has other nutrients too. Nothing will ever replace eating wholesome foods like fruits, multigrain’s, natural proteins, and fresh vegetables… But meal replacements will give your body the nourishment that you need as long as you don’t make this a permanent habit.
Cl Mence Y.
Yes! I use bananas, blueberries, almond milk, Greek yogurt, and protein powder. You can add half of a ripe avocado for a healthy fat (you can’t taste it) and a complete meal.
Jeppe N.
Short answer is yes but I doubt that its good for your body. I would use it as an ingredient and mix it with real food. Furthermore you should do breaks.

Hope my opinion helps. Keep up!

Tim T.
I think it is okay, but I also think diversity in breakfast is important just to make sure you've got yourself full with all the goods to maintain health. And a complete breakfast seems much healthier. I guess.
Florence G.
I would recommend a combination of the two. However a shake is probably enough for breakfast if you’re in a hurry. I personally like to eat solid meals for breakfast.
Rosemary E.
I think so as long as it’s not a daily thing. It also helps if you’re on the move or can’t stomach breakfast as working out.
Hans J Rg C.
I think some breakfast is better than none. I try to start my day with a whole food meal source but sometimes if in a hurry, having something with anpea protein is better than not eating at all!
Ivana F.
I think so! The protein will fill you up and last throughout the day; it’s the protein that’s the most important part of breakfast.
Jelena Q.
Most definitely in my opinion. I used to do this all the time for school because I seemed to always be in a hurry in the mornings. I even did it for lunch.
Jeffery G.
I often have a protein shake for breakfast. Almond milk, frozen fruit, and vegan protein powder. Not a vegan but the vegan powder seems to cause less stomach upset. Sometimes I'll add instant coffee.
Filippa W.
I think it is OK. But I would also add more stuff to the protein shake such as fruits, seeds like chia, honey, and a bit of rolled oats. Okay I think I have made a protein-smoothie.
Ella X.
If possible, breakfast should have all the nutrition needed. Mike shake doesn’t have much fiber and nutrition is better intook with natural food instead of some formula.
Paul N.
I didn’t try protein shake yet but if u think it will help u to become a breakfast lover , so do it sometimes and have fun and start ur day with smile ,
But eating an egg and an apple or banana … in breakfast seems that it has a lot of benefits for ur body .
But it was my Personal opinion ,you can ask and search more
Good luck
Angelo Q.
No it’s not good
Cause our bodies need to have everything and there is not enough materials in protein shakes
Over that our gastrointestinal system need to get some fresh things
Laura W.
I think it's a great idea if you have trouble eating in the morning or don't have time to prepare a meal. Something is better than nothing. It can help keep the habit of having breakfast going.
Katherine P.
Generally I would say yes especially when you don’t have time or the appetite for a bigger breakfast. Maybe you could pack some fruit and nuts for the way or work so your body gets vitamins and healthy fats. Or you could try to eat a better breakfast (eggs, oatmeal with fruits etc.) on weekends and maybe expand it over time for the other weekdays?
Ortrun O.
I don't use protein powders at all.. Instead sometimes I see what frouts I have, pick few from each with milk and honey . Mix it in the blender.
Nathan C.
I don't think it's a great idea because I'm likely to get bored or grossed out. I'd rather have a rotating breakfast menu
Julie F.
I wouldn't, and your protein company would probably suggest not. There are lots of other nutrients you get from eating whole meals that you would be missing out on with a protein shake. You could have a protein shake WITH breakfast though!
Ed E.
I personally drink a protein shake in the Am to take my medication and vitamins. This is after my first glass of water. Although I’m finding it’s juat not enough to keep me satiated, so I started adding a couple hard boiled eggs and a piece of cheese to my quick on the go breakfast. That aims to help me get through to lunch time.
Charlie T.
If you do drink a protein shake, try adding some fruit to it or peanut butter. I think protein shakes are wonderful, just make sure you do your research!
Kasper Z.
People put a lot of stock into the idea that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” despite the fact that many leading studies contradict it. The real idea should be to consume something in the morning that’s small and will therefore kickstart your metabolism but not necessarily leave your body trying to digest all day. A protein shake, preferably one low in sugar, would complete this goal. I would use caution, though, for a big mistake people make is in drink protein shakes and then an entire meal, which is too much nutrition for your body to handle at one time, resulting in fat production.
Dan W.
That's what I do. Sometimes I also boil eggs so I have a little extra protein for breakfast. That way all I have to do is peel it in the morning. I really struggle with eating. I hate eating, cooking and meal planning. I don't have a strong hunger feeling. Getting enough protein and calories is hard for me so any way to do it, I do, then I slowly do meal upgrades (new recipes, for example)
as I learn about them.
Ian Z.
No, not really, not unless you've woken up early and worked out on an empty stomach which some people believe is beneficial but I wouldn't be able to give my personal opinion on that as I haven't yet done enough research on how true that is, but I wouldn't recommend replacing your breakfast with a protein shake unless you've exercised first, although, having water, eggs and toast or a high protein whole grain cereal with fruit or porridge with fruit and by porridge I mean actual oats not those quick sachets you can buy, (portions dependent on your diet plan) I hope this helps – B💎
Allen O.
I do that and it’s much better if you can’t get proper nutrients. Although ideally real food with good nutrients is better.
Filippa Z.
No, I don't think it is best. I think this because protein shakes might have to much protein in. Also, if you just have that, it will not fill you up to last until lunch. Besides, you won't have any other sort of nutrition from that- you will not be consuming any fruit and veg or carbohydrates, for example. 🍽️
Jaqueline N.
I would think it is okay. I think protein along with fat is the most important thing to get in the morning. Also some mornings that’s all you have time for!
Thibaut Y.
Yes, but have a think about changing it up sometimes. I drink vegaone regularly for breakfast. It is a protein shake but also has added greens and nutrients. When thinking about nutrition consider if you're getting a broad spectrum of a variety of things that your body needs. When we only eat 3 meals a day this can be challenging if we eat the same thing all the time.
Naomi Q.
You could eventually use it as a breakfast, since it has good nutrients but not as a meal I think mentally speaking it's frustrating
Alison E.
I usually do this because i have little to no appetite in the morning but it gets something in my system. Just be mindful of the ingredients
Micheal E.
i don't really think so ??? like it's a good option if u don't have enough time for a proper meal but i don't think it has the same nutritional value AT ALL
An Sia I.
It is technically okay, absolutely. For myself personally, it has been extremely rewarding to just make some eggs every morning. It may seem daunting — in fact, cooking used to be one of my anxiety triggers — but cooking some eggs, cheese, and veggies or potatoes, even if there's no meat, is so filling and rewarding. If vegan or dietary restrictions, obviously use egg substitute or whatever you prefer. But at the end of the day, whatever helps you feel full is what matters. Everyone is different and has their own ideas and preferences. Long story short, if a protein shake is filling and satisfying enough, absolutely
Am Lie Y.
Absolutely, if that works better for you! If you're worried about balancing it out, adding a small piece of fruit might be a good addition, but otherwise I see no problem.
Sergio J.
For me it is. I don’t eat animal proteins so sometimes I find it difficult to reach my protein needs, but having a protein shake in the morning gives me almost half of my daily protein goal so I can relax for the rest of the day. My recipe:
1 banana
5 strawberries
1 cup soy milk
½ cup white beans
Addison W.
Yes! Include ingredients that will help you sustain your energy, like protein powder, avocado or almond butter. Add extra flavor without extra empty calories by sprinkling in a little cinnamon or fresh ginger.
Agapito S.
Its depends on the type of breakfast you are taking and also on your workout also but some supplements are Only you get by breakfast and yes you can use protein shake as a supplement or as an option.
Lily Q.
My girlfriend insists on her daily intake of protein every morning on waking. And for me it's been a delightful way to wake up. Sometimes she needs to give it a good shake but most mornings she just needs to put it in her mouth and tease the protein out by using her lips and tongue technique
Thiago Y.
Depends what's in a protein shake. If you have one with grains & bananas and other fruit and milk you are having a delicious healthy and filling brekkie. If not you dont. I personally wouldnt permanently change to protein shakes, but would happily have one to change up diet
Sarah X.
My personal opinion is that a protein shake is far removed from the way nature intended nutrients to be absorbed and nourishment to be gained, and is not a good replacement to a meal. Eating as close to whole natural and unmodified/untouched by man as possible is the healthiest and best option. This is my opinion based on my own personal experience and research. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are better and can be an equivalent protein source too. Otherwise, I choose smoothies or oatmeal with nuts/seeds on top for a fast protein breakfast.
Peggy E.
I probably depends on the type of milkshake. In general, I would say yes, although you may not feel as satisfied as with a big breakfast.
Vanessa S.
Yes, I believe so because it give your body that strong shot of nutrients and protein that it needs right away in the morning
Falco T.
No. Protein shakes should only be used as a final means if you are unable to get enough protein in your diet. They are lower quality than food sources and due to their liquid nature will not satiate you in the same manner. If you really need a shake style drink, you are better off with a more complete source that will include fats and carbs. Huel is a good example but either eating actual food or practicing intermittent fasting is better.
Terrance O.
I do not think so because of nutritional values missing from protein shakes. Also, it is always best to eat the most fresh food possible.
Isobel P.
Well in my own opinion, it's good if gives the necessary nutrients and energy. And also, it's better than not having breakfast at all.
Karina I.
A shake for breakfast sounds good to me. I would go with a Superfood shake. Something that will give you the nutrients you need.
Wilma P.
I would say that it depends on the shake as well as how you eat the rest of the day. Many of the commercial shakes I have seen are high in sugar and fat. That’s a bad combination any time! You might try making your own from a healthy protein powder and blend in some plain yogurt, fruit, and oatmeal. If so, you’ve eaten a healthy meal in the form of a shake. If time is a factor, pre-prep the evening before by putting the yogurt and fruit in a blender cup in the fridge. Mix the protein powder 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal in a small container and place by your blender. In the morning, add to your blender cup and blend. Small smoothly makers use a cup you can take with you, so you can head out the door immediately.
Be careful what type of protein powder (or shake) you buy. The CLEAN LABEL PROJECT tested several types a few years ago and found many to be full of impurities. Check their web page for recommendations.
Louisa P.
It totally depends on the brand & your goals! The protein powder I have is great for a post workout boost or to add into a breakfast smoothie. I personally wouldn't use shakes as meal replacements because I know the importance of chewing your foods & getting enough fiber by eating raw foods.
Harold P.
I'd look at the nutrional content in the protein shake! I don't think they have a lot of vitamin and other things. Could you put the protein in a smoothie, so you could supplement it with whatever veggies and/or fruits you put in it?
Kim W.
It’s okay, but not the best thing for your body. Just make sure you eat a good breakfast within two hours of the protein shake.
Jeremias P.
I don't think it is a good idea to use a protein shake to replace breakfast as your body needs some solids and fibre and things for breakfast, a protein shake is more of a supplement than a replacement.
Terrance P.
I think that protein shakes are a great way to get energised every morning, but you still should eat some solids. A banana should suffice or some mixed nuts and oats.

Hope this helps,

Laura C.
Protein is important, however, our body needs also some other stuff like fat, minerals, vitamins, fibers,.. etc. Which Protein shake s can't offer them all. A diversed breakfast is a better option
Jenny F.
Yes! As long as the protein shake has 20 -plus grams of protein and is over 300 calories, that's a great replacement breakfast that can keep you full till afternoon. If the protein shake mix doesn't meet those minimums, add a spoon of peanut butter (or similar substitute) or a few tablespoons of heavy cream to really amp up the flavor.
Lillian F.
I wouldn't personally because I think I would get more protein from my fruits and vegetables, but if you want to do that, be my guest.
Darrell P.
It’s really important to get enough protein during the day. Protein keeps you energized longer. It’s definitely better than cereal. So yes, a protein shake is fine. Maybe have a banana with it so it doesn’t make your stomach upset.
Emily Z.
If a protein shake has the same nutritional value of a hardy breakfast, it is alright to have a protein shake for breakfast every once and a while in a hurry.I wouldn’t recommend having a protein shake every morning, though, because having a complete, solid breakfast is important in filling your stomach and leaving you more satisfied.
Jerry O.
If your in a hurry I say yes, just have a shake better to have something in your system then nothing. I think you should eat food, along with your protein drink.
Tiago S.
I think if you really want that protein in the morning (or you need it), try to combine the two. You could make a smoothie with protein powder in it, or eat foods with a lot of protein, you can always search on google for great high protein breakfast recipes.
Herman E.
I think that if you’re in a hurry and it’s either a protein shake or nothing, take the shake for sure. If you’re looking to permanently replace all breakfast meals with a protein shake, i’d Do some research to make sure that the shake covers all your breakfast needs
Jeffrey B.
According to the app's recommendations for breakfast, this should be fine as long as there isn't too much simple sugar in it. It would help if it has some good micronutrients too. Regardless, it's easy to prepare and rich in protein, so I think it would be fine!
Lucien W.
I almost always have a protein shake for second breakfast, one w fruits and greens. I think drinking food is not best because it can be injested without attention
Ludwig F.
I don't think,meal is preferable over protein shake,adjust your meal which have good amount of protein, carbohydrates,whole grain etc.