What is healthiest, FAST, breakfast to prepare?

Harvey U.
Siggis yogurt (tons of protein!), orange, nuts. Or meal prep. When I meal prep I make things the aforementioned but in a parfait overnight oats with fruit and nuts, or hard boiled eggs, or cottage cheese with grapefruit, a touch of honey, and the healthiest granola I can find.
Egbert X.
Whole fat yogurt! Add in whatever you want, though I usually do some sort of crunchy granola/cereal and some maca powder.
Jacqueline E.
Saute some mushrooms and spaniach, add a few eggs and cook until the eggs are done. Add a little hot sauce or salasa and eat!
Dawn B.
Overnight oatmeal is great but I sometimes forget to make it the night before. A banana and a handful of nuts are easy. Often I’ll have toast with peanut butter. Yummy. Hope that helps.
Carmen T.
fastest no-preparation-the-day-before breakfast for maximum benefits would probably have to be oatmeal since you can cook it in a cup and throw blueberries and fruit in it and then drink it on the drive to work. if you don't mind preparation beforehand and have a good heavy duty blender, my favorite option is to smash the blender full of like 3/4 kale and veggies and the rest with milk and a bunch of frozen fruit. it tastes awesome and is like liquid health, and I'm full for quite a long time. and, again, no preparation required in the morning. just grab and drink.
Villads B.
I go with smoothies. Add some oats or granola, and you're a for away. Or get a healthy instant porridge where you can just add milk, like Pro Nutro, and you will be good.
Katie U.
I always prefer adding eggs and fruits in my breakfast. I buy fruits on a weekly basis and making any dish our of eggs is easier as well. Couple of boiled eggs and an apple always worked for me in the morning.
Derci F.
As a vegan, I eat breakfast a little differently. My winter go-to is oats with peanut butter, almond milk, and hemp seeds with a chopped apple and some cacao nibs (or a few chocolate chips sometimes, healthiness isn't a hard line!). My fav summer breakfast is sprouted wheat berry toast with mashed avocado with lemon juice, salt, and pepper, topped with a magical seed blend of hemp, chia, sunflower, and pomegranate seeds. Sometimes I'll sub the pomegrante for some blackberries. In a quick pinch, I will just put peanut butter or a different nut butter on an apple or a piece of toast.
Sofie W.
Since I am a college student, I rarely have time to cook a big breakfast. So what I do is take mixture of Almonds, Cashews, Dry Figs and a Fruit like an apple or a banana to go.
Michelle A.
I don't know how healthy it is but it's my favourite and is pretty quick and easy to prepare. Hard boiled egg, fresh tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, seasoned and drizzled with olive oil. Sometimes I'll have some bread or crisp bread with it to soak up remaining oil. I usually have a licorice tea with it as I find the combination of flavours really stimulates my palate.
Hilde B.
Egg cups. Just take some beaten eggs, use sausage crumbles or bacon, add veggies and top with cheese. Bake in the oven and let it cool and freeze. Zap in the microwave and eat and run.
Sara W.
Eggs. Oatmeal. Fruit. Yogurt. Nuts. I do a lot better with my breakfast and and other meals when I plan the night before. Even though I don't make my eggs or oatmeal until the morning, when I know what I'm going to eat, I don't wake up anxious. I make better choices when I plan at night, than if I wake up hungry, and I'm not in chaos-mode searching the fridge and cupboards for food or pans, dishes, and utensils. I wake up better, feel better; I'm less stressed, and don't wake up with chaos when I plan ahead. And I make breakfast quicker.
Barb Z.
Make a smoothie using a personal smoothie blender with one of the to-do blender cups. Throw in a bunch of veggies and fruits, maybe some protein, nuts, milk and blend away.
Tracy O.
A few options I would suggest – overnight oats (make in a jar the night before with oats, milk and your favorite toppings like PB and fruit), or egg muffins baked ahead of time and just warmed up in the morning (scrambled eggs in a muffin tin, with your favorite veggies, meat, and or cheese), but for me I really try to incorporate an avocado (smashed on toast or with egg muffin, etc.) because it is quite filling and very healthy. Good luck!
Mathilde A.
Today I had a yogurt low in sugar high in protein and I added granola with honey as well as hemp hearts and fresh raspberries and blue berries. Hope this helps. You can also add a bit of any bit butter.
I’m allergic to peanuts but if I can find almond butter I use that
Kathy U.
Scrambled eggs are super easy, quick and nutritious. To make it yummier and even better- have a Tupperware full of sautéed veggies in your fridge to add in to your scramble
Enrique I.
I love smoothies. I do half coffee, half almond milk, or almond milk with a teaspoon of instant coffee. Then I add either a fresh banana, or green banana flour, flax meal, peanut butter, a bit of spirulina, some vegan nutrition powder, cocoa powder, and a tablespoon of a mix of wheat germ, soy powder, and black sesame powder.
Michael Z.
The breakfast is consist of high fibre, and minerals for goodday i.e. eggs, peanut butter oats with less sugar and even fruits like apples and bananas it will make our feel stomach full and make us do work with contraction and focus all-day
Thank-you for all information