I realize that my protein consumption is not that high. I prefer sweets. I eat some cranberry trail mix and turkey but I cannot digest bacon and eggs in the morning. Is there another healthy source of protein that I could have in the morning for breakfast? Suggestions?

Logan Q.
Greek Yogurt. You can get that in individual serving size containers or in large quart size like I do and then just measure out a cup. I add fresh berries and walnuts. Or if I’m in a rush, to be avoided, I grab a protein bar
Ma Lia T.
There are numerous options for protein, especially if you do not have any metabolic issues. Quinoa provides complete protein. There are numerous types of cheese. Eggs can be prepared in a number of ways. It doesn't have to be a heavy, fat-loaded breakfast!
Toni O.
Any type of cheese can be used as your protein. I know my mom usually will cottage cheese and cut up some fruits to eat with it. There are also the individually packaged mozzarella cheese sticks you can eat for your protein. Also any kind of beans can serve as your protein (pinto beans or Lima beans for example).
Oliver C.
I also have trouble getting in more protein and I prefer sweets like you. A great breakfast in oatmeal with fruits and other healthy toppings. To increase the protein you can add seeds like chia, hemp, or flax, and nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and nut butters.
You can also cook the oats in a high protein milk like soy milk or add protein powder. The best part is that the possibilities are endless with oatmeal and you'll never get sick of it 🙂

Victoria U.
Try oatmeal with milk or almond milk/soy milk with a handful of almonds or walnuts and brown sugar and craisins or raisins for a long slow burn breakfast that is high in protein but still satisfies that sweet tooth of yours.
Addison Z.
Add almonds to your trail mix. Trade out those bacon and eggs for avocado toast. There are plenty of protein sources out there.
Laura N.
THink of plant based protein. So beans, broccoli, chickpeas and such. All of the above make wonderful o paste? purée and even flour (chickpeas)
Ren S.
Check your local store for Kodiak Protein Pancake Mix. One recipe will get your protein consumption started right away. Or you can have 1 bottle of Premier Protein. Each bottle contains 30g of Protein! Hope this helps.
Harvey T.
Do not be too concern. There is a limit of protein we process every day, and depending on your lifestyle (eg bodybuilder) , you are probably having enough.
However, if you want to have more, you can find protein even in vegetarian dishes (usually sweet) try porridge, peanut butter, or pancakes made out of protein powder?
Meral R.
I completely understand! Some animal derived proteins can be harder in the system, especially in the morning when it’s just getting started with the day. Have you considered plant based proteins, like chickpeas or black beans? A black bean spinach omelette can give you the protein source you are after, without being too hard on your digestive system!
Albino F.
Something pretty easy is a protein shake or supplement to mix into an easy shake in the morning. Something I will just grab pumpkin seed or some low-fat nuts and eat them while on the go in the morning. Hope this is helpful.
Joshua U.
Have you tried Tofu? Or maybe cook the eggs in a Healthier way, not fried. As you say, for me it’s hard to digest frieds early in the morning!
Charlotte Z.
Yeah look up some organic whey protein or get the greens and fruits to make a protein shake in the am that will cover your daily intake goals. Maybe get in-body analyses to see where you natural levels should be at too.
Zoey U.
Oats, grains, beans on toast. Proteins are made up of combinations of amino acids. It's more about what you eat together than just what is high in protein. Meat has a lot of usable protein, but so do a lot of grains and nuts.
Christopher S.
Me being nearly vegan ( I eat honey and eggs though) it is not very easy for me either.
I recommend eating some of the following; as they are very good for brain activity:
1. Walnuts
2. Avocados (expensive though)
3. Blueberries (smoothies occasionally?)
4. Green leaves like spinach or beans
5. Fish ( maybe not for breakfast though..)
6. And dark chocolate also helps for studying or similar activities.
Hope this helps 🙂 you can do this. Please ask if you need anything else 🙂 good luck
R Mi O.
If you prefer sweets, there are some sweet breakfast cereals that have protein. My favorite, Frosted Mini Wheats, has 51g (19% of daily protein based on a 2000 calorie diet) and tastes great! I would check to see how much protein your favorite cereal has!
Jordan Z.
yes! try oats, nuts and seeds – things like hemp hearts and chia seeds provide great and long lasting proteins and fats. remember fats will also keep you nice and full – pumpkin seeds, nuts, coconut oils, goat cheese on toast is nice or a mix of granola? i find sometimes in the am a shake with protein powder is all i need (i get the not being hungry part sometimes!) you can choose so many different kinds of protein these days, from whey to vegan options – there’s a lot out there!
Astrid F.
Oatmeal has protein!
And there are countless protein powders for shakes, lots of bars, etc.

I bake my oatmeal into bars by adding egg ( you could try egg whites). I add nuts and berries, stevia, almond milk. It freezes beautifully.

Amandine Y.
One easy way to get a boost of protein in the morning is to have a protein shake. They can be made with milk or water, or added to a smoothie. Whey and Casein protein come from cow’s milk, but there are also plant-based protein powders as well that are derived from peas, brown rice, and other plants.

One easy option would be to add peanut butter to toast or oatmeal.

Greek yogurt or cottage cheese also have some protein and can be eaten plain or with fruit or nuts, or added to a smoothie to make it creamy and add protein.

You can also eat foods that usually aren’t considered breakfast foods like beans and lentils. It may sound strange, but there’s really no reason they can’t be eaten in the morning. In fact, some body builders eat steamed veggies and lentils in addition to eggs for breakfast.

I hope this helps! Good luck finding a meal system that works for you!

Aim E N.
We've locked ourselves into "shoulds" and "should nots" eat whatever protein you enjoy. It's ok to have a healthy serving of chicken or fish for breakfast. Sometimes I'll even eat a salad.
Adriza I.
Dear user,
I understand your struggle,i love sweets too and starting the day with a healthy breakfast can become tricky when u run out of ideas. Regarding sweetness, have you ever tried a banana, milk and peanut butter shake? It is packed with vitamins calcium protein and fats to boost your energy!
Also, other sources of protein include chickpeas so you coud try hummus, toast and a small piece of tomato for example. Hummus is a food that makes u feel full troughout the day and it tastes just like beans!
I hope my suggested foods will help you!
Yours truly,
Claudia J.
It sounds like protein shakes would be your best bet! You can make them sweet and still get the protein you need with fruits and other nutritious sweet options. I do chocolate and banana and it never disappoints.
Ma Lle T.
I love coffee so when I realized I needed more protein, I started making cold brew frappes. I usually mix up about 12 oz of cold brew/iced coffee with 1-1.5 scoops of quest protein powder (cookies and cream is a fav) and a handful of ice into the vitamix. It’s pretty good and a sneaky way for me to get more protein.
Rodney F.
A great breakgast for the morning, with everything that I need for the rest of my day is a bowlcake. Crush 1 banana in a bowl, add 1 eggs, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a little bit of vanilla extract, some nuts (almonds, walnut…) and if you want, a chunk of chocolate. Place in microwave for 2 min and enjoy 🙂
Mildred Z.
You can combine a lot of protein rich food to be eaten for breakfast for example granola top with Greek yogurt and some fruits

Or if you prefer vegan you can make a smoothie of almond milk, peanut butter and banana

Ella W.
For most of my breakfast, I trained myself to eat an oatmeal. I love this breakfast so much and it gives me an happy mood for the rest of the day. Also I’m taking daily vitamins and omega 3. Another idea for breakfast that I like is a yogurt and some cut fruits. I hope I helped you and I’ll be happy to as much as I can. Bon appetite😉
Elena U.
You can eat peanut butter and jelly and/or nuts (they are a great source of protein). I don't recommend too much sugar, or donuts because it will make you crash part way through your day.
Gabin Q.
I have tried oatmeal, which is a good source of protein, and I add some pieces of apple to make it more yummy. You could also try granola or pieces of fruit covered with peanut butter.
Virgulino S.
Plant or whey protein shakes are an excellent meal replacer. Oatmeal is another high protein breakfast option, especially if you stay away from instant oatmeal and use steak cut oats instead. I also mix in flax seeds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds for that extra punch of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Want some sweetness to your oatmeal, add some organic maple syrup or honey!
Domenico T.
As a vegan i usuallly stick with chickpea wraps or some sort of a salald i usually get the sallad from the dinner before and make somethig with it…i can also suggest oat meal.. although sweet breakfast is not my thing… but oat pancakes can work as well
Rhonda R.
Of course! You can do tuna, chicken, beef, or even quinoa, almonds, hazelnuts. Try to see how much and what kind of protein your body wants and needs.
Chris Z.
Hi. I’m the same. I put in more carbs than protein for breakfast, bread and the like. Ive started to drink my coffee with soy milk, which has protein. Not sure if that’s the same , but I hope that’s an alternative.
Alex F.
I am also terrible when it comes to protein! I would honestly prefer just not eating it. But I should for my health so I try my best to eat it whenever I can. I found the best ways to sneak it in to my diet is to have smoothies in the morning I either make or buy that have some type of yogurt in them. I also put different fruit s in which make sense them deliciouso!!
Beverly Z.
I have the opposite problem, protein is in so much I eat! I’m not a huge breakfast person because normally I’m on the run, but I’ve found a banana, dark chocolate, and peanut butter smoothie with a scoop of protein powder (100% optional) satiates my sweet tooth and fills me up as long as I snack before lunch. That, or a cup of yogurt or oatmeal with plenty of nuts, granola, and fruit will keep me pretty good until lunch as well!
Olivia U.
Well, how about some peanut butter on whole wheat or grain toast? Unsalted peanut butter is a great source of plant based protein, and you’d get lots of vitamins and fibre in the toast…
Ramberto Q.
I am not too good with food group identification, but maybe a bowl of porridge? If you have a sweet tooth you can sweeten it with some agave syrup or honey. Also, there's a thing called ptotein pancakes, I think you could find some recipes on the internet as another sweet option. Or simple humble plain yoghurt (for example greek yoghurt) spiced up with some dried or frozen berries and nuts/seeds. Good luck and another thing to add – if you have a taste preference for example sweet over savory, don't be afraid to look for food that is good for you AND accomodates your preference, it'll be much easier to eat healthy and keep your goals if you enjoy yourself in the process than if you just force feed yourself things you don't really enjoy.
Sara C.
Try a smoothie with milk or Greek yoghurt – you can add anything you fancy – some fruit. Veg, spices – whatever you fancy – just google some recipes and experiment
Ma Lys N.
Maybe some version of yogurt (cow or vegan) might help, those cobtain proteins as well. Especially if they have added protein. Additionally, adding your own nuts to your breakfast (or just having a handful of almonds) helps!
Chiara O.
I know how hard it is to cut off sweets and all that but if you dont want to cut off food that you enjoy just add a lot of vegetables and fruits to every meal and u already made it healthier
Frieder F.
What about fat free plain Greek yogurt with fruit and/or honey? Avoid the flavoured ones as they often contain added sugar and/or sweeteners
S L Ne Z.
Fruity smoothie with 1/2 scoop protein powder. Small handful of berries, 1/2 banana, spinach, 1/2 scoop protein powder and water
Louisa Y.
Yes! Try putting some soy or coconut yogurt in a pot with some museli and fruit overnight ready for breakfast in the morning it will keep you full till lunch (: the nuts in the museli are a great source of protein and the probiotic from the yogurt is easy on your tummy! Enjoy!
Luke E.
Scrambled eggs but instead eggs use tofu then add spinach. Oatmeal with peanut butter and top it off with mixed nuts, chia seeds and berries.
Tars Cio Z.
I personally like savory foods almost all the time, but if you want something sweet with plenty of protein, try apples or bananas with peanut butter, plain yogurt with honey, or find a protein shake mix you like. I sometimes will make a vanilla protein shake and blend it with frozen berries, eat a hard-boiled egg and follow it up with a handful of almonds to tide me over till lunch!
Clyde O.
You can maybe substitute tofu for eggs in a tofu scramble breakfast, or refried beans with salsa and low fat cheese for a breakfast tostada…?
Marie Y.
I really love having Greek yoghurt or oatmeal in the morning. Is not that heavy but filling and you can top it with whatever you love. To increase protein I guess walnuts and almonds are always good. I personally like tons of crunchy chopped up almonds and delicious strawberries on top. Enjoy!
Abby U.
Nuts are always a good way to add protein. I also recommend oats even though they aren’t super high in protein content. You can also have a smoothie with ingredients high in protein and that also taste good!
Gail Z.
Veggs: finely chop half-onions and fry on medium heat until softened, add chopped mushroom,fry farther 2m, add handful of spinach, then eggs. Cook to your liking, serve on preferred toasted and battered bread with tea or coffee. Keeps you full of energy for long!
Ansgar P.
You could make a
Delicious smoothly and add protein powder to it. Also I love the ONE protein bars (my favorite is the chocolate almond coconut) and they have a lot of protein too.
Gaspard Y.
You can have high protein vegetables. Like brussel sprouts, asparagus, lentils, kale. Please do a little research on high protein and high fiber vegetables and try them to see what you like more.
Euclides B.
U can have whey protein in your oatmeal porridge in the morning with some mixed dry fruits and also fresh fruits like banana and apple
Jeff C.
Yogurt, Quinoa, or just a good protein shake are usually my go-tos for AM protein. You can make them all sweet without a need for a lot of added sugar, or more natural healthy sugars, and they'll also give you an almost equal amount of protein as eggs or bacon would.
L O F.
I eat peanut butter sandwich and a cup of milk …eventhough i dont like peanut burtter that much but found out that it doesnt make me hungry
Anat Lio A.
Depending on your personal tastes for my morning protein, I will often have a hard boiled egg or a handful of mixed nuts- quick and easy. Also, depending on my routine I could have a quick protein shake. Find solutions that work best for you but think quick and easy so you aren’t tempted by a high sugar alternative.
Anette W.
Possibly a protein powder you mix into milk, like whey or pea protein? Also, yogurt and milk have a decent amount. If you can tolerate cereal with milk in it that might do the trick…
Beverley Q.
Consider having a meal that has no meat. This might seem odd when going for protein but it’s healthy for the gut and overall body. Plant based protein can be very high. Look a different smoothies you can make. Target sells a brand called Olly and they make good protein powders. My husband uses it every day. He also adds dried oats to the shake with frozen fruits and sometimes even veggies. It’s filling and will get you plenty of protein. I think the serving for the powder is 18grams of protein. Add in the oats and either milk or a milk sub and you’re easily over 20 grams in one meal. Also look at My Kind vitamins. They are whole food based and can help fill in nutrient gaps in your diet.
Alexander J.
Your breakfast might be not as basic as bacon and eggs. You can always look up for creative breakfast ideas that contain lots of protein.
Isobel W.
Sorry you can digest bacon and eggs. There are other options such as legumes- beans. This could be made into porridge, bean cake etc and they taste great too.
Amelia J.
Oatmeal is usually a really good source of protein, and can be sweet instead of savoury. If you add nuts and fruits, it’s an added health bonus and tastes better! Sometimes Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit is also a good option, that’s quite high in protein! And when I’m in a rush, i really enjoy peanut butter, cocoa and banana oat smoothies,l. Hope this helps!
Anatole E.
As a vegan, I struggle myself with finding sources of protein. I always have myself a nicely balanced smoothie. This way I can add the things I like, and measure exactly how much of each nutrient I have and make it so it's easily consumable. Nuts, seeds, oats, Spinach are all great protein sources and go great in a smoothie, or have the Spinach fried as a side of a full breakfast!
Basile O.
I love making tofu scramble since I'm vegan. There are a multitude of recipes online for it. Beans, lentils, nuts and seeds are also a good source of protein as well as tofu, tempeh, seitan and a bunch of different veggies (broccoli and spinach come to mind). Look up plant based sources of protein, there are so many! I'm positive you'll find at least a few that suit you 🙂
Marie B.
2 eggs are 140 calories. 2 pieces of bacon are about 100-120 calories. If you toss some spinach into the eggs, maybe some onion and pepper, you'll have a high protein, veggie good breakfast for only about 250 calories. Throw in some water with your coffee if you drink that.
Clara G.
Yes de definitely! I always try and have protein in my breakfast. I normally have toast with peanut butter or humus!! Both peanuts and chickpeas are high I in protein and great starters to the day.
Anton B.
Protein sources are a big pet of keeping you healthy, and if you don’t have enough of it you can start craving it. For breakfast, there are many protein-rich options, but that doesn’t necessarily mean eating meat. For example, you could eat any high protein cereal, look for ones with nuts and seeds. You could also put in a little more effort and make a greek yogurt parfait. For more recipes on high protein breakfast visit https://www.webmd.com/diet/better-breakfast-18/slideshow-protein-breakfasts. Hope this helps!
Tim P.
Things like Ezekiel bread, broccoli, kale, mushrooms, chia seeds, potatoes, beans and rice (have to be eaten together to make a complete protein), hemp seeds, quinoa, almonds, peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, tofu, and edamame are all great sources of protein that aren’t animal based and are easier to digest. Especially if you’re not a big breakfast eater! When I studied abroad in China, it wasn’t uncommon for my host parents to make fried tofu as a substitute for meat during a meal. I couldn’t tell the difference between it and meat! I thought it was some sort of chicken dish. There are plenty of recipes out there. Go digging to find some you might like that aren’t the “ordinary” breakfast 🙂
Scarlett U.
Nuts are a good source of protein. And keep in mind, you don't have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. You could have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the morning. They even make bread that's more protein based now.
Hadrien Q.
Hi, sorry for my maybe niet correct english, I'm Dutch🤗 I always start my Day with Dome fruits: strawberries, melon, bananas of Apples with a boiled egg. I also can't handle an omelet of scrambled egg with bacon. If you also can't have a boiled egg maybe try whole wheat crackers of spelt of sourdough Breda. You don't neneed much buy IT will keep you satisfied for a while.
Rick Q.
Most mornings I've been eating plain flavor Greek yogurt or oatmeal with fruit on top and that tends to be light enough to appeal to my morning appetit (or lack thereof) but keeps me full and focused for a good while. I also love a good protein shake which is a great way to get a nice punch if protein and satisfy a sweet craving at the same time, but that goes best with something solid. Try different brands of protein shakes/powders, too, because I've had friends swear by brands and not been able to choke them down. Something with a balance of good flavor without too many sweeteners and a high percentage of actual protein is best for me because then it's something I want but don't feel guilty about!
Martin O.
This may sound strange, but the answer to the absolute best breakfast can have is……….wait for it…….


They take a couple of days to get used to, but give them a couple of tries! They are pretty much the best thing you can have. If you like them better with a different flavor, try adding any of the following ingredients:

-lemon juice
-tomato sauce (some people like it)
-olive oil

Or anything else! Happy eating!
-Your Fabulous Friend

Arianna R.
Some good sources of protein include nuts, yogurt, quinoa, cheese. Specifically Greek yogurt is a healthy option, usually high in protein, and has other great probiotics that are really good for your digestive system. A yogurt parfait, maybe with some crushed up nuts (in addition or in place of oats), and some berries would be a great option! There are also “high protein frozen waffles”, high protein breads, high protein cereals, and other things that have added protein. They may not be as great since they have protein added rather than naturally in it, but they would still be good to add a little variety and better than some other things out there. Protein bars are also great (Quest bars are high in both protein and fiber, whereas most bars are high in only one of the two). You could also make smoothies and add in protein powder – but again I wouldn’t rely on that for your main source of protein, just occasionally to add variety to your breakfasts. There are some protein drinks too- same idea there. Could for supplementing, but not great if it’s your main source of protein. Hope that helps!
Zarco N.
I've been eating a handful of pumpkin seeds with plain unsweetened yoghurt. There's a decent amount of protein in the yoghurt, but the pumpkin seeds give an extra boost! 😄
Kylian Q.
I have the same problem!!! Your question prompted me to do a little searching and I found out Greek yoghurt is a high source of protein! When I eat Greek yoghurt, I add some things in top. You can add your cranberry trail mix and maybe even some berries and fruits!
Marie W.
Hemp is a great source of protein! Sprinkle some hemp seeds onto of a smoothie bowl or some fruit and yogurt or mix a tasty breakfast smoothie and mix in som hemp protein!
Camille P.
You should try curd or yougurt with pieces of fruits and nuts. You can add honey if you want to.When you eat proteins and sugars at the same time it's okay,your effectiveness won't decrease