Is there preferable time range for breakfast? like 30 mins ~ 1 hour after waking up?

Chrystal S.
I think that it varies based on your own individual body, and even that can change over time. When I was school aged, I had to have breakfast soon after I woke up to ensure I had a good breakfast before school. This habit continued into adulthood. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast. Then a bit later, when I had my son and wasn't working, I found that my body preferred to wait a bit longer to eat breakfast. I am happiest when I have been up for 2-3 hours before I eat. I am fortunate enough that at my current job, I am a teacher, I have a break that is about 3 hours after I wake up, so I bring my breakfast to work. This is what works for my body. Everyone needs to connect with their own body, and make changes to what works best for both your body, as well as your schedule. Best wishes!
Craig O.
I'd say about 45 minutes it's a nice in between and you'll be just enough awake and hungry and it's a good start to the day
Julie J.
12-14 hours after your last meal the day before. If that seems much, set it as a goal and try 10 hours, gradually increasing your fasting time to 12 hours and beyond.

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James X.
Depends on whether my family members will wake up and want anything or if I work that day. Another thing that might happen is that I’ll want pancakes or waffles with syrup because their awesome and I want to indulge a little.
Martin Z.
I think it´s generally recomended 1 hour after waking up. But sometimes, when i am not really hungry i will eat the breakfast 2 hours after waking up 🙂
Yaquelin N.
Yes, there is a preferable time range. I like to eat breakfast about 45 minutes after I wake up. As soon I get up I exercise and take a shower. Then I eat breakfast. I do this because as soon as I wake up I have motivation and energy to start my day by exercising. After exercising I eat to get ready to work.
Hawa O.
I have it 15 min after waking up, as having water in the morning helps to open my stomach, but you can try to have it after doing some exercise so that it might feel more natural to have food
Christopher F.
I think it differs daily. Some days I wake up hungry and some days I really have to force myself to eat in the morning, but if it approaches an hour and I haven't eaten, I force myself to have at least something small. Also drink water as soon as you wake up! That usually makes wanna eat soon after
Adam Y.
Um im not a nutritionist or any expert but i prefer having breakfast after 1 hour of waking up just to get your whole body working first….
Ine N.
I like to do yoga/some light exercise first thing in the morning – on an empty stomach. Then i shower, then i eat breakfast. So almost 30 min after waking up:)
Maaike Q.
I tell my cliënts to try to eat within 30 mins after waking up. Just because you make it a habit in the morning and your brain makes the connection between waking up and eating breakfast
Sofie W.
I normally have breakfast 2 hours after I woke up just because it adjusts to everybody else in the family. I think there’s no right or wrong and how extensive is your exercise routine in the morning if you have one.
Hailey R.
I'm not sure, honestly. I drink a cold glass of water when I get up, then I eat breakfast when I am hungry… I get up really early, so I don't end up eating for a couple hours after I get up.
Naomi P.
I mostly have breakfast 3 hours after getting up. That is when my boday tells me it is hungry. But i am trying to reduce that to 2 hours, just before i get hungry and have aomething small but sustainable
Joseph T.
It depends on your routine and your day, in my opinion it’s best to eat just before you hit your day towards the end of your morning routine
Ngue O.
I never thought about it, usually I have breakfast 15 mins after waking up, cause it takes me 15 minutes to do my skincare and prepare the breakfast
Olivia T.
I think it depends on how your morning is structured. I cannot do anything before I have my coffee for example and that is my thinking time to prepare myself for the day and I don't time this. If it takes 10mins or 60. Depends what I need that morning, otherwise I would just break down sometime in the afternoon. So then I try to squeeze in some exercise and after that I eat. It is a loose structure and it is what works for me.
Frederik Z.
I prefer to get up early, exercise, then make and eat breakfast. By this point I am awake enough that I will actually think about what I'm eating and make it healthy. I also eat healthier if I'm having breakfast with someone.
Anton Y.
I don't really have a time sometimes I exercise before breakfast or clean up before breakfast but then other days I don't and have tea and breakfast. I hasn't seemed to matter. I'm losing weight and sticking to my new habits. I guess just dint wait until you get really hungry because then you are likely to eat something fast and maybe not so healthy or thoughtful.
Jessi G.
You can do whatever works best for you. I eat breakfast as the second to last activity (brushing is last). So I’m probably eating around 30 mins after I wake up. Find what feels natural to you.
Bella F.
I think as long as it's not lunch time you can still call it breakfast 🙂 I personally eat almost immediately after getting out of bed, but I work from home and just eat at my desk. You should probably eat before starting anything productive so you get the energy.
Johnny N.
i usually take my breakfast about 45 minutes to one hour after waking up because i feel nauseous if i eat something right after waking up. so i drink water eat some fruits, take medication and then have breakfast later
Ellie T.
No as long as I am eating my food at morning, for me it doesn't matter the time either Half hour after I wake up or any hour, the point is i eat at the morning and I am calling that a breakfast
Fatimah O.
I tend to do 10-15 minutes after I wake up so I can focus on washing my face, brushing my teeth and making my bed before I can relax for some breakfast
Zoey X.
I usually eat breakfast 30 mins after I wake up because I'm not so hungry in the morning. Also it's a way to prepare my stomach and have time to do other things like yoga or reading.
Danny O.
No really. While I build the habit of having breakfast I don’t have limit of time for my breakfast. Depending on how bussy my days are. For me the most important thing is not to skip it.
Ruben Q.
I think it depends on the person, some of us wake up super hungry, so I take a shower and then my breakfast but if I do it first breakfast and then shower I like it to
Ryder F.
Perhaps. I find that it's nice to let myself wake up a little before I start attempting to make breakfast, but it's definitely nice to wake up before the sun's out and eat breakfast as it's rising.
Ambre Z.
I would say 30 minutes, though I am very guilty of taking my sweet time getting out of bed and sometimes it takes me much longer. I would advice you to try your best to stick to 30 minutes!
Charlene U.
Probably within 30 minutes yes! It's a bit longer when I'm with my boyfriend because he's not a morning person, but then it's an hour after waking up!
Lydia P.
It's best to eat breakfast in an hour after you wake up no later so that you can break the fast and get your blood sugar and metabolism going. The original question I saw was other than apple or banana what's a good fruit to start the day? I would say also berries like blueberries or blackberries or even strawberries for that matter.
Jade Z.
I like to first open up my windows, have a glass of water and do a quick 5 minute workout, shower than eat because workout in the morning is said to burn faster. Exercise in the morning is also said to help you sleep easier at nighttime. So, to answer your question I would say to eat around 30 minutes after you wake up.
Bekah A.
Most days I prefer to wait some time before eating. Just to let my body wake up. If I eat right away and go I can actually feel sick.
I prefer to wait around 30-45 minutes after waking up for breakfast. And I prefer to take it slow and enjoy it, more so than other meals.
Andrea G.
Personally, I prefer to have my breakfast after I’m already dressed but before I do my makeup and such. It really depends on if I’m exercising in the morning or not how long it takes before I can sit down and eat. I’m not sure if there is a “best” time
Gi Gi Q.
I don’t eat breakfast until about an hour, sometimes 2 hours, after waking up. Water and coffee. Then I’ll be hungry about 2 hours later
Mathis Y.
I believe that an hour after you wake up is optimal. Ig gives you a chance to wake up and set an intention for you day without hurrying to the next thing.
Lois C.
in my opinion you should take about 30 minutes in the morning to eat breakfast to allow yourself more time of the day for other stuff, causing less stress throughout the rest of the day
Marsha O.
Definatly a nice glass of water and some breakfast is a good way to fuel your day, if its new to you it may be hard at first but with persistance building it will be great for you
Werner R.
Depends on how much I have planned to do that morning before school, but on regular day I eat 1h-1h30min after waking up. Reason for that is that I like to workout before school and that takes about 30min-1h of my morning, and then I make my breakfast which takes enough time for me to chill after workout.
But sometimes I eat about 20-30min after waking up, that usually happens when I have a lot to do before school and I skip my morning workout.
So I guess I can say that I don't really have a specific time when I eat. I just do it when it feels right!
Charles E.
I have developed a rythem. After I wake up I drink water. Take my supplements. Have a cup of coffee then exercise. So I average 1 to 1.5 hours after I wake. It takes me that long to become awake and present in what I'm doing.
Alicia F.
As myself I prefer to eat breakfast roughly 30 mins after waking up, i also drink a glass of water before my morning coffee.
Nora T.
I don't like to eat when I first wake up. But I need to or I get nauseous because I drink my tea on an empty stomach. I wake up wait hour maybe hour 15 before I officially eat. Gotta make it so takes some time.
Danny U.
When I wake up, I have a shower and do my morning skincare routine. After this I am having breakfast. It depends on organism, you should have breakfast after waking your body and before starting your day, it is like preparation for the day.
Zachary C.
I like to fit in breakfast after my workout. I think it falls into whatever works for you. I have a more regimented day so I kind of have no choice haha but I think as long as it is fitted into your morning routine before you go off to start the day, you’ll be alright. It seems the goal of integrating this habit into your routine is not so much the specific time frame in which you accomplish your goals, but that you accomplish them as part of your routine. Best of luck to you! Hope this helps
Till Y.
Yes there is a preferred time. I never eat as soon as i wake up. Ive been drinkin water and i like to move around a bit before eating breakfast. Id say about an hour after i wake up is ideal for me!
Kelly Z.
No professional here, but I would say that eating at least 45 minutes after getting up is pretty good. Once you have rehydrated with water and done some of your morning routine.
Ruben S.
I am most grateful for my life. I am grateful I am here every day. I am grateful for my daughter, my supportive and awesome sisters, my loving parents. I am greatly for Shea and brittani and for my love Jason. For my pets. My job. I am grateful for every day
Wafa X.
Not really, I think that I can eat right after waking up with no problem. The problem is that I am lazy sometimes, which is why I installed this app, to help me with my procrastination.
Cailin Q.
that is my preferable time range. When i wake up breakfast and water tends to be the most important thing. Before I have breakfast my day is not really started but after i eat, I’m ready to go.
Amanda W.
For me my ideal time to eat breakfast is within an hour of waking up, maybe a hour and a half. If I eat too soon after waking up, I find I overeat and if I wait too long then I either just won't eat or I will overeat. At the 1 hour mark I am just hungry enough to have an appetite bit I'm not starving so I won't overindulge.
Bernard S.
I love to eat so this isn’t a problem for me. I start first thing in the morning and enjoy the food. I think the length of time doesn’t matter as long as you eat breakfast.
L Cidas Z.
I would say an 1 hour. I feel like I have time to wake up, give time for my body to start working and I can plan the breakfast while I'm in the shower
Sarah A.
People have various definitions of 'a Great Breakfast'. What would be both healthy and sustaining? I'm always hungry by mid morning unless I fill up on bread.
Alberte P.
I think the perfect time range is whatever feels good for you. I prefer to eat breakfast1 hour after waking up. I’m a terrible eater in the morning, but after a while it get’s easier. I also prefer to eat something small first (fruit of a cereal bar) and after a while my real breakfast (yoghurt or eggs).
Tracie O.
1 hour after waking up. I take my thyroid pill upon waking with a glass of water and I wait for that to get into my system at 30 minutes