I always wake up very late in morning and can’t have my breakfast consistently. How can I wake up early in morning?

Margaux P.
Start out slowly by writing out a schedule. Abide by it NO MATTER WHAT. Additionally, set an alarm for BEDTIME. Once in bed, place your phone or tablet ACROSS the room and listen to relaxing sounds. Once you doze off, you will awake refreshed. Habit comes 3 days later! 🙂
Heidemarie C.
I am looking to find a more regular sleeping pattern myself. But my morning ritual i try to keep no matter what time i wAke up..
B R Nice S.
As a self identified "night owl", I understand the struggle.
If you can't trust your half-asleep self to wake up early, fully awake/bedtime you has some work to do.
Prepare the night before:
If you're able to, try leaving the window blinds slightly open to allow the morning sun to enter your bedroom. Try not using screens an hour before bed and instead do some calming activities like reading, writing, light bedtime yoga, or meditation. Place your alarm and/or phone far away from your bed to prevent your half-asleep self from hitting the snooze button. I sometimes got up from bed, dragged myself across the room, turned off the alarm, and dragged myself back to bed. If you're also prone to this try drinking water as soon as you wake up and face the sunlight as you slowly open your eyes. The first few nights might be difficult, but once your body gets used to it, you'll be waking up early with ease. You can do it!
Roxane I.
First thing would be to have breakfast prepared so that you can eat it no matter what time you wake up. I like to make containers of overnight oats every Sunday for the entire week. Then I add some soy milk to one container the night before so that I can just grab it in the morning.
Basile N.
I always set an alarm, and I don’t Snooze it. When my alarm goes off, I relax for a minute then get out of bed. I also make sure I go to bed early enough to get eight hours of sleep before my alarm time.
Raymond F.
Hi! Set an alarm! In order to build healthy habits it’s important to have the same routines every day. It sounds to me as if you have inconsistent sleep routines, is that correct? In that case maybe the solution to your problem with getting up in morning is to start with your bed time routines. Try to set an alarm when to go to bed, and if that is consistent it will be much easier to also get a consistent wake-up routine. Have a fabulous day!
Milos M.
Trying to set up some sleeping habit by sleeping not too late at night and set an alarm in the morning on what time do you want to wake up. After sometimes you will get used to and won't need an alarm anymore. Drink a glass of water before you sleep and directly after you wake up. Have a breakfast and it helps you get through the day.
Do this habit everyday and you will see the different it makes to your body and mood.
Jeanne J.
It was a struggle for me too so I know where you come from. The secret it pushing through and getting out of bed, even if it’s after you pressed snooze three times. With time it gets easier, much easier
Mae T.
Look up sleep hygiene. Go to bed earlier. Seriously. Go. To. Bed. Earlier.

This is when your body heals. This is when your brain calms. Don't skimp. Don't shortchange yourself. You're having a hard time getting up because your body is trying to get what you need more of, for you.

I don't say this because I'm so smart, I say this because I'm experienced. I didn't a couple of years ago and had a health decline and fog brain, being up too late reading articles & Social media.

When I prioritized bed routine and 8 hours sleep, it really helped that AM drag body from bed feeling. I also lost 20 lbs effortlessly. Health indicators like BP & LDL/HDL improved. T r y it. You'll like it.

Lina U.
I am trying to going to bed earlier, but it doesn't always happen or it doesn't always work. What I found effective was thinking of my breakfast as an essential part of my preparation for the day. When I say essential I mean that going out without having eat it's like going out in pijamas… It makes me feel not ready, inappropriate and self – conscious. I always find the time to eat something, even if I am late I HAVE TO grab a snack, I feel like I need it!
Ben U.
If you don't like getting up early (like me) make your breakfast the night before. Overnight oats, fruit salad, breakfast burrito or egg muffins are all easy to grab on your way out in the morning. Just means a little more preparation but if you are already making lunches it's easy to add on. Or do a batch on days off and keep in the fridge or freezer.
Marie Y.
The hardest will be to brake the habit and help you then construct a good sleep schedule 🙂 As I learner it’s most important to always awakening at same than the hour at which we get to sleep.
Bryan O.
Make it gradual. Set your clock alarm 10 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desire hour.

Where I first wanted to wake up early I used "sleep for android" app to help me wake up refreshed right after R.E.M sleep cycle and later I switched to a sunrise desk clock.
Today I wake up around 5:30 am without even an alarm 🙂

Martin B.
You could set up an alarm and make it very loud and annoying. Put it to the other side of the room so you have to stand up for turning it off.
Brandon Q.
I have been using a daylight alarm clock that wakes me up at the end of a REM cycle so I am not groggy when I wake. I drink my glass of water right away while still laying in bed and I feel very awake afterward. I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person and this has been very affective. If you wake up on time you will have enough time for a consistent breakfast.
Mark U.
The only healthy way is to go to bed earlier. Your body will adjust and wake up earlier naturally. Just give it a few weeks.
Joe P.
Oh boy that's a hard one. I have trouble with that as well. The first thing to do is look at the other end of your night – are you going to bed early enough? Are you getting enough sleep?

Other than that, here's some tips that have helped me: take a drink of water as soon as you wake up, keep a water bottle or a glass near your bed. If nothing else, going to the bathroom will get you up! Also when you first get up, do a quick stretch. I recommend the Shine app's Morning Stretch track for getting you moving gently.

Emily G.
You just do it one day and everything shifts! You realize you CAN in fact do it, you don't hit snooze, your feet carry you to the kitchen where you take one bite if something simple like a banana or apple! Finish the rest after you become hungry. You can do it, the first step is in your mind then your body follows!
Gordon B.
Figure out the ultimate time that you would like to rise, and incrementally work towards waking up earlier and earlier, until you reach that goal. For instance, if you currently wake up at 8:30am and would like to start waking up at 7am to give yourself enough time in the morning, then I would suggest to do it over a period of three weeks. Each week, set your alarm half an hour earlier and stick to it. This will allow for you to adjust to the new timings, and because it will be a gradual change, it won’t be as frightening or overwhelming to fulfil.
Danielle R.
Try getting to bed earlier or eating your meals at least 3 hours before bed. Not carb loaded meals as I feel exhausted the next day. I can also prep my breakfast the night before like get a smoothie ready or over night oats.
Lonnie W.
Get up!!
Minimum one hour before you leave for work.
Make yourself a priority. You are important. Your nutritional needs are important.
You must believe this and make it happen.
Try prepping in the evening.
If you'll have oatmeal, set the package with the pot together on the counter. Put the fruit and sausage in the front- middle of the fridge.
You are important. Take care of your personal needs.
Get up!
Mathilde O.
I have found that I set my alarm at a time I know I can get up at, then set my alarm for 5-10 min earlier each week until I reach my desired wake up time. I have found it is easier to get up 5-
10min earlier instead of 30-45min earlier.
Victoria T.
You've got to be in bed long enough to get a good night's sleep. Try to go to bed at a consistent time every night. No phone, iPad or computer screen time in bed. If you consistently have good sleep rituals and are getting plenty of sleep but you're still sleeping late you may need to see your doctor.
Isabella U.
I have the same problem… I try to drink a lot of water before I go to sleep so I HAVE to get out in the morning to pee 😉 Or I envision my dogs eyes waiting downstairs to go out for a walk, and how hapoy he will be when I get down.
Michele Y.
Its just a habit . I always wake up just on time but once you start to have breakfast you will continue
Step by step you can wake up earlier than your time
Dagobert U.
To wake up earlier, go to bed earlier – setting an evening alarm to brush my teeth and get ready for bed help me. To consistently eat breakfast, you can still sleep in if food prep is faster or pre-prepped. I make a smoothie every morning- takes 8 min; or you can keep some items at your office for making breakfast once at work. My colleagues have a mini-fridge and keep breakfast sandwiches for quick re-heating.
Randy U.
I keep 2 alarms , one for getting up from bed & 1/2 an before one more just wake up. In the beginning I used to switch off both & slept of. After few days I got used to this. First alarm I wake up & wait for next alarm to get up from bed. Once in a while I get up from first alarm. Try this it may be helpful.
Sarah F.
You can go to sleep early and make sure you have two alarms just in case but not very loud alarms because it distrub others
Terrance Q.
Such a good question! I struggle with this too sometimes… and there are two things that really help me – 1. I give myself an hour to get ready for bed/get to sleep. So if I’m waking up at 6am, I want to be asleep by 10pm. That means I start getting ready for bed around 9pm. I find having a cup of chamomile tea in bed with no other distractions really helps me switch off and I get a better night’s sleep, but whatever works for you – read, meditate, cuddle a pillow, just stay away from screens!
Which brings me to 2. I put my phone/alarm somewhere I have to physically get out of bed to snooze it (I’m a real killer for snoozing…. can do it for hours). I also have a calm, unobtrusive alarm that doesn’t make me feel stressed. I set it early enough for three snoozes – that means I have to get out of bed twice (and I get to go back to bed twice!) before I actually have to be awake and alert. It really helps me actually wake up, rather than just semi-consciously hit the snooze button forever.
When I do both of the above, it’s WAYYY easier to get out of bed on time. When I don’t, morning exercise just doesn’t happen.
Hope that helps, or gives you some ideas about what might work for you!
Carla F.
Try replacing late night activities with book or some reading that helped me calm my mind and sleep better. I used to stay up late till 2-3 in morning then I started reading a book on my bed by 11:15 to 11:30 pm and in half an our or so I would feel sleepy and wake up early. It might take few days to start rolling but it was easier than I thought. All the best!!
Mia O.
You need to create a routine and go to bed at the same time. Don’t watch TV or use mobile n bed. Don’t have tea late at night. Put your alarm on and when Pu wake up you should of had a good night sleep.
Ralf Y.
This is perfectly natural when we have let our bodies natural circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) shift later into the night. So to tackle this problem we will first cut the low hanging fruits on the tree as a strategy. One thing that really helped me to have a great breakfast every morning is to plan it the night before and lay it out. I keep aside two eggs, chocos, ensure I've not run out of milk, maybe a fruit and some dry fruits. This reduces my activation energy required to have a great breakfast. Secondly, if you want to start walking up early, slowly shift your waking up time by 15 mins every 3 days. This ensures you start small and over a period of 1-2 months, you will have shifted your sleep cycle. Hope you have a great day ahead and all the best 🙂
Marvin P.
You need to get enough sleep so that you can wake up earlier. Try to really resolve go to bed earlier for a few days and wake up consistently earlier. For that you need to be really determined and start getting ready for bed like an hour prior to scheduled bedtime. Make environment dark, fresh, take a shower to relax before sleep or whatever works for you. But don't look at screens before bed (even install an app that turns off blue light on your phone after a certain hour). If your partner stays up late, go to bed on your own, put in earplugs and enjoy extra sleep 🙂 struggled with the same question as yours but now following these steps I wake up earlier and before alarm, feel rested and have a nice breakfast.
Bonnie E.
If you have to work late, givr yourself at least 6hours of nighy rest, set alarm to wake you on the 5th hour and the remaining hour is for snoozing….and always know what to eat the night before the morning. They can be quick foods with just put some little protein in it and thats fuel forthe body until lunch.
Arthur C.
Try setting goals to do in the morning. Each day progam your alarm earlier until you manage to wake up early. And try not to think and just get out of the bed. Put your favorite jam as the alarm clock
Karl J.
Start small. I use to be a late riser but eventually became a morning person. Wake up 15 mins early, move your alarm far enough that you have to get up. Sleep 15 mins earlier and prep as much of your breakfast as you can. Then adjust another 15 mins. Changing habits take effort so make sure your clear about why it’s important to you.
Tracy J.
I used to have the same problem. I managed to improve this by going to bed earlier even if I was not sleepy. Try to not use your phone or any other displays before you go to bed and you'll be able to fall asleep faster. I also noticed that keeping the temperature lower tha. Usual in the bedroom made me feel better. And having the bed close to the window helps me wake up earlier when the sun rays reach my bed.
Cameron P.
Why not just go with the flow for now. You could try preparing a small simple breakfast the night before – something that won’t be too demanding to prepare or take too long to eat e.g. sliced apple and peanut butter. Or you could consider gradually setting your alarm a few minutes earlier each morning until you adapt to waking earlier. You may be a natural night owl in which case you will be great at evening routines!
Fred W.
If you are not a morning owl, don’t worry. I never wake up early, only when it’s necessary (e.g. work or lectures) and I’m not planning to change this habit. However, you can prepare your breakfast the night before, so in the morning you can sleep more but still can you can ensure you have a nice and healthy breakfast.
Shelly G.
Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than usual. This will give you time to hit snooze or just wake up a bit. So once you’re out of bed, you’ve taken your time but you’re still on schedule!
Juliano N.
It is easy to wake up early feeling energetic if you follow these steps. As soon as you wake up you should drink a glass of water. That's it. This is the only step. Easy right. Another important thing is when you wake up, you don't have to give it a thought of sleeping again. You have to drink water before this thought comes up to your mind.
Barry X.
This will be a process of small changes
First you have to work out how much sleep you need to feel relatively functional
Then work out how much time you need in the morning to get ready AND eat
To persuade myself to go to bed earlier which included the mental process of sleep preparation and allure of waking up early and feeling refreshed I would focus on the delicious meal waiting for me.
To do this, in the beginning I would focus on a meal that was relatively healthy but more importantly fulfilling. To give myself more motivation in the morning I started to stack the fulfilling factor of this meal more than my other meals. So that my reward meal came in the morning than at dinner at the end of the day.
My biggest challenge was that I love a good hearty cooked breakfast. Which was not feasible with time constraints in the morning. So I started having last night's leftovers that I could just zap in the microwave. Over time I tweaked these leftovers to healthy proportions, they were not processed, I stopped having seconds at dinner which helped stop that dopey feeling in the morning. I was motivated to get out of bed because I was hungry for a good meal.
Hope this is not too long winded and helps
Jayden E.
For me it starts with making sure I get to bed at an early hour. I am often time crunched in the morning so I make an egg frittata to take with me throughout the week. It's a good protein and veggie breakfast that I don't mind eating cold. I eat it when I get to work or start feeling hungry.
Lilly T.
I have the same problem as you, but the secret is your mindset. Try to put some music on to wake you up, a good song that you like and make you feel happy or want to dance.
Sofie Y.
I was thes kind of people for along time but I’ve got alarm 15 minutes earlier and when it start I don’t get up immediately ,I stay these 15 minutes in bed & start to think of beautiful day I hope to be , then I get up & start my day
Leta G.
It's very simple… Have your favourite work to be done early in the morning so that it will give you a drive to wake up early… If you once experience the early morning fresh air then you will definitely fall in love with it …. That's a positive vibe..
Silas F.
Try to make sure you are getting enough sleep – 8 hours for me personally is perfect. And it’s really important to have a consistent sleeping schedule. Your night routine is so important if you want a good morning routine. Make sure you have a designated sleeping time that you stick to so that it becomes easier for you to get up. Also try not to set so many alarms in the morning otherwise you may fall into the trap of snoozing until your last alarm. Set one or two alarms so that you know you have to get up when that alarm goes. Other than that, try and make sure that you have something to look forward to in the morning such as reading a book or taking some time for yourself. I hope this has helped 🙂
Liva X.
Just set this as a small goal and try achieving it for next 3 days a celebrate at the fullest. Share this with people and no matter what, who , they say.
Tom F.
There're several tips and advices that you can follow (YouTube is full of them), but the one that worked best for me was dimmering the lights and disconnecting at least 1 hour before bed, and having positive thoughts about the next morning (think about yourself as waking up energized and motivated next morning)
Vera O.
Set an alarm, go to sleep earlier, try a sun lamp, keep trying to wake up at a specific time period and you eventually will even if it's a chaotic sleep schedule; from there, just try to keep that sleep cycle by going to bed at a specific time that day that it happens.
Sasha Y.
In my experience, eating breakfast actually helped me get up earlier! Maybe you can think about it another way – training your body to wake up earlier by eating in the morning.

I learned this for myself from Tim Ferriss' 4-hour Body. He recommended eating 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking. It was hard at first, but within a week, I found that I was not only waking up earlier, but waking up more easily.

If you're already running behind in the morning, the last thing you need is to find the time to cook, so maybe you can purchase some pre-made breakfast options. A protein bar that you can grab and eat quickly will do the job. Later, when you're finding your morning routine easier you may find you have time for fresh food, but for now, make it easy on yourself!

Andrea Z.
What are you doing the night before? 1st you have to make sure you're getting to sleep on time. 2nd force yourself to get up on time. It's hard at 1st but it becomes easier with practice and consistency. I put my coffee make at my bedside. I don't drink coffee often but I will heat up a glass of warm water when my alarm goes off. I allow myself to rest until it heats up and then I take a sip and get out of bed. Try it and let me know how it works! It's super easy for me cause all I do is hit the brew button
M Rcia C.
Try doing what I’ve done. I used to be a terrible repeat alarm snoozer but I’ve set myself a target wake up time and am slowly dropping my alarm time by about 3-5 minutes a day. Make sure you have a consistent bed time and also make sure that you’re getting the right amount of sleep for you. If that means going to bed a little earlier so be it, you’ll wake up more refreshed and ready to go. When it comes to food in the morning perhaps whilst you’re getting into the swing of it have something ready. Like overnight oats or a couple of hard boiled eggs. Or even just lay out what you’re going to have on your kitchen counter the night before. That way you’ll be in less of a rush and still manage to get a decent breakfast.
Mah O.
I recommend an active sleep alarm that monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you up during light sleep so you wake up much more refreshed. You can get loads for your phone, I personally use Sleep Cycle. Also try to get to bed a little bit earlier, some of us do in fact need more sleep!
Isaiah A.
I think it’s how you manage your body clock. I sometimes sleep late yet I always wake up at 7am and that has been the time always. I sleep at around 10 in the evening but before I sleep, I read then, I put my phone away from me, at least not on my bedside.
Rom O Q.
I think that what helps most is to use the 5 seconds rule and just jump out of the bed with no time to talk myself out of my goal of waking up earlier.
The second thing is to stay motivated and inspired. I feel inspired by keeping in mind the morning routines of successful people that I admire. It's important too to create your own morning routine, that best suits your goals and gives your energy. I feel it's incredibly harder to get out of bed early when I don't have a plan or a to to list.
Scott Z.
Napping has been my savior. I take a nap almost every day. Its easy to feel like there is no time, but I'll even lay down for a nap just before cooking dinner. If that means eating at 900, so be it. It keeps me feeling energized, gives me a REAL break from daily stresses, and it gives any aching muscles a chance to rest. Sometimes I lay down for 30 minutes without actually sleeping, and that's ok. I dont beat myself up for not falling asleep, I take the rest as it is and appreciate the opportunity to lay down. Sometimes I pass out for 2 or 3 hours. And that's ok, too, because I needed it! It also allows me to stay up later and paint, read, watch tv, play games, etc. Instead of having to fight myself to sleep at 10pm.

On days where I've fallen off my schedule, it can be hard to adjust at first. That's why I start off every morning with a small stretch and workout routine. Again, no beating myself up for missed days, just doing what I can when I have time. On the days I dont have time to stretch and workout in the a.m., I get in a small 10 minute bath or a short rinse in the shower. Hot water! The steam helps bring life into your senses, and the blast of cold getting out will always wake me up. Good luck!

Marjorie X.
It is all about planning. I make sure most of my chores like clothes for the day my water etc. is done the night before. I set my alarm to go to bed at a certain time. I normally gym have dinner and meditate. The routine is important to wake up early. This first weeks you feel tired but once you get ised to the times you are not as tired perhaps you get better quality sleep in a shorter period.
Francisco F.
I have a different start time every day and I use to jump out of bed and leave. I figured out how much time I needed in the morning to have a nice relaxing morning and leave on time. For me that’s 2 hours before I’m supposed to be at work. That gives me 1.5 hours at home and 30 minute commute. I set 4 alarms at various times to keep me moving. In the evening I ask myself what am I eating and wearing tomorrow? It helps me put together a game plan. Before this app I only gave myself 30 minutes to get out the door. Now I’m eating much better. I also do a little meal prep on my days off. I enjoy frittatas so I chop any ingredients I want and put them in a container for use during the week. I’ll boil 6-8 eggs to use for breakfast or snack. I also put together containers of oatmeal or make sausage, egg and cheese English muffins.
C Lia S.
Sleep early and put your phone in another room one hour prior to go to bed. Set a time that you preferred to go to bed and mediate or read before go to sleep.
Ronnie Z.
I set an alarm but I easily wake up to alarms. If you don’t, sleep early to wake up early and prepared everything before the morning to speed up your morning routine.
Selma A.
Set a consistent bedtime, the same time every night. Do this early enough to get some solid sleep for at least 7 hours and set your wake up time from there. Consistency is key. You might be tired at first but once you get used to the new routine, it’ll be easy.
Varo C.
Set an alarm everyday! Best advice I ever got. Don’t turn it off when it goes off and go back to bed. Get up and start your day!!!! You will begin to accomplish so much more each day.
Evan T.
If you slept a bit earlier it maybe be helpful, and also doing this with someone will be much more easier a friend or a family member.
All the great people always have a constant daily routine, they wake up in the morning eat breakfast and start their work.
Garance P.
Ok so what I would recommend is set your alarm but keep your alarm clock away from you, like on the other side of your room. That way you’ll have to get up to switch it off and you’ll get up from bed. Hope it helps!
Robin J.
Maybe try going to bed 30 min earlier to set your alarm 30min earlier and make it a habit until you can wake up at 8 or 9am?
William N.
Set the alarm early and avoid hitting the snooze button. If you lay there for a minute asking yourself if can should squeeze in those extra 10 minutes, change your thought and bribe yourself. Think of the glass of water or warm cup of coffee you can grab to push yourself out of bed. Something that helps motivate me is the thought of being awake before the rest of the world and the peace that comes with that thought. From there, making breakfast and everything else falls into place.
Helga E.
I might have a few tips:
– Go to bed on time, I used to go to bed late and found out that the time I spent in the evening was not very useful anyway.
– Go directly out of bed after your alarm goes.
– If you’re always running late, make your breakfast the day before and take it with you.

Good luck!

Loris T.
I go sleep by 11 pm and then I have enough sleep if I get up after 6 am. It might help to prepare the breakfast in the evening. For example oatmeals might be soaked in coco milk at night.
Reinhart Q.
You need to form a discipline in order to make a habit. So start by making a decision of doing the task whole heartedly start passing this message to your brain and then set an alarm. It is not easy at first but you'll eventually get used to it for Inorder to form a habit it takes 21 days. Remember consistency is key. Good luck!
Valentin Z.
To create a habit of waking up early, the reward for this event must be satisfying than sleeping in. Search behind the reasons of why do you need to wake up early, count the benefits driven from building the habit. Tie the habit of waking up early with a reward for yourself; e.g. I get enough time to have an uninterrupted warm bubble bath, or have a mindful meditation or affirmation time, or dancing to your own music.
The higher you connect with your habit reward; the more inclined you are to repeat and stick to it.
Allen W.
I set an alarm and ask my family to wake me up as well, might as well drink 50ml of water before sleeping to wake up as well
Allen P.
Wow, that’s a hard question.! I don’t know. Maybe sleeping earlier will allow your body to be more rested and relaxed; therefore, you may wake up earlier. Make a concerted effort to make and eat a healthy breakfast .You will feel more alive and ready for daily challenges. Don’t forget to stretch for a few minutes, too.
Norman J.
I use the app "Alarmy" which gives me arithematic problems before it stops ringing. It has other options too, like having to take a photo of your toothbrush
Diana P.
For me I set up multiple alarms about 3-4 minutes apart to were it just keeps me up. I set the first one a few minutes before the time I need to get up, so by the time the 3 or 4 alarm it will be time to get up. I did this for a while till I got used to getting up at the correct time and slowly took away the previous alarms.
Jennie F.
Well, at first, as a rule if you go to bed early then you will be able to wake up early in the morning. The key point is that you shouldn't be distracted by your phone or computer. It is vital to lie down and think about the positive events that are awaiting for you the next day. Besides this, a ten-minute shower before sleep is a great source to get relaxed. You should also pay great attention to your sleeping accommodation. Let it be firm. Furthermore try to set four or five alarms and put that alarm-clock far from where you sleep. To conclude, the most important thing however is to sleep earlier.
Kasper A.
Set your alarm early , with your favorite song / a very catchy ringtone. Going to bed early the night before also helps 🙂
Luis Q.
Organise your day so you can get to bed at a pre set reasonable time and set an alarm. This will gradually re set the inner clock.
Brennan Z.
Go to bed earlier or wake more regularly. Learn about your circadian rhythm.

Start working later in the day so you can get enough sleep.

Logan E.
I used to wake up late and get out the bed hardly. I think is because i sleep late. So now I go to bed around 11pm. Not around 11 but 11. I wake up and fresh at 7am
C Lia Z.
In my morning routine, I like to do the same things In order. So if u skip breakfast I feel like I cannot move on till the next part of my routine. So breakfast comes before I get ready for the day. It is the first thing I do.
The other thing that helps me sit and eat my breakfast is lighting a candle and is quietly reading my devotional book.
Julian Q.
Even when I wake up later in the morning I usually just eat a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts or just a large glass of orange juice
Nellie O.
Set an alarm and stick to it. I wake up between 4:45 and 5:15 every day to be on time for work. ealso have easy breakfasts prepped.

Also, a timed coffee pot is acts wonderfully as a second alarm if you need some extra motivation. Set it to brew five minutes before your alarm goes off.

Lilou A.
Having a set schedule that a few friends follow too is the most important for me. I wouldn’t eat breakfast every day if it weren’t for my roommates.
Being able to get up and socialize with them, while eating a healthy breakfast is the best part of my day.
I would 100% recommend finding a buddy to eat breakfast with everyday. If you can’t, maybe start setting your alarm clock either earlier or putting your alarm across from you so you actually get up.
Gertrud T.
Get on a routine and do things that will help you wind down and decompress. Do a light work out, and then do a light reading. Anything to take your mind off of the busyness of the day. Set an alarm to give yourself enough hours to restore
Jamie Z.
Do something you enjoy in the am to reinforce waking up early – I like time to myself to read or get prepared for the day. Also maybe set the alarm far enough way to make you get up and get going.
Felicia U.
You have to change the routine. Wear yourself out during the day by going to the gym or something along the line and it will make you sleep early. Other things to do is to stay up for 24hours to reset the routine (best to do that at New Years). Your actual giving yourself jet lag. Then get your self up in the morning with Wi-fi light or an app that will gently wake you. Hope that helps
Alvin E.
I struggle with this too! The number one place you can intervene effectively is on the other side of your night – going to bed earlier is the number one way to get up earlier. If you can move your evening routine forward by even half an hour, it can make a huge difference.
Louis Y.
I used to wake up late too. But than I start to do a morning routine that makes me fell good for the rest of my day. Silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing, this is my SAVERS morning miracle routine! And I also drink a big glass of water as soon my alarm goes of. I hope it helps you too! Good luck.
Terry P.
Try to sleep earlier make a bedtime and stick to it, and make what you do in the early morning a priority so you can find the energy to wake up and do it.
Emily W.
Eat it on the commute or at work. Get up 15 minutes earlier by getting up for a reward (time to stop for coffee; using my favorite smelling soap in the shower
Arthur Z.
I had the same problem for the most part of my life. I used to say it was because I “loved sleeping”, so I would rather sleep in late and skip breakfast. However, this always led me to feel very tired during the rest of the morning, which got job when I eventually got a job in my field. There’s two things that helped me start waking up earlier while still feeling energized. The first of them was simple figuring out how many hours I needed to sleep to fell well rested in the morning. I had read some doctors said that you should sleep 8 hours at most, others say you need ten. For me, I found out that sleeping 7-8 is enough and by the time the alarm rings I feel ready to get up and don’t even feel like hitting snooze. Other than that, I also started focusing on eating healthier, specially at dinner time. I was used to eating a huge dinner pretty late in the evening, which I suppose was also contributing factor. Now I try to eat dinner earlier, as well as choosing healthier options, such as lean protein and vegetables.
Soline G.
I struggle with this too. If you can shift your bedtime forward, then it will be easier. I try to exercise or have a bath the night before to make me feel tired. ☺️
Gustav X.
The thing that works the best for me is to a) if possible have something to do in the morning b) download the Alarmy app so that you have to take a picture of something to turn the app off-such as the washing machine downstairs. Set the phone away from the bed so you have to get up to run it off.
Den Sia A.
Go to bed earlier. I changed my bedtime, unplugged from the phone and I’m being consistent with it. Now I’m waking up naturally when my alarm goes of.
C Ndida C.
The answer is a litle bit compicated. If you always wake up late, the first step is to work on the time. You must take the habit to wake up early and every mornig at the same time. Do step by step. Every day you can put the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier until you arrive at the time you desire. Once here, don't give up and wake up every day at that time.
(Oh! Obviously it would be also a good thing if you would go bed earlier)
Alma A.
Start with a good nights sleep. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of “quality” rest. No phone or tv before bed, don’t eat before bed, take a warm shower and keep the room cool – these are all things that will help with a quality sleep. Then, try to wake up 15 minutes earlier every week until you hit your goal time to wake up. If you try to make a drastic change in time when you wake up your body will likely not handle it. When your alarm goes off, count down from 5-4-3-2-1 and spring out of bed. Don’t give your brain time to think about it otherwise your brain will work to convince you that you want to go back to sleep.
Ella Z.
Think that you will live one life and you have a precious time don't ever lose it by long sleep and lazy, morning is a freshness success new beginning try to wake up early as you can and it will reflect in your life and body and mind, also breakfast is the energy that help you start and complete your day in correct way so you will now think again and I am sure you can do it
Dwayne O.
I think to wake up early in the morning, you have to consistently sleep well. Are you going to bed early? Are you trying but struggling to sleep? I put away my phone and turn off the television, reading for half an hour before I sleep and have a wonderful night.
V Nia N.
I used to be similar, I’ve always been a night owl so tended to go to bed closer to midnight early am and slept late. Strive for an “ideal” sleep pattern eg 10.30pm-8.30am. Slowly adjust even hr hf – hr here or there. Everything is habits. Set a goal and a timeline to achieve; it doesn’t have to be perfect even if you get in a 2hr window eg 12pm – 8.30am, 11pm-9.30am etc Use an alarm or multiple to adjust your habits. I use a Fitbit which also helped me be aware of my patterns but any recording method would work. It makes you aware of said habits. Having a set pattern allows your body clock to kick in and you feel more rested or refreshed. Change doesn’t happen overnight, start one bite at a time. Best of luck 🙂
Andrea R.
Set your alarm a few minutes earlier every day. Start your day with something nice and small like a Glas of water. Prepare your close the evening before.
Debbie F.
First that comes to mind – go to sleep earlier. In order to do that if you have problems with falling asleep I would recommend using sleeping mask so it is really dark and put on a meditation that is made for relaxing you into sleep. I use ‘insight timer’ app it has thousands of free meditations. Somehow after falling asleep this morning way I wake up easier and feel more rested. Also there are short (like 10 minutes) morning meditations that you can do still laying down and with your eyes still closed and they are helping you to get motivated to get out of bed. Hope it helps!
Tim T.
What works for me is that I set an alarm,and then force myself to drink a glass of water as soon as it goes off; for some reason this makes me feel more awake. After that I do something active like I mighy make my bed, or maybe do some exercise if I'm up for it; this gets my brain in gear at the start of the day, rather then being still sleeping and wanting to go back to bed at the begging of the day
Roberto E.
I can continue to try and wake up a little earlier. Maybe have some type of breakfast that I can take with me. Try and get a good night rest to help with getting up earlier.
Nichal C.
What is the defenition of a great breakfast, i don’t have lot of options since i both dont have time to cook and my parents never buy what i want
Lohan O.
I would say set two alarms 2 minutes apart 5 minutes before you need to wake up and put the alarm across your room so it forces you to get up and mabey even turn off snooze! Good luck! 🙂
Justin O.
I had the same problem. I was use to watching the late night shows then reading in bed. I now make sure I always turn off the tv by 10pm and have removed my electronics from the bedside. I also will make some of my breakfast ahead. Having a breakfast plan ready makes it much easier!
Sandra Y.
I put myself on a sleep schedule a while back. I wake up and go to bed around the same time every day even weekends. It took a bit to get used to but it helped me a lot.that way you can eat breakfast at a similar time daily
Silas P.
Just spare a good 3 mins – Inhale that banana and get that spoonful of peanut butter in your mouth then dash out – that’s been really working for me in the past week
Philip P.
Set an alarm for a reasonable time to wake up. Get used to this time. Develop rituals like morning exercise and reading the paper. Make a schedule the night before to plan ahead.