Does protein shake a good alternative protein source?

Robin Y.
If you're hard-pressed for time, a protein shake is better than nothing, but whole, natural foods are always better than processed convenience sources, like protein shakes. If you can, try to cook nutrient- and protein-rich meals most of the time, and save the protein shakes as a last resort
Gizem N.
I don't think so. None of the synthetics can replace natural sources. Even though natural protein sources don't contain just protein they have fibers and so on.
Timothee N.
Depends. For highly active workouts and body builders, protein shakes could be appropriate. However for most people who want to burn off a few pounds, protein shakes are a bad idea. Most will have too much easily accessible sugar and will most likely add extra fat to your body rather than build muscle mass. If you're not currently in a routine of hitting the gym three times a week for the past two or three months minimum, stay away from protein shakes.
Theres U.
Depends on what’s in it. If you make it from bananas and flax it’s natural and good. But if it’s a store bought supplement you should know that it’s not regulated by any body so it’s questionable how good it is.
Holly J.
If you are seeking more protein after exercise, protein shake are great but I would not recommend them as an alternative to meats and other sources as you won't get all the nutrition your body wants
Juan S.
I believe a protein shake is a good alternative source of protein depending of certain lifestyles. If you know that you're going to work a 12 to 16 hour shift and barely have to sit, much less eat, a protein shake is a great way to make sure you're still getting the nutrients you need. However, like with all food, the quality of the shake matters. It doesnt need to have a lot of sugar and needs to be made from quality ingredients.
Mathew Y.
A protein shake is a perfect supplement for your body. But shakes should not be your only source of protein. Look for a healthy diet based on your goal.
Carl E.
While yes, a shake is a great source of concentrated protein, it lacks other vitamins and nutrients you may be getting from other protein based foods. Like Peas, which are not only high in protein, but high in vital vitamins and minerals like Thiamine and Folate! Or even Lentils which are very high in fiber, which aids in digestion!
Marvin E.
It is a good source as far as we know so far. However, only protein wouldn't be efficient in a diet. I would suggest you to have at least some vegetables/fruit/yoghurt with your protein shake.
Nicklas C.
Yes it does, after my workout I make a protein shake with berries on it, it taste delicious and keeps me full for a long time and I don’t feel like eating sugar
Clyde J.
I have ever tried it but maybe it is a good option if you are doing weight training and want to get muscular mass. Probably it is a easuer way as well to get the protein faster and gelp your muscles recover after each training.
Eugenie O.
hello dear. thanks for asking. i prefer natural protein sources. i have not used protein shake but i read in an article that protein shake is as good as protein source. I will recommend you to do your own research.