Do you prefer to eat your breakfast alone and in peace and quiet or with family or while doing other things?

Arnfried T.
I usually take time for myself, light an insence stick, play some good music and really enjoy my food. I find it magnificent!
Mike A.
Alone but doing things, since schedules rarely align. Usually watch some YouTube and take it easy, take some time for myself
L O U.
I prefer to eat alone in silence first thing in the morning. I get ready very slowly to absorb as much me time as I can. I love me almost as much as I love silence and I find it very hard to get enough of either
Tom N.
Personally I prefer to relax by myself in the morning, for me that means watching some light tv or some YouTube videos; nothing too demanding.
Wilson S.
I usually like company, but in the morning I'm usually pretty groggy. I also don't really like to sit at the table for a long time, but that could be just that the chairs are usually uncomfortable.
Hannah J.
Quietly.. on my balcony.. admiring the wonders of nature.. the activity in the neighbourhood.. and listening to the parakeets chirping in the trees..
Storm P.
I prefer to eat breakfast alone and have quiet time to myself in the morning to relax. I love hot tea before I start the day. A breakfast with family and friends is good sometimes too!
Sylwia E.
Since I live alone, I usually est breakfast alone. I do not have a problem with that. Eating breakfast with family is nice too as long as everyone not only focus on reading the newspaper. If it's a weekend, I usually watch a series while eating. I'm trying to eat without watching something more often. During weekdays, I usually sit with my phone or watch out the window. It makes breakfast shorter. I'd like to note watch my phone as much though
Dajana F.
I definitely like having breakfast with my husband! It’s such a cozy beginning of the day. But I strongly recommend to not watch movies or read articles etc during the breakfast, it much more likely leads to overeating and losing time.
Victor X.
Usually, during the week, I prefer to wake up and have a good breakfast alone, in peace, while the others at home are still sleeping. It's my half-hour where I sit and think of all I'm going to do during the day. But that's not always possible cause I have little time in the morning and I have to take the bus on time to reach my workplace.
Sometimes I have breakfast with my roommate too and it's nice to have a chat together before going to work. However, during the weekend, when I have more time and no rush, I like to dedicate myself to prepare a better breakfast, maybe putting on some music or whatching the news.
Faith Z.
I prefer to eat my breakfast alone where possible. I like to get up at 5am and eat my breakfast at that time while nobody else is awake so I can reflect on things and consider what needs to be done that day.
Jack Z.
My breakfast is usually a smoothie, making it keeps me busy, and drinking takes no time at all. Whether or not people are around has no influence.
Vicki F.
I prefer to eat my breakfast with friends and family, while talking about what great things to expect, or what crazy dreams we had last night.
Natalija F.
I happen to do it with family but I recommend if you ever suspect that might undermine your routine, then do it alone for a while till you get comfortable with your new routine. Explain it to your family and ask for support. They'll likely more than happy to help you with that.
Kimberly E.
I much prefer to eat my breakfast alone and in peace and quiet. We have an almost 2-year old and daughter and two dogs, so things can get pretty crazy around our house. My favorite moments are definitely those when I can just sit in the morning with my coffee – the dogs are slumbering nearby and my daughter is still asleep or already at daycare. It’s incredibly peaceful and refreshing!
Veli N.
It’s very important that I eat breakfast with my husband every day. We often sit in quiet, watching the news for 15 minutes…. but it’s together time. Even the dog sits with us
Andrew O.
I live alone, so I eat alone, but I usually eat while watching tv, so it doesn’t feel lonely. I know that is not being mindful of my eating so I probably should change that.
Tristan O.
All of the above depending on what time how I feel whats for breakfast and most importantly my mood while I am waking up.
Kunibert X.
I eat my breakfast with others usually. Either at work when I just grab my food and sit down or at home, where the kitchen is in the centre of the house. My breakfast is a way to get Energized and just do something productive right off the bat, it boosts energy. I also think it's nice to just have people to talk to early on in the day
Judy J.
During the work week I usually eat breakfast alone and like to use the time to plan my work day; during the weekends I prefer have breakfast with my family.
Laertes F.
Usually I prefer to eat my breakfast alone while checking on my phone, reading, or listening to songs. But I would really love to share my breakfast with family and seize my mornings with lovely vibes.
Helge R.
I rather eat breakfast alone, it gives me time to think, to be calm with myself, I also plan things for the rest of the day or say hi to an important friend.
Lauren S.
Alone and in peace and quite with listening to the motivated music sitting in the balcony infront of sea and great view…
Alcides Q.
I like to eat alone because it gives you ime to reflect on what you are going to be doing that day. You could eat outside and just spend time with the one above and just this Earth itself.😁🌿
Gerdi U.
I tend to eat while doing other things. I’m not a morning person so just the fact that I’m getting up earlier to have time to make myself breakfast is quite an accomplishment.
Silke C.
I had never thought about that. It depends on the day and the schedule really. Mostly I prefer to eat my breakfast alone, while watching the news. Most often, my breakfast is last night’s leftovers, as I can’t do a breakfast heavy in carbs anymore. It saves money, too (the leftovers get eaten).
Carl P.
On days where I want to reflect on things, I tend to eat breakfast alone before any of my family wakes up. But most times, I enjoy eating with my family and having conversations with them- it makes my day. I do like to do other things while eating…like checking social media and emails.
Jack U.
I eat alone in peace and quiet generally, once my husband has left for work and the kids are at school. On weekends, I will join them at the table out of tradition, but stick to my simple meal while they enjoy their more sumptuous one.
Marshall B.
Alone and while doing other things. I find people distracting while they add nothing of value. Eating has always felt like such a waste of time for me so I prefer to do something else, even if it's just for entertainment. However, I try to not do that lately because I want to improve my concentration and my attention span elsewhere
Jesse N.
Alone as it allows me to take as much time as I want and keep all my focus on eating and not on making conversation with everyone else.
August P.
Normally I do breakfast while I'm traveling to work. I pick up something fresh and while I'm listening music and I'm on the metro, I eat. For me it's fine, it's a way to don't waiste time
Jordan U.
i prefer to eat it alone while reading a magazine or book, just to prepare myself for the day ahead and ease into being awake.
Ronald A.
By myself when I hungry, not waiting for the pancake house with my husband’s friends at 8:00 which is way too late and fattening
Chester Z.
I prefer to eat in differing ways based on the scenario. For example, first thing in the morning, I tend to be doing other things while unobservantly consuming just enough to get me started,
Elly J.
Sitting down to share breakfast with my family is definitely my preference. Most days I eat on the run or standing up while doing other things. I am happy to have at least one sit down breakfast with the family per week.
Sharon U.
A little bit of both there are sometimes you want a piece of mind and there are other times you want your family with you
Sean U.
I prefer to eat my breakfast alone in peace and quiet. Being alone gives me time to get my thoughts and objectives for the day together. I like to have time for myself and don’t want people bothering me.
Gloria X.
I prefer to eat breakfast with family because this initiates engagement as we start the day. It will be a good opportunity to talk about our plans for the day or just about anything.
Gerdi J.
I know I should eat with my family, but I love sitting quietly eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee and feeling the quiet seep into me
Robin S.
I enjoy all 3 at some point in time. When I'm getting ready for work, eating alone helps me prepare for my day. When I'm eating with family, it's an opportunity for fellowship and to check in with everyone. When I'm eating while doing other things, there's a sense of accomplishment as I multitask to reach a goal.
Sherri Z.
That’s a good question and in all honesty I actually prefer to eat my breakfast with my family as we usually have good discussions and conversations about a lot of stuff so it kind of gets me ready for the day. However I do avoid doing multiple things whilst having breakfast so I won’t be watching tv or on my phone or something but kind of be there in the moment. This isn’t always possible though because sometimes I have to leave earlier so I do have breakfast alone as well but I prefer it with my family.
Nanna C.
A little of all of it. During the work week I like the peace of early morning. On saturdays I love curling up on the couch with a good breakfast and read or watch something on tv. On sundays I like to make a big family breakfast, when my girls are around, and enjoy the company.
Shannon P.
Definitely alone and in peace and quiet. This is in part because I'm an introvert, but it's largely because I'm not a morning person and need the space and quiet to wake up. There's nothing wrong with either preference, though.
Sharlene W.
Dear Fabulous user,

Well, It changes day by day to me. Sometimes I just want to stay alone and be mindfull but sometimes I want to have time with my family. I think people need both of them. The point is keep the good balance to you.

Stay with love 😇

Myrtle Z.
I much prefer to eat as a family (any meal) and with devices off the table and tv off. This allows focus on the conversation
Ramon Z.
I usually take it alone as I travel to work but I would love to take it with my family and have the wonderful bonding time
Amber G.
During the week I find it much easier to eat on my way to work or at work! Already waking up so early, it fits better into my routine. On weekends, I love making breakfast for my boyfriend and me and eating together!
Giselle A.
Whenever i can, i try to make mealtimes a time of fellowship and comradery. Often, though, i am alone in my mealtimes due to my busy schedule. When i do have to eat alone, i try to eat slowly and often use that time to pray and meditate on how grateful i am to have the food i am eating.