What’s the minimum I should eat?

Michelle Z.
Regardless of whether I’m trying to lose weight or not, I always eat until I’m not hungry. I never reach full, just not hungry. And if you need to eat more to reach that, maybe use healthier options if you’re watching your weight.
Silvane Z.
This is a tough question to answer. What is the effect of not eating enough protein in the morning? Lack of energy later in the day. What is the effect on me if I don’t eat enough carbs? Irritability. If you are trying to lose weight, know that your fat doesn’t start burning until your body has looked everywhere else for energy, starting with your MUSCLES! That is another reason to make SURE you get enough protein. If you are not on a diet, then make sure you are eating enough to maintain weight, especially when you are in your elderly years.
Aar O Z.
Can I report this question?? Why are you even talking about the minimum someone should eat? I already find it disturbing you suggest a single apple as breakfast..
Albert F.
Off-hand I have no idea. But if I was going to find out I’d start by.
1. Talking to your doctor about any weight or health worries u may have.
2. Weigh yourself.
3. Find out what your weight should be for your height.
4. This should give u an indication of how much fuel u need.
Sarah N.
Personally being someone with a limited food palate and a small body I just eat a banana for breakfast. For me it’s just a matter of “as long as I eat something (healthy)”, as a lot of foods, breakfast foods in particular, just don’t interest me and I like very unhealthy foods so just eating something that leads to better health in the morning is good.
Carrie E.
Eat first thing in the morning something with protein. Fruit and raw veggies for snacks. More protein, carbs, and veggies for lunch.
If you’re hungry think of what you really want and plan to have it.
Ramon J.
Minimum I should eat should include protein and enough to fill me up and get through to lunch. Should probably be around 300+ calories
Victoria W.
I don't think there's really a minimum, as long as it's something (okay, maybe not
one piece of chocolate 😉). Sometimes when i don't feel like eating i just drink a smoothie (you can buy those ready-made, so you
don't even have to prepare anything) or eat an apple with a bit of peanut butter. Just make sure to get some energy in your body!
Hope this helps.
Greetings, Lisa
Tristan P.
“Eat enough that you feel full” is what I tell my kids, but that’s not really a true minimum. I guess I’d say “enough so your thoughts aren’t consumed with food”.
Rosalva T.
You should first ask yourself, how much energy I need to do the things I want. Then you spend time checking how much energy each food you eat will give you and use math there.
Curtis S.
For me I just eat enough for me to not feel so full and a glass of water after meal. Is what I eat that I concern more. I try to eat something to make me full till lunch, like oatmeal and whole grain, nuts, and egg or meat. And don't for get some veggies. Hope this help.
Bento Q.
Honestly, eating a good amount of fresh and healthy foods is good for the mind and body. Personally I think a healthy portion of breakfast could be 2 eggs and some Berry’s to start your day. Lunch could be a medium sized salad . Basically everything you eat should be medium sized like the two examples I told you.
Ana P.
I feel the average person should eat at least 2 substancial meals a day with minimized snacking. Try foods with high volume to stay fuller longer.
Mathias Q.
You should get 1/3 to 1/4 of your daily protein allowance at breakfast for energy to last till noon. If you eat some morning fruit, you will get a quick blast of energy to last the day
Mildred P.
From my experience. I think the minimum that you should eat is as much as you don't feel hungry during the day.
You should try to focus on eating healthy food that can cover your body & mind needs.
Try to have fat, protein and csrbs and all of your meals.
Nilda N.
You should eat what make you feel good, but not fast food. Maybe you could watch some fruits, coffee, maybe cereal anda healthy things
Charlotte F.
I think it depends on you and your needs. But it’s really important that you eat enough to keep your body energized. And drink a lot of water!
Sarah U.
You should eat a little bit every couple hours. Small meals if you dont get very hungry. Maybe nuts or fruit for breakfast, small portions for lunch and dinner. Some small things in between to get your metabolism going. There’s no minimum. Just make sure you are getting four meals a day, and the nutrientrs you need
Leokadia T.
1500kcal for average woman and 1800kcal for average man is the lowest without medical supervision. If you are far from average consult your doctor.
Leah J.
I have an anxiety disorder so eating a big breakfast isn’t possible for me otherwise I’ll start throwing up. Because of this I normally eat a protein bar or a stick of string cheese but even taking one bite made me want to be sick so sometimes I only eat half the string cheese but I push myself to finish the protein bar might take a few minutes but it’s how I’ve gotten through the ‘eating a great breakfast’ habit. I know there are others that can’t eat a big breakfast of breakfast at all so I feel for those people eating a simple protein/energy bar is good, but if you can try to eat a little more.
Cassandre T.
Eating in a way that you never feel hungry, but never feel too full is the sweet spot. I’ve been trying to achieve this by snacking, keeping leftovers instead of forcing myself to eat everything, and going back for seconds instead of piling my plate to the sky right off the bat. Find out what your body needs to either maintain weight, lose weight, or gain weight, and make sure you’re at least eating enough good plant based foods every day to nourish yourself. Variety over quantity!
Jesus O.
The minimum you should eat is enough so that before your next meal, you begin to feel a little hungry. Now, if you ever feel any less than your best because of it, have a healthy snack or have your meal a little earlier, but never let yourself be fatigued and miserable because you were striving for the minimum.
M Rio P.
What I think is the least you could is a fruit. If maybe you are in a hurry or just don't want to make anything that will take long, just have a simple fruit salad or a banana while on your way to work.
Joseph E.
Hi dear, It's better to choose with your nutrients that you have. But pay attention to full of protein as you work out you need more these and with various food but small amount.
have a great day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.
Ethan U.
The minimum you should eat is the daily recommended intake of calories for your personal needs (as a man or woman), or your specific special needs (pregnant, sportsperson, etc…).

For women, eat a combined total of 2,5000 kcal a day. For men, a minimum of 3,000 kcal.

Try to balance out your intake of fat (15%), carbs (35%) and proteins (50%).

Ruben O.
I don’t know if I have the answer for that. I try to eat a little bit of protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates in the morning. That could be done through a smoothly which I find the easiest way to get or a cooked 2 eggs, avocado, whole wheat toast, and almonds.

I’m currently fasting for Ramadan so it’s been tough trying to eat heavy in the morning

Thiago C.
It’s best to slow and portions are going to be your best friend. Start off with getting a measuring set and instead of using a big plate use a kid size plate to help you see how much you need to eat every meal.