What is a good breakfast for people on the go?

Irma Z.
I don’t workout before bed. I read somewhere it’s bad for you but I feel as though it would wear you out and you can sleep easier. I understand stretching though
Leana Y.
I keep a box of Belvita breakfast bars and a case of water in my car just in case I need to leave quickly. So I grab some baby bell cheese from the fridge and my mug of tea and I’m out the door. Maybe there’s a quick make ahead shelf stable breakfast bar that
Nicholas F.
A milkshake, smoothie or yogurt is always a great option in the morning. And if you have a little more time to prepare and are hungry you could make yourself a pb&j
Gunther S.
I like to prepare (the night before) Granola with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and store it for the morning, you can add Greek yogurt and oat milk too.
Or Belvita breakfast biscuits with a banana
Alyssa S.
If you can prepare something ahead of time, like the night before, that’s helpful. Also, who says you absolutely HAVE to eat breakfast food for breakfast? I’ve heated up some chicken noodle soup I made the previous night with my own chopped veggies— heat it up in a mug and take a sip as I get ready for school
Mandy J.
It's great. It's just that sometimes it's hard to wake up and realise you need you need to have breakfast as someone who isn't used to having one so early
Priscilla U.
Pancakes! You can do them the night before and eat them on the go. Same with overnight oats, easy, healthy, delicious and quite a good breakfast to eat on the go.
Noham N.
A toast or boiled eggs(that you boiled like the day before) tea/coffee without sugar or like selfmade orange juice oatmeal with fruits is perfect too(these are just suggestions)
Daniel X.
I usually will have a cup of hot chocolate with some plain bisuits or I also have a cup of milk and a piece of bread because I am in a hurry to go to school.I hope it is helpful for you, thank you.
Donz Lio Q.
Oat is a great idea for me atleast . I think milk and buttered toast is yummy and make you productive during the day . But only if you use English bread
Clinton E.
If you have a little time in the morning, I think you could do oatmeal the day before, maybe a toast or yoghurt with fruits these can be quick breakfast ideas. However if you don't have any time, I think maybe a granola bar, a smoothie or a sandwich can be a healthy breakfast.
Abigail Y.
An apple(some kind of fruit)-it only takes a few seconds to grab it
A sandwich-it will not take more than 1 minute if you’re in a rush
Energy bar-a healthy breakfast on the go
Sherry S.
I guess a cheese croissant or an egg sandwich or feta cheese pastry or an açai , i gave a couple of different ideas cuz' everyone doesn't has the same taste
Evelyn N.
I store bagels & yogurts ready to go in the fridge that way when I get up, breakfast only takes a minute to toast or grab a spoon.
Jacob Z.
An apple is a very better alternative for me then coffee because its less jittery and makes me feel more fresh, a banana also is good with a protein bar if im on the go because im nauseous the first two hiurs when i wake up but the suggestions i pit here i can manage, an omelete later is very good for the mind because of the protein and choline
Dora J.
Pre made breakfast baguette, quesadillas and breakfast muffins. – wrap in foil throw in the freezer ir fridge grab and go, or throw in the oven
Leonard F.
I think cornflakes with berries or any other fruits and milk is great for breakfast on the go. If you buy frozen fruits, it'll both save you time and money to add a dash into your cornflakes in the morning. However, if you just want to grab one thing on your way out and not spend any time at all in the morning, then overnight oats are great. Soak some cold cut oats in either yogurt or water the night before and seal in an airtight container. The next morning you can eat it just like that, or add fruits, honey and cinnamon on top for an extra boost.
Alicia W.
For me the best breakfast is what we eat in my country, Arepa, it's like a bread that you make in the stuff and you can fill it with whatever you want
Kurt Z.
If I’m ever in a hurry for breakfast, I’ll make oatmeal with strawberries and cacao nibs on top. Another option is to make a protein smoothie. I like to make mine with frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, 100% organic maple syrup, organic almond milk, almond butter, collagen powder, and bone broth protein powder.
Leon U.
Well I don't really have much to say on. This one but I eat breakfast on the go every day and what I go for is some croissant and a pack of juice and it's it will last you for a couple hours
Anthony U.
The easiest would be fruit and protein bars. If you can carry things with you and meal prep, you could do premade smoothies and overnight oats.
Julie E.
I did yogurt with a tablespoon of flaxseed while I waited for my multigrain bread to toast (added some light butter and cheese after). Handheld foods go faster. You can eat the toast on the go. Multigrain has a lot of protein and fiber which will keep you full along with the yogurt and flaxseed. Flaxseed is also really good for your cholesterol and it's a yummy way to incorporate it.