What’s your favourite satisfying to-go breakfast when you have a shortened morning routine? Do you prepare anything the night before to make it easy?

Corey O.
Hmmm… A sandwich, I think? It's very easy and fast to make and it's delicious/keeps me full for a long time. Also if I'm not so much in a rush, I just make a simple omelet, cuz eggs are great.
Leila J.
The best meal that I found, was protein shakes. In my case I eat a herbalife protein shake every day. It takes just 2 minutes to make it, and it gives you the whole nutrition that you need.
Leila J.
Well that’s my everyday, I just eat a banana or strawberries any fruit could be a good breakfast. I sometimes eat omelets or rest of the dinner of the day before.
Miuke Z.
No, I definitely don’t prepare it the night before because it makes me feel that the food isn’t fresh compare to when I do it right in the moment itself.
Tracy J.
Not really, if i don't have enough time to prepare something in that morning,i usually eat some fruits like an apple and a banana nothing complicated
Andreas J.
if i need a filling quick breakfast i love making toast with peanut butter (and sometimes banana slices), and i usually don't prepare anything the night before because i really prefer fresh hot breakfast
Leila J.
When it comes to crunch time I tend to go for cereal. Eating breakfast has always been challenging for me and I often don't want to. So a bowl of my favorite cereal, a quick apple with peanut butter, or even a simple energy or fig bar all ensure I ate something even if I didn't have to prepare a true breakfast.
Ronnie S.
It depends on if I have time or not. I like to have a plastic container that is flat enough to hold everything. I think of the breakfast menu from Starbucks. Two boiled eggs, grapes, a couple slices of cheese and a piece of toast with peanut butter or cashew butter. Make the toast before you leave with your beverage in a to go cup and you’re all set. Or you can make a breakfast sandwich and wrap it up in tinfoil on a bagel.
Leila J.
Bowl of muesli or a poached egg (life hack pour boiling water in a bowl crack an egg in and microwave for about a minute) or sometimes preparing a jar of overnight oats with enough for a few days
Castor Q.
Oats or porridge in a slow cooker overnight is an option. Pre peeling oranges and slicing apples or bananas then putting in fridge. Morning themselves you can make small charcuterie boardbwith fruits cheese and prosciutto/smoked salmon, on the cheaper faster side are smoothies. You can throw frozen fruits and veg in a blender with some yogurt and juice. Scrambling eggs is quick. Get pre cooked bacon, pre sliced bagel or croissants then make a breakfast sandwoch to go.
Francis Z.
1/4 cup of mixed nuts and instant Oatmeal. I don't prepare now but I will when I actually have to leave the house in the morning since I'm a stay at home student right now.