What’s the healthiest breakfast to have in the morning?

Anna F.
I think it's something you need to know for yourself, you need a good balance, something that will give you energy to power through the day, for me it's a bowl of oatmeal with different toppings, an agg and a tall glass of milk.

Rotraud U.
A healthy protein packed meal ro kickstart my day. Something natural probably, something like fruits vegetables and not just coffee or some donut that may give me a bit of energy but take it back after a while

Nadin A.
I usually have oatmeal for breakfast, that i cook on my stove topped with seeds, dried fruit, cinamon and maple syrup <3 but if i crave something savoury, then i'll eat a sandvich with turkey/chicken ham, cheese spread and lots and lots of veggies. And of course we can't forget about drinks. I usually drink some kind of tea (it really depends on my mood) but if i feel like it, than i'll drink a latte with no sugar :))

Shahrzad F.
I myself dont eat dairy cause it upsets my stomach according to that I eat red beans/eggs/granola/peanut butter with apples/humus/I also focus on having some sort of veggies in my meals like tomato and cucumber just whatever you please.

Bella B.
A simple, protein filled serving of perfectly scrambled eggs. Light, fluffy, and an easily repeatable routine. Just planning on this alone has helped me a lot. There are several steps to make it work. I need to have the same pan, utensils, and ingredients ready each morning. Which means I need to, at least, wash each item at night. This is causing a nightly routine to appear, and therefore enforces my morning to be successful.

Sarah F.
Something with lots of protein. You should also try to include fruits and/or vegetables with it to balance it. I like a bagel with cream cheese and sausage sandwich, and I try to grab something from the fruit bowl too.

Aiman N.
The best would be high fibre with complex carbohydrates. This is enough to ensure your stomach is full. My meals consist of oatmeals, honeys, high fibre biscuits and oranges

Daria Y.
I think it’s something with nutrition like oatmeal with fruits or raisins and eggs with bacon/toast. Some thing better than waffles or pancakes or something sugary which will jot fill you up and energize you for your day. It’ll just make you crash and hungry later.

David W.
Honestly I don't know. I'm just eating eggs in tons of variants most of the time. And sometimes I just cut multiple types of fruit. Once a while I get oak or cereal. I'd use some inspiration on what to cook myself 😁

Clemens F.
Eggs are the healthiest things to have in the morning. It is packed with protein that will help you have the long lasting energy for the day ahead of you.