How much food should you eat for breakfast?

Theres X.
Other says that in the morning you should eat like a king and in the lunch should eat like a prince and in the evening should eat like a servant
Jesse E.
However much makes you feel full, but not so full you feel sick. Most important I think is to keep the foods in your breakfast varied. Include fruits/vegetables and cut back the amount of carbs/protein if necessary (to not overeat, I mean). I definitely feel the difference in my body on days I have lots of vegetables in the morning to when I don’t.
Edwin E.
I think that varies by person. If your breakfast leaves you feeling heavy and tired, you might want to try eating something lighter. However, if you're regularly hungry an hour after breakfast, try eating something with more fiber and protein that's a bit more substantial. Personally, I usually can't eat much in the morning. I'm just not very hungry most days. Sometimes, I just grab a banana. Other days, I wait an hour or two after getting up, and then go for a bowl of multigrain oatmeal with dried plums, walnuts, and bananas. If I'm really hungry, I might do a breakfast sandwich, but that's rare.
Ethan Z.
An ideal breakfast will be enough food to keep you full until lunch, while also balancing carbs & starches, protein, and fats. For example, eating just pancakes is not a good everyday breakfast because it is mostly carbs and fats, but eating a pancake and also an egg allows for a better balance. For me, I need my morning breakfasts to be fast and easy as well, so I usually will eat an egg and some kind of fresh fruit or smoothie.
M Rcia F.
Breakfast is something that starts your day. When you wake up from my long long sleep of near about eight hours (if you want to be healthy you must sleep eight hours) you are completely less with energy and to boost your day and lose the fatigue that may degrade your day you must take a healthy breakfast. This breakfast, of which you’re asking about does not depend on anyone, you must take enough food at the start of your day to feed your hunger … 😄
Lillie T.
However much makes you feel full and happy and healthy to get on with the day! Listen to your body and it needs, and try to at least get your fruit and fibre in!
Amanda C.
It depends on what you are eating. Two eggs max are recommended only per day. It’s more about eating a balance and as I’m in my 40’s just enough to feel satisfied and get me through to the next meal.
Olivia T.
I have to force myself to eat an egg and fruit in order to get my body going for the day. I think you should eat just enough to give you that kickstart you need!
Thea U.
Enough to keep you going but not so much that you feel stuffed or sluggish. Adjust for your metabolism and other personal factors.
Riley F.
I vary it depending on my time on the weekend when I have more time I will eat a larger breakfast including protein like eggs, uncured sausage or bacon, or salmon or trout a good steal cut oatmeal and fruit seeds and nuts. On the week days it’s fruit, seeds nuts and either oatmeal, a bagel or yogurt.
Dafne Z.
I should eat enough (protein and fat) that I am satisfied until mid morning or lunch, that I do not crash looking for donuts, that I have enough energy to exercise before noon, and that I set the tone for the day
Marius Z.
You should eat the quantity and quality of food that means you don't over eat at lunch and dinner and any snacks you have in between are healthy and small (fruit/nuts). This takes quite a lot of trial and error so I wouldn't worry if you don't figure it out for a couple of weeks. For me the right amount is a thick frozen fruit, oat and almond milk smoothie and a cup of tea.
Genesis C.
That would be different for each person. But getting some good protein to fuel your day and start the day off on the right track is important.
Eric U.
I think breakfast is less about how much you’re eating and more about what quality of ingredients you’re eating. If I eat 5 cookies for breakfast, it is a lot of food but doesn’t sustain me throughout the day. I end up being hungry only 2 hours later. If I eat breakfast with protein and fruits/vegetables then no matter how small I am sustained until lunch (or at least a mid morning snack!).
Isabel F.
What feels right. Experiment and find out what fills you up comfortably until your next meal.
If you have a busy day a little extra is good because you will be burning more energy. If you will have to go a bit longer than normal before your next meal a larger breakfast is also good.
Regine T.
Enough to get you through the better part of the day but not to the point of excess. I often feel sluggish and lazy after having a hearty meal and I like to keep my breakfast "to the point" and nutritious. No sugar, low salt. Perhaps green tea or black coffee.
Derrick Z.
Enough to last until the next meal. If you go to lunch at work or cook at home, there is no need to eat a lot. If you are travelling outdoors or expecting a very busy day, it makes sense to have a full meal. In any case, the quality matters a lot. Sugary cornflakes are not very rich in nutrients and will not make you sated for long. Eggs, seeds or nuts, full-grain bread with meat, cheese and avocados are healthier and longer lasting options.
Florence B.
Hi, as I follow 16-8 intermittent fasting, I normally eat from 6.30am to 14.30pm and in this “window” I’ve to eat 1800/2000 calories. That’s why my breakfast is not less then 600/800 calories: a part salty (eggs or ham or turkey or tofu with fresh vegetables and light cheeses), a part sweet (coconut or rice milk with granola or muesli or not treated cereals) and a part of fresh fruit. At the end a good cup of coffee without sugar. I’m very lucky ‘cause my wife owns a fruit/vegetable shop and I can always choose fresh and healthy food. It's really unusual breakfast for an Italian like me, but I’m quite active during the day and I need it to bust myself. Regards, Alfredo
Kathleen A.
They say breakfast is the most important part of the day. But I rarely have a heavy breakfast inasmuch as I would want to transition to that.

I mostly have four, five slices of bread—eggs or sausages from time to time. Cause I go in to work early, I use the dispenser to have coffee, cardamom tea or got chocolate. Afterwards I have a huge glass of water.

Thea Z.
1 boiled egg and 1 pack of amond breeze is the basic daily breakfast for me. If you need more to it sometimes, then I add some among banana, pumpkin, or sweet potato.
Laura F.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal giving you energy throughout your day and as such should be your biggest meal of the day.
Abel Z.
Personally, enough to absorb a multivitamin and and prevent nauseous after effects. I learned the hard way that half an apple is not enough.
Emmy Z.
I often have a slice of bread, two slices of bacons and an egg for my breakfast. I sometimes eat some vegetables or/and yogurt in addition to them. I normally don't feel hungry until lunch time after eating those breakfast, so I guess around these amount would be ok for me, but I seldom do feel hungry around ten or so even I had enough (or so I thought) breakfast. So, to be honest, I really don't know how much food should I eat for breakfast.
Dave E.
I eat not much food for breakfast – it’s always coffee, maybe some cheese, berries, oatmeal with fruits and nuts. When I drink coffee with cream I also feel so full that there’s no need to eat something more for the next couple of hours. And I feel amazing and energized!
Silje A.
Breakfast is the most important meal that will set you for the day. This is when I eat most. The most I eat the less hungry I feel during the day.

Molly U.
The amount of food you should take is based on how your body feels with it. Everyone is different, why should we give everybody the same? The right amount is the one you feel satisfied with, not full nor empty. Just be conscious and you’ll know.
Wolfgang U.
I think the answer is different for everyone. I believe we should eat as much as we each need to energise our bodies at the start of the day and to sustain them ‘til lunchtime. For me personally that means two poached eggs. I don’t have toast with them as I find that too much. I exercise every morning and I never feel hungry ‘til around 1pm. So that’s definitely enough food for me.
Pompeu P.
I am not sure that is the right question. Eat a breakfast that strikes a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Avoid high glycemic carbs – grains, sugars, sweet fruits. For me, Breakfast is a fairly big meal. After all, I haven’t eaten for 12 hours, and I’m hungry! I usually sauté celery, peppers, onion, spinach and tomatoes; and then mix in two eggs to make a scramble. I also have coffee and an orange or tangerine.
Dajana X.
Not much, best is to have a light but very nutritious breakfast, like fruit, smoothie and enough water to start your day.
Carsten U.
I like to eat a small meal. I usually eat two eggs, a slice of toast, and a serving of fruit with coffee. On a good day I mix whatever veggies or mushrooms I have in my eggs. This usually holds me for several hours.
Hector U.
Because I haven’t consistently eaten breakfast in a long time, I only eat 1/3 of a bowl of oats or a 500ml smoothie (banana, honey, and soy milk is my go to), otherwise I feel I’ve eaten too much. But I do remember when I was involved in sports, my breakfast would normally be something like toast and a full bowl of cereal. So the answer would be to eat enough to be full until lunch, but not enough that you feel over full and ready to go back to bed.
Emily O.
You’ve been sleeping during at least 8 hours, so you lost all your reserves, you must eat a lot of protein, carbs (dark bread and stuff) and fruits (juice are acceptable)
Detlev E.
Breakfast is a meal for kings, lunch for lords, and dinner for peasants. This is how the saying goes in Hungarian! I truly believe that you should get the majority of your nutrition in the morning. Within reason of course!
Sherry S.
It’s not quantity but quality. You can begin the day with a lot of food but if it’s not the right kind then it doesn’t matter how much you have. Begin the day with good quality food like fruits, yogurt, eggs, etc. and you’ll be set.
Jesse J.
As much as you need to be ready for the day. I only have a small bowl of oatmeal or an apple and peanut butter because it's enough to fill me up and keep me going until lunch time.
Lillian S.
Some of the best advice I have ever heard was that my calories per day should match my exercise or output for the day. On days that I know I will be doing a cardio or strength training exercise for approximately an hour I will eat a healthy breakfast consisting of carbs and protein in preparation for the expenditure later in the day. On days I know I will not be exercising I will have a small breakfast of eggs and toast or intermittent fast knowing I will not be needing as many calories for that day.
Joel A.
Well currently I have a gut infection. So I can only eat a portion that isn’t too big for my messed up digestion to handle. One should normally eat breakfast as their largest meal
Mimoso Q.
I usually eat toast with peanut butter every morning with a bottle of water. Sometimes I will eat bananas or apples with that. On occasion I will eat only a cookies and cream pop tart
Evelyn J.
Enough. Haha.
I never thought about how much. But I don’t eat so much that I feel full. I usually eat one to two eggs and a fruit. That seems to be satisfying but not overfilling. I would say that is a typical adult portion. I have never counted calories. If I feel hungry later, I snack in some nuts and if I have a sweet craving I throw in a small squirt of 85% cocoa chocolate.
Eckard Q.
I don’t eat breakfast. Seems there is no way to remove the habit without it seeming like a negative thing. I do intermittent fasting. I never liked eating breakfast and find I am most energized and productive when I don’t have breakfast. Every time I have eaten breakfast I feel so sluggish after, therefore, it’s best for me to not eat it. Lastly, I’m never hungry for breakfast.
Cl Mentine O.
It really depends on how much you eat in a day. I usually have a half cup of oats with a cup of oatmilk, since I have a medium lunch and dinner. If you have a small diner, you can have a breakfast that looks more like a full meal.
Luisa X.
You shouldn't eat much however you should eat smart. Meaning your body needs to recooperate the nutrients that it has lost. Protein, minimum fruit (because of the high sugar) and good carbs.
Albert Z.
When I follow my meal plan to the letter during my workout weeks, my breakfasts consist of 50g of oatmeal (weigh before cooking) and three eggs. That comes out to about 410 calories, which is 18% of my daily plan.
Selma Z.
Well, it depends on several aspects. I always eat breakfast in the first hour after wake up and includes: coffee and milk with an small amount of bread, fruit with light yoghurt, and what in my country (Mexico) is called a “quesadilla” made of tortilla+cheese +vegetables (mushrooms in particular).
Deborah F.
I think it depends on how active you are. If you sit a lot, then you probably only need a small portion to give you energy until lunch. If you are very active, then you will need a bigger portion. If you feel stuffed, then it's too much.
Ga L S.
I've read that each meal even snacks should be about 350-400 calories. With that, I try to include veggies and protein to stay full longer. My go to? Caprese breakfast sandwich…bagel with egg, turkey bacon, basil, fresh mozzerella and a homemade balsamic spread. So delicious and filling!!
Nero T.
Hi, I would say it depends on how hungry you are in the mornings and what you are going to do later on that day. The national guidelines where I live is around 400 kcal. I like to eat a bowl of porridge or oats with fruit for breakfast as it contains fiber and fills me up for a long time. I know others that prefers eggs, which would give you more protein. I would say, find out what you crave the most in the mornings and build a meal around it, but make sure it contains food that keeps you going until lunch!
Claude O.
I don’t eat much because I get full pretty easy but at least for me like 2 pieces of toast with it eggs or pancakes with of course something healthy like yogurt or strawberries
Sinor Q.
It’s not a matter of how much, but rather what to eat for breakfast. Breakfast should be a balanced meal with protein, carbs, and veggies or a fat.
Kim R.
I eat about 300 to 350 calories for breakfast which consists of half a cup of oatmeal with a tablespoon of ground flax seeds and a banana. This gives me enough energy for the morning.
Curtis E.
It really depends on what you’re eating- generally, follow the serving size suggestions from whatever it is you’re preparing. For example, I’ll sometimes prepare instant oatmeal with sliced a dry roasted almonds- I know from the box that one packet is one serving, and 1/4 of a cup is one serving of the sliced almonds.
Sofie Y.
Enough so that you have no more hunger pangs. My ideal amount is half a cup if oats soaked overnight with a cup of soy milk, a banana, and some nuts and seeds!
Victoria Z.
Heck my answer BEFORE my lifestyle change would be cheese eggs, bacon, biscuits, cheese grits, or a bowl of sugary cereal!! Now, i eat 2 slices of low sodium turkey bacon, bowl of grits or oatmeal, (1 serving), 1 egg & 1/2 cup eggwhites. I finally have my metabolism working somewhat,so as soon as my feet hit the floor, I'm ready to fix it & eat!
Salete Z.
Balance is more important than amount. Try to get a little protein, a little fat, and a complex carb. 300 calories — a couple of eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast or a banana will do you.
Brayden O.
I am currently having a shake made with geek yogurt (full fat) blue top milk, frozen fruit and two raw eggs. It is about 450mls. This keeps me going from 05:45 till 12:00 without needing to snack.
Frederik X.
Enough but not too much, most likely healthy food. If unhealthy, less food. It also depends on the activities that day.