What is your favorite easy breakfast?

Kim Hart
Eggs – I suffer from really bad cravings & I trying to learn how to turn them off. I recently read to help with cravings avoid sweet breakfast items & look for savory foods. Eggs fit the bill because they are versatile, I don’t mind them hot or cold, & a lot of healthy things can be added to them & they are not sweet

Gentil Rezende
Greek yogurt, some fruit, and granola. It gets me an extra dose of protein and some healthy carbs to kickstart my morning.

Alma Sørensen
I’m current work as an intern in a company. Thus i do not have many time in the morning to prepare my breakfast. I usually buy my breakfast from stall. I usually eat nasi lemak as it is most easy option to get here

Hanny Schmidl
Microwaved sweet potato with grass fed breakfast sausage. I cook the sausage ahead for the week and sometimes the sweet potatoes too. It stops me from craving something sweet for breakfast but gives me something savory with protein too.

Roy Hudson
My favorite easy breakfast is either a toasted English muffin with an egg on it, or a smoothie with mixed berries, almond milk, and protein powder.

Zoe Jennings
Eggs. There are so many different ways to prepare them (including the microwave in a pinch!) and have a lot of protein to keep me going.

Clinton Payne
Whole wheat English muffin, toasted. A schmear of natural peanut butter on top, plus add a few dark chocolate chip and top with sliced banana. Yum and easy

Don Webb
It changes throughout seasons of my life but right now in this moment I’d say rye toast with apricot jam. I’m really not a breakfast person though. My breakfast is most peoples lunch cause I wake up usually at like 10 am and don’t eat till about noon

Evelin Schöne
My favorite easy breakfast is oatmeal. It cooks while I’m getting ready and then I chop fresh fruit and sprinkle some cinnamon into it to add a touch of healthy sweetness and flavor. The warmth fills my tummy and helps me slow down and enjoy my morning.

Lori Wells
An easy breakfast I like to grab before my prayer time is a banana and a small handful of sunflower seeds. And my big glass of water too. Have fun finding your own favorites.

Tobias Mortensen
Oatmeal with a spoon of peanutbutter, raspberries or blueberries thawed in microwave, chocolate granola and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. Takes all of thirty seconds after the water boils. Thaw berries in bowl, add oatmeal, add boiling water, place spoon of peanut butter in hot oats to melt , top with granola and cocoa powder and stir for a delectable and relatively hearty start to the day.

Bruce Jacobs
I make flourless muffins and put them in the freezer so I just have to grab and go. Those and a protein shake are what I eat each morning, no matter what.

Joaquina Aragão
I have 2 easy brealfasts i like. Number 1 is a green apple cut up drissled with peanut or almond butter. The 2nd one is to blend the same amount frozen and unfrozen
water watermelon with half a lemons juice (lemon is optional) blending thus together gives you a watermelon slyshy.

Dana Stanley
Overnight oats! I prepare a mason jar the night before with 1 cup of oatmeal, a tsp of chia seeds, and a cup (or half a cup depending on how you like your oatmeal) of almond or soy milk. Leave it overnight in the fridge so the chia seeds can expand. In the morning you can add your favorite fruit, nuts, peanut butter, etc. It’s quick to prepare and easy to take on the go!

Adelbert Rössler
I like to have a bowl of cereal with milk, and a glass of juice. This doesn't substitute for a glass of water though, I will have water before preparing breakfast.

Victoria Sørensen
6 mins boiled eggs on wholemeal rye bread toast. Quick and easy.

Tesco bran flakes with oat milk and sprinkled with dried goji berries

Marc Hudson
Eggs, 16 oz water, coffee, and some fruit. Energy, and feeling full for a great day and requires 5 mins to make and another 5 to eat.

Gabrielle Menard
I love to cut up an apple and dip the slices in almond butter. It took me a little while to get used to the almond butter flavor but now I love it!

Gilbert Ross
I'm currently trying to build muscle, so I start my morning off wuth a carb and protein rich mass gainer shake. After I work out, I'll have a slice of whole grain toast and a vegan sausage.

Jeremiah Oliver
I drink huel each morning, it has every vitamin, nutrient, protein, carb and fat that your body needs.

You can get it from huel.com and I would really recommend it as it has changed my life.

Albano Alves
For me to think about helthy breakfast is the main task. Then I ask my wife to do healthier breakfast than yesterday. And we speak about health when we eat.

Bernard Kennedy
I first toast up some vegan two slices of bread. While the toast is ongoing, I slice a half of avocado and mango as thin as I could. Once toasted, on one slice, I spread peanut butter and put slices of mango on the top. I drizzle some good old American bee honey to finish it off. On the second slice, I only put the sliced avocado along with some Himalayan salt and crushed good old pepper. Lastly, I prepare a glass of chocolate oat milk chilled but not stirred. The total time of preparation is under 5 mins. It’s awesome.

Raisa Lippert
When I have time I make baked egg cups with whatever I have in the fridge ahead of time. If not I have avocado toast or lowfat yogurt with almonds,flax and chia seeds. Summertime it is a mixed berry smoothie with banana, raw honey and coconut milk.

Filippa Jensen
Some toasted whole grain bread with cheese, nuts and peanut butter with honey beside a cup of tea make a simple, healthy breakfast for me every day

Jeanne Stephens
Bananas with a yogurt! But the trick for eating a complex but satisfying breakfast in the morning is to prepare it in the evening for the next day 😉

Fred Sanchez
Oh my there is a couple the smallest is a banana with some peanut butter spread on each bite you take! Another would be some toasted bread with cream cheese and avacado on it. And lastly a simple yogut is fine but there are so many options for a quick easy breakfast!

Emma Murray
Usually a good cereal like Kashi with milk and orange juice. Another good option is overnight oats which you can make the night before. All you have to do in the morning is stir and add any extra things you want (fruit, granola, etc…).

Angèle Francois
My favourite breakfast used to be Cereal, but my wisdom teeth are coming out now and it hurts so I've now switched to porridge with honey and a bananana

Christian Hansen
Eggs with vegetables. U don’t do too much to it I let the vegetables steam then add the eggs so it does it’s own thing In flavor. I love it.