What are your great breakfasts?

Selma C.
A fresh breakfast pastry (sometimes warm if I feel like it), a portion of fruit (usually some sort of berry) and a drink (either a herbal tea with turmeric and honey,
a glass of organic apple juice or a hot chocolate with almond/oat milk, which I’ll put in a travel mug when I’ve got to commute somewhere for the extra comfort boost and to keep warm
Kim W.
Vanilla Greek yogurt with granola, dried fruit, and fresh berries. Roasted brussel sprouts with a grain, cheese, bacon and egg. Carrot cake waffles with whipped cream and cinnamon on top.
Christian Z.
We usually eat sandwiches with a sweet condiment or cornflakes. Sometimes eggs or pancakes. On Sunday breakfast is a little fancier with chocolate and a 'koffiekoek' of the bakery.
Siddharth T.
I have started with boiled eggs and a glass of warm milk. I think I'll experiment with fruit and peanut butter. I am otherwise happy eating eggs.
Richard I.
Croissant with cream cheese and salmon (because it's really tasty :). But I think it should be a kind of rare stuff)

Oatmeal with honey, banana and fresh berries (cherry or something)

Luka E.
I usually keep my morning breakfast light. Something simple like a hard boiled egg or a granola bar usually does the job for me.
Richard Y.
1) Spinach omelette with cheddar and wheat toast.
2) Oatmeal with nuts, seeds and dried fruit and an apple
3) Eggs on a ham steak, corned beef hash, and wheat toast
Mia J.
Typically my breakfast consists of two sunny side eggs, two pieces of wheat toast, one apple sliced into eighths, and a glass of orange juice.
Emily B.
My great breakfasts are balanced, they need to include a source of protein, fat and carbohydrates. I prefer them warm. And finished with coffee ☕
Jutta F.
A great breakfast for me is actually on the go smoothies. Usually filled with fruits such as mangos pineapple oranges blueberries etc. But to add a base of protein to counter the natural sugars in fruits I throw in a handful of spinach along with cashews. Put Spinach and milk/water or whatever you add for a liquid mix those first.
Once that is blended then add in fruits and other ingredients as you normally would. Yes it gives you tons of energy and focus and you can make it quick and on the go!
Alexandra W.
I like to eat something healthy if I can, I mostly have oats yogurt fruit, or a nice smoothie bowl, avocado and eggs on toast
Nuffy V.
On warmer days probably some eggs and pesto. Nice and easy with a cup of black coffee or green tea.
On cooler days I love a big bowl of hearty oatmeal with a piece of dark chocolate and some peanut butter.
Helo Sa P.
Ny favorite things for breakfast are Uncle Sam's cereal with lots of cinnamon and fruit with French press coffee and organic cream. I also enjoy yogurt and fruit. sometimes I will chop and fry an apple, mix in a half a cup of cooked brown rice and add some cream to that with cinnamon. So there you have it those are my top three breakfasts.
Susanna Q.
Bagels with cream cheese and coffee or tea, smoothies or smoothie bowls, fruits, toast or a rice waffer with peanut butter, or toast with beans in tomato sauce, chia seed pudding with blueberries. In general, as long as it is quick and simple to make, I'll have that for breakfast.
Stella Z.
Scrambled eggs, avocado toast with everything but the bagel seasoning and fresh strawberries, sometimes raspberries too. A couple slices of bacon every now and then
Alena Z.
One banana, one hard boiled egg, a cup of milk with cocoa. Admittedly the sugary cocoa ain't the best, but I enjoy it.

Additionally either before or after, I drink around 250ml of water

Probably should raise that a bit too

Jacob S.
Larissa normally makes breakfast of some kind. Typically we have cereal and granola; but every once in a while, we have eggs or oats.
Emily S.
On weekends, my great breakfast is having an egg breakfast sandwich or a simple pasta dish using ingredients from leftover dinner.

On weekdays, my breakfast is a combo of ramen, egg, spam, and some leftover veggies from last night's dinner.

Ramiro S.
Today it was a protein bar because something is better than nothing. Usually it is yogurt and granola but I also sometimes make eggs or cottage cheese and fruit.
Emile N.
This week I am having either cottage cheese with almonds, cashews, and cinnamon and an apple OR Greek Yogurt, toast made from sprouted bread and a pear. Every day after my water I also have a green tea.
Everett W.
I like to put some of my favorite protein powder in my coffee- it makes it feel like an indulgent treat and it’s nutritious too! I’ll usually pair it with a low-fat Greek yogurt to help fuel my day.
Melissa J.
I think one of my favorite simple ones is: (gluten free fort my allergy) sourdough skillet toast (toast in skillet with butter), cream cheese, avocado, 2-3 peices of bacon, and a fried over medium egg.
It's everything you need except maybe add some other veggies? Like wilted spinach! Have fun with it!
Dwight Z.
I had a homemade mango greek yogurt (I had yogurt and fruits the past two days too). I got inspired by this korean Youtuber who loves to cook a lot during her free time and she always makes yogurt for her breakfast. I thought it was a simple, quick and healthy breakfast that I can start my day with. I hope this will give me the habit of eating fruits in the morning.
Marie W.
A full English breakfast, a bowl of fruit, porridge and yogurt, french toast, juice or fruit smoothie or cup of hot drink
Rosenira I.
I've always been a breakfast person. My great breakfast is usually an omelette (1 or 2 eggs) with with 1 piece of thinly sliced ham, and toast. To make it even healthier, add different ingredients to your omelette. E.g. mushrooms, bell peppers, even onions. It's very filling and quite delicious.
Franz Xaver E.
I love some Skyr yogurt with blueberries, a little bit of honey and low sugar jam. Then I add a couple tablespoons of granola on top. Lots of protein and flavour.