I’m tired of eggs and the packaged oatmeal makes my tummy hurt. I’m a nurse with little time. What should I eat for breakfast?

Lana E.
As long as you have a source of protein, you can regularly change the fruit you eat in the morning, according to the seasons! They're much tastier! You can also add a source of slow carb. Maybe you could prepare your breakfast the day before so it's already ready?
Karishma P.
Look up poha and upma and besan chilla recipes. They are easy and quick to make.. Fruits are okay too. With oats don't eat the packaged with msg and whatnot in it. Buy some plain rolled oats and then make oatmeal.
Jorge Q.
You could prep your meal overnight before the day and have something ready in the same time as eggs or packaged oatmeal.
Tijani R.
Spelt flakes, pumpkin seeds, fruits such as banana, apples, kiwi, (frozen) blue berries. You could add rice, or oat milk. You could add buckwheat or cooker spelt. If you have problems with gluten, cook amaranth (not popped) in the evening for the next morning. Oat flakes are also an option. Those are food with plenty carbs and nutrients to keep you healthy and energetic over the day. You can try to drink one glass of warm water with Apple vinegar in the morning over a few weeks to clean your stomach.

Add more greens and herbs to your lunch to support your stomach and your overall system, especially spinach, broccoli, and edamame.