Any suggestions for quick breakfasts?

Ciku A.
Chop up fruit the night before and refrigerate. In the morning pour some Greek yogurt and honey over the fruit and enjoy.

Kesi T.
Make sure it's something light,nutritional,cost a small amount of money and depending on what u want in your breakfast for example just protein or carbohydrates focus on it but it's not good to have the same breakfast everyday

Sanya Q.
for me it would be corn flakes because that is healthy but tastes nice at the same time but i always put sugar in it so i need to find a way to make it taste nice without sugar.

Corentin A.
Toast with some turkey and cheese, boiled eggs with lettuce and tuna that can be easily prepaid from the previous day and stored in the fridge. Another solution is milk with cereal clusters (quaker oat and chocolate) that gives a great boost for the day.

Kirsten N.
I love rice crackers with peanut butter and banana slices! It gets me started. I don’t really like sweets, so this savoury breakfast fits me well.

Zelaci F.
for me, i just put myself a bowl of (healthy) cereal and cut up some fruit that i have, which is normally strawberries or apples! sometimes, i’ll make a milkshake, which is just milk, ice, a fruit (strawberries most of the times), and anything else u want to add!

Kl Re F.
The most obvious suggestion for a quick breakfast is just cereal, but if you’re in a true rush and need something to grab on your way out the door, grab a piece of fruit and put some bread on to toast whilst you get ready for where you’re going and take that with you.

Mathis Z.
A boiled egg with a little salt and butter is amazing. Squeeze some fruit juice the night before and maybe make a fruit smoothie.

Cameron N.
Eggs are pretty quick to make. You can even cook them in the microwave if you’re running low on time. They can be prepared in different ways based on whatever you like. If you’re not a big eggs person, fresh fruit, smoothies, and yoghurt are great for feeling refreshed and healthy in the morning. If you really don’t have enough time to wash or cook anything though, a protein or cereal bar are good ways to get energy and prepare for a great day!

Patricia L.
What about a packet of instant oatmeal (i like the apple cinnamon kind) prepared with water or almond milk and a hard boiled egg on the side.

Orea Y.
Sometimes we dont have a lot of time to make the perfect breakfast.A fast and healthy breakfast is muesli that has sugar free.Sometimes i add a fruit like banana and chia seeds.Hope you will like it!☺

Madi F.
If I'm on the go I grab health conscious breakfast bars. Belvita, Quaker, etc. You can do instant oatmeal, hardboiled eggs, easy fruit or prepared fruit. Grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, berries, etc. Smoothies. You can also do things like avacado toast or eggs. Even if you don't have time to cook on the stove, microwaved scrambled eggs take about 90 seconds and you can add in all sorts of things. Play around! Find what works for you and mix it up when you loose interest.