I eat a lot of bread, it’s something cultural here. What do I do to quit that habit? I almost eat everything with bread! And when I don’t I stay hungry.

Alice S.
Hiya, I have the same. Carbs may give you the idea of feeling full, but it actually lasts a lot longer if you fill up with protein. Carbs spike your insulin levels, cause a spike followed with a crash in energy too. Try phasing it out. Instead of stopping to eat bread you could start eating it less, slowly replacing it. Try boiling a few eggs, put them in the fridge and take one at a time instead of 1-2 slices of bread for lunch for example. (If you want to eat them want, just peel it and lay it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes). Plus, Try (soy) quark for breakfast with granola and banana and other things you like. It gives you a full feeling longer. Hope this helps!

Tamara Z.
Well bread isn’t a bad thing, but if you want to consume less of it you can start by eating more grains like rice or beans or wheat etc.
If you want to be “healthier” start eating brown bread and for the rest it’s more a mind set than anything else – really

L Gio Z.
set a routine. if i’ve learnt anything from fabulous it’s being able to set goals and routines. put reminders on your phone telling you when to eat fruits and veggies, in stead of bread :))

Kwitchiin Y.
I hear you noticing, and that’s the important truth!! Awareness will guide that noticing, but please, answer kindly to the action!

Audrey P.
Thank you so much for your question. I do have to say that I am not an expert dietician or nutritionist so everything that I say here is my opinion and just that. I completely understand eating a specific carb and eating it with everything for every meal. I honestly think that your awareness of the habit is the first step into change. In my culture we eat rice everyday with every meal and I wanted it all the time. I changed my meals by first changing my mind set and reading about a meal plan. It had reasoning for substitutes in using while foods instead of processed or artificial ingredients, portion sizes or not, adding color to your meal like taro which is a purple yam. It included exercises for beginners to intermediate to higher levels of exercise endurance; shopping lists of ingredients for recipes to try out; ways to incorporate community for support. This meal planning wasn’t your ordinary diet plan. It ingrained awareness to change and that change into good habits leading to good living. Try it and see where it takes you! These habits are all within this Fabulous app. Thank you so much for letting me share.

Erin O.
There’s really no substitute for bread (I mean, who doesn’t like bread?), but, maybe you could not eat it at every meal or only eat half of the amount you usually eat starting out. Or look up something called “fat head“ dough on the Internet (it’s a staple for many people doing low-carb diets) and tweak it to make your own low carb bread. Also, try adding more potassium or green veggies if you can. Potassium is surprisingly important to the body and can help curb hunger (In my experience). I’m not sure where you are residing (I know you said bread is just part of the overall cultural diet where you are), but don’t give up! If salmon can swim upstream, so can you! Any small change is better than no change at all!

Tammy C.
Well , you don't have to quite bread you just need to make a food chart on sertain days only then you won't be hungry and try to keep bread aways from your sight . I am shrinwanti I also eat a lot of bread but I eat only 8 pieces of bread per month 👍

Toni A.
Try healthier bread? Non white. Or I know weight watchers/ some other brands offer "healthier" versions of bread. What about sweet potato bread?? Google it! Literally cut a sweet potato into slices and toast it in the toaster

Martina Z.
Usually I slice the bread before eating so I can organize myself. But I also struggle because when I'm angry I eat a piece of bread before dinner

M R.
Do you dislike eating bread? I don't think you need to stop just because some people say you shouldn't eat bread. You could try to move toward eating smaller portions of bread or healthier forms of bread if you genuinely think it's an issue.

Brianna O.
I follow the 5:2 diet, so I eat about 2000 calories a day, 5 days a week. The other 2 days I eat around 500 calories a day. You might try it out! You can enjoy bread 5 days a week, and eat only lots of fruits and veggies on the other 2 days. It has helped me lose about 15 pounds so far!

Taleen I.
Bread is not bad or evil, but it has become for many a comfort food that we overindulge in. Bread is something our bodies need but in limited quantities. Start weaning yourself down until you have bread with only one meal and the portion size is small. Also, do some nutrition research to determine the healthiest kinds of bread and find one you like.

Amelie G.
Personally i love bread, but you can start with baby steps. Like eating integral bread or replacing the bread with something else, like soda cookies or healthy chips!

Lindamar S.
Try to eat more veggies and protein to keep you full. It's a diffcult transition at first but your body will get used to it

Anne Rose X.
Maybe try switching bread out for a different grain for a couple of meals. I find quinoa very filling, and it's easy to pair with stuff. Also, if it's something cultural, you could always look into making your own bread. That way, you can add different ingredients that will boost the vitamins and nutrients (i.e. zucchini bread, carrot bread).

Carla Q.
To remove a habit you want to make it as hard as possible to do it or as unplesearable as possible. For example put the bread in a place that's hard to get to like the fridge or a cabinet behind the fridge. Make it so you don't want to make the effort. You'll also want to try & surround yourself with like minded people. Eventually it will get a little easier.

Andrey F.
First of all, bread or carbs in general are not your enemy. But if you really want to change how much bread you’re currently eating specifically, I suggest making a substitution with a healthy starchy alternative which should fill you up. My favorite is sweet potato. There’s so much you can do with it to keep it interesting, all methods baked which makes it stay a healthy option. You can cut into fries, cut into medallions and bake with some brown sugar/cinnamon, bake them whole like you would with a regular potato, or you can dice them and throw into a spinach salad! In fact, you can actually use it to make a healthier version of bread.

Mille C.
If you want to eat bread go for it. If you don't, slowly transition to alternatives. Use corn tortillas instead of pitas. Corn muffins instead of dinner rolls. Nori wraps instead of sandwich bread

Tara C.
I love bread, the smell the taste. Yet i know glysophate chemicals are loaded in flour. Must make choice to not accept that or risk leaky gut and bloating.