How have you felt after eating a good breakfast for a few days?

Dennis C.
Not so good. Eating breakfast in the morning makes me feel sick as I have to stand up very early and I simply have a hard time eating something then
B Rbara Z.
Since i started the breakfast goal i feel more energized! which was one of the reasons why I downloaded this app,
Before i used to skip breakfast and didn't drink much water, because of that i always felt tired but now it's the opposite and I'm noticing the change in me so that's something good.
Kalina U.
It always feels great! Especially if I’ve spent a few days working on a new meal and have perfected it time- and taste-wise during that time.
Keyana Q.
After eating breakfast, I feel ready for a good day. I feel balanced and also as if I have started my day productively. I am not used to having breakfast, I wouldn’t have it at all. So this was and is a huge step for me.
Karla I.
I personally like cooking sometimes (whenever I have the time) because I love eating – adding the making of a good breakfast to my morning sure is a nice way of feeling at least a little excited in the morning to eat something nice, as well as the process of cooking it.
Dorit Y.
It felt good, technically I didn't feel so much difference, but knowing that only taking the first step will build a better me… it was already worth
Jack W.
I have felt AMAZING… it gives me something to look forward to waking up early. It helps me keep going throughout the day because it gives me energy. I usually have a skinny bagel with a smoothie, ham and cheese sandwich, or an awesome greek yogurt bowl with granola and fresh strawberries!!
Diane C.
same as usual. i would usually have breakfast every morning but it’s still nice to not have a rumbling belly half way through the stressful school morning
Sarah U.
Well I feel great with less cravings for unhealthy treats and it's a good feeling to only crave for what's good for me. I fuller for a long time and when I eat it's very satisfying.
Malou F.
I always eat breakfast but sometimes I don’t eat it on time. Eating it on time really sets my schedule on track. Eating late breakfast delays my lunch. When my lunch is not taken on the right time, work hinders my lunch and I sometimes miss lunch. It’s a bad chain effect. Hopefully I become a morning person and start doing things by the clock.
Cheska S.
My body feels more energized and fueled. I have been eating breakfast since before Fabulous since I don't really have much energy when starting a day without breakfast. However, Fabulous just makes it more fun to me.
Lena F.
A proper breakfast revealed to be a great catalyst for a good day filled with better habits. It provides me with the energy to start the day head on and fuel me for the whole day. Early tasks are now completed more efficiently and energetically. I am awaken by my stomach growling because my body has started to incorporate this new habit, and it pushes me out of bed earlier in the morning. The other meals schedule is also slowly falling into consistency. I now feel compelled to better my eating habit and schedule. All this greatly helps my organization throughout the day. The day starts with a better mood, I can accomplish more during the day, allowing me to rest earlier. I go to bed looking forward to the next morning with that great breakfast awaiting for me.
Mago Q.
Well, it feels nice. Kinda like a recharge. Like it's a start of a day, it feel good but not that different to the days I feel like I didn't eat breakfast
Afolabi B.
I feel energized and ready to do my tasks for the day. I don't feel sleepy or drained. It powers me and it has become my daily morning routine.
Mila T.
Energitic and active. I am more determined to take care of myself alone . Thought of adding food which would help my skin and hair to be healthy too. It is amazing to feel that I can live alone on my own.
Kristle Q.
I have more energy and I notice that I’m eating less when it’s lunch time. It has seem to help me make better decisions during my work day as well.
Pedro J.
Energized, I feel like my body is thankful and responding to the new routine. I’m also craving less sugary, filler foods like coffee and sweets.
Kent J.
I have actually found, for myself, the glass of water first thing has been more beneficial for me. But that being said the breakfast in the morning jump starts my metabolism. I find I have been eating more and more frequently during the day. I normally wouldn't eat anything until after 10:30 am because I just wasn't hungry, but found that I wouldnt get a chance to eat until closer to 1:00 pm.
The meal in the morning has helped to stabilize my mood and boosted brain function as well.
Gennette G.
I have always been a breakfast eater so this has been a natural habit for me. I feel good and energized for the day after a good breakfast.
Vincent U.
I feel more healthy and ready take on the longer days, I was sluggish and lazy before and it has given me more motivation to succeed.
Adrien P.
If I eat a really light breakfast I feel good but if I eat anything heavy I feel tired and lazy. I think it's important to do what is best for you. I feel best eating a bit later in the morning at least 2 or 3 hours after I wake up
Christopher Z.
It's something we all have to do and I usually don't miss. So this wasn't much of a change for me. The question for me what is a good breakfast vs. a not good one?
John N.
It really helps fuel me for the day. Just need to maybe incorporate a proper snack. When it's dinner time it feel like I'm either just stuffing myself or not eating enough because I didn't have a proper snack or if any snack at all.