Hi, I wanted to know if my breakfast is great and healthy enough! Mostly I eat butter, cheese with bread, and also a cup of tea. Recently I have added milk too to provide more protein.

Angelique Q.
Hi – no judgment here as everyone approaches breakfast differently and it's great you eat breakfast every day! You have a high content of fats, dairy and starch which is great to get you going, but won't sustain you for long. You need to incorporate wholewheat bread to give you a slow release of energy, then a smaller portion of butter for a healthy heart. Perhaps change it up by having honey or a protein like peanut butter if you are allowed or even some legumes /cold meats. Then a fruit – even 1/2 an apple would add some balance and finally pack in a yogurt for midmorning. Enjoy your tea! I was told that if you eat healthily 80% of the time, you can eat (or drink) for pleasure the other 20%!