While keeping it healthy, what is the breakfast with the least prep time?

Camila T.
Chia seed pudding; you make it the night before and prep your berries and toppings (I usually put strawberries, granola, and honey) so that it only takes 2 minutes to put together and enjoy!
Donovan Y.
Plain oatmeal with fruit is probably the easiest to prep each morning or the evening before. Try to resist thevl flavored instant oatmeal. The sugar in them will cheat you out of the fuel you are trying to fill up your body with. Good luck and enjoy!!
Maggie Y.
A simple overnight oatmeal. All you need is oatmeal, some milk, a bit of honey and a drop of vanilla essence. That's what I do! You can even prepare it in large quantity to serve you for the whole week. Aaand, don't forget your veggies and fruits. I usually have slices of cucumber and apples.
Erkan G.
Probably hard boiled eggs and a few slices of ham/cheese. You can put some of the eggs in the fridge so you have to boil two at a time.
Michael R.
The easiest breakfast I know of that is still keeping it healthy is making egg muffins ahead of the week, on lazy Sundays. Get some mixed eggs ( for me I go straight eggwhites) chopped onions and peppers, bacon or ham, maybe some spinach, cheese if you like it, toss all the fillers into muffin tins holes and fill up the rest of the area with egg whites and cook.

5 minutes prep, 10-15 in the oven, and boom, egg muffins you can toss into the microwave in the mornings! I usually bag 3 together, about 5-6 egg equivalent, and 1 minute nuking to eating delicious breakfast!

I make large batches, they last in the fridge for about 4-5 days, and freeze well too.

Vicki Y.
Soak a serving of steel-cut oars in water or milk overnight in the fridge. Nuke to cook in the morning. Add nuts and/or dried fruit before cooking. Or substitute peanut butter for the nuts.
Kenzo Z.
This answer may vary depending on your dietary restrictions. I’ll give a few options just in case. Firstly, I enjoy plain Greek yogurt and put as much on it as I can. I put strawberries, raspberries, chia seeds, shredded coconut, walnuts, GRANOLA, etc. Get creative with it! Avocado toast is great too. I know it’s a bit basic but half of an avocado coupled with a piece of whole GRAIN bread is delicious! Sometime I like to put hot sauce on it. Haha. Other times adding a tomato slice and salt and pepper really add to the flavor. I need to expand my breakfast menu for sure because other than oatmeal (which can take some time) I’m not sure what else.
Mikayla U.
The meal-prepped breakfast! Pinterest has tons of make ahead breakfast foods that you can reheat quickly and eat on the go! Hope this helps <3
Ily S Z.
My immediate answer would probably be a boiled egg, as you can just make a few at the beginning of the week and grab one as you go. Throw in an apple or other fruit and you have a fairly balanced meal right there. Personally, however, my go-to breakfast was always a little but of hummus and some pretzels, along with some grapes or other fruit that I could easily just grab and go; match that with some energizing tea to replace your coffee, and you're all set!
Ananya C.
The healthiest and pretty tasty too might be some fruits with peanut butter or nuts. Having fruits with peanut butter neutralizes the sugar in the fruits and its also pretty tasty!
Anneli A.
Either a green smoothie or some ryvita with either avocado or soft cheese and boiled eggs. If you boil the eggs in the evening, it will literally take minutes. Plus some cherry tomatoes for fullness and fiber
Amandine A.
Smoothie or protein shake! Frozen fruit and spinach mixed with coconut water and maybe a protein powder is done in seconds!
Primrose S.
Porridge in the microwave with nuts and fruit is fab. I also like corn flakes with almond milk, yogurt, nuts and a sliced apple.