Are you more naturally oriented towards inspiration or self-discipline?

Ilona R.
Generally a good mix of both, I'd say – although I'm trying to un-learn some of the excess discipline that is enabling too many negatives in my life, and replacing it with more kindness towards myself.
Chad O.
Both but if I had to decide then it's self-discipline. I'd love to say "inspiration" and maybe that would have been me with a better past and mental health. But the latter is where I have to stay focused on what I say around other people and not cry in front of everyone. Maybe itsnatural, maybe it's a form of adaption and survival. I really can't tell.
Arianna T.
I have no self-discipline when ot comes to being healthy and getting my life oragnized. I word well under pressure and people who stand me by when I set a goal for myself.
Martin E.
No.I need someone or something to inspired me before doing anything.As example,I need to read a quotes or benefit about the thing that I Want to do to make me become more demand to do it
Nur V.
I used to be self discipline. Now I am naturally oriented. But naturally oriented you push yourself to the max. And it is hard
Natalia E.
I’m more naturally oriented towards inspiration than self discipline because I think I need more inspiration to do what I love and want to do
Brent Z.
Inspiration. I get influenced very quick. I get inspirated quickly by people who are willing to achieve their goals. If someone else can do it, I can do it too! Sometimes I lack the self discipline. At a few main goals I lack discipline
Ilona O.
I think I am more oriented towards self-discipline. Inspiration is great and is the reason why I start doing things, but self-discipline keeps me going.