What do you eat? I do instant oatmeal or just oatmeal in general. It seems faster and easier to maintain?

Joscha R.
Today, I had a few pieces of toast along with cereal and peanut butter. I wanted a balanced breakfast today and it truly got my day started in a great way.
Diane C.
Ironically I like to have a light breakfast, otherwise I feel too full to do any work. I usually have a glass of milk an biscuits.
L Ane Z.
I do fruit smoothies sometimes. At night I get the fruit ready, and in the morning I blend it. I also do drinkable yogurts. Sometimes 2 boiled eggs. Sometimes I grab a nature valley granola bar.
April J.
It depends on the day. I think toasts are the best for me, but not everyday :)) For the other days I prefer to grab a baguette with fromage cheese, fresh basil and cucumber!
Silvia S.
I try to variate between fruits, toasted bread with butter and boiled eggs. I always need something that is ready to eat (fruits) or that can cook by itself while I do other things.
Eleanor U.
I eat egg and fruit salad and sometimes I eat croissant and a green salad and I drink alot of water, yes just oatmeal faster and easier
S N N.
Being on the go faster and easier is always the best but there are more things out there that can be seen as faster or easier. Prepping the night before can help speed things up and waking up early helps make you feel less in a rush. I personally have a protein smoothie: Frozen fruit (no added sugars or anything) chia seeds, little bit of almond milk, water, honey, spinach protein powder and a fibre greens blend powder. Smoothies are also quick way to have breakfast and get everything (nutrition wise) I need. I also make sure the powders I use are vegan and have no added unnecessary things in it. Everyone is different.
Bente E.
For breakfast, I switch between oatmeal and smoothiebowls. I try to eat fruit every morning so when I eat oatmeal I use fruit as a topping and smoothiebowls ofcourse also contain fruit.
Edward S.
I generally have normal porridge with a bit of granola on top and chopped up bananas and strawberries with it. Most of the time I have it cold to save time but on some weekends I’ll cook my porridge in a pan and cook a fruit compote as well