I add a little honey to my oatmeal. Is that ok? Or should I skip honey. I’ve removed white sugar completely from my diet.

Kayla F.
Yes! I love to use honey as a natural sweetener. If you suffer from seasonal allegories, local honey is said to help diminish those affects as well.
Mikkel P.
Well, I don’t think you should aim for perfection. If you like honey and don’t spend the rest of your day eating junk food I see no harm in that.
You say “a little honey”, and that’s even better, because it means that you are conscious in your choice. You are not finding excuses by adding a bit of sweet, just making your life a bit more enjoyable. That’s perfectly fine, go ahead!
Minerva N.
Sugar is sugar, but oatmeal without some kind of sweetener makes for really dull oatmeal. It depends on your reasoning. Are you skipping sugar because it's so processed? Go ahead with the honey or molasses! Are you trying to avoid the blood sugar spike? Then…maybe you want to avoid. If you eat dairy, you could try adding a flavored greek yogurt and frozen fruit?
Edouard O.
well i don't really do diets, i eat a bit of everything, mostly healthy stuff, but everything.. considering that white sugar is refined and honey is natural, then yes i suppose honey would be a better option than white sugar.
Mason T.
I would say that's perfectly fine! Honey makes it easy to get things just sweet enough without feeling that it got too 'sugary'. Do what makes you most happy! Bees will thank you!
Niusha A.
It’s great that you have removed sugar! I think you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself about adding honey to your oatmeal. If you want to change that though, I have two suggestions. Try substituting honey with agave, which has much less carb, or banana slices in your oatmeal that is a good source of potassium and keep you full for a longer time. Hope this helps! 🙂
Jen R.
Yes absolutely! It’s important to enjoy our food and that means adding flavour to keep it interesting. Bland food otherwise would become boring and would be harder to stick to eating those, we would look for something maybe less healthy…
Zge N.
I think,you are in true way. I wish I could do it. I used sugar in my tea today although I used protein mostly. I congrats you! 👏🏻🎉
Stacie F.
Honey is healthier than white sugar. I don’t usually add either to my oatmeal. To sweeten, sometimes I’ll eat with craisins or a banana. Great job with removing white sugar from your diet!
Gilbert N.
A little honey is fine. I cook mine with major dates and add a mashed banana at the end. Goes perfectly with a bit of honey
Alex A.
I have it with porridge and sunflower seeds, or peanut butter and a banana. The fruits sweet so you wouldn't need honey or sugar.
Doris T.
I personally think adding honey to your oatmeal is a great thing! It’s a natural product that is full of benefits like antioxidants so much better than sugar. I added blueberries or raspberries to mine; it’s yum it’s like jam but you know it’s natural.
Marcia Y.
I add a little honey too or maple syrup. I also add a bit of cinnamon and cardamom. I add some whole or crushed nuts. Seeds of some kind. Also some Frowns berries and banana if I have time.
Kelly P.
Ofcourse it’s okay! It’s better to eat thing you enjoy and not to be too hard on yourself. Later you can leave honey as well if you feel like it.
Ysabella N.
Honeys good for you. Just like most things are in moderation. It’s totally fine for you to do that, I have honey in my herbal tea.
Raquel F.
Honey is a good substitute for sugar. Just be aware of not putting in too much. It's also good for inflammation within your system.
Raul C.
If you need a little honey to enjoy your oatmeal then of course it is okay. It is better than eating a sugary bowl of cereal!
Orandino A.
A bit f honey adds flavor and is a natural sugar that helps with allergies. The sugar from honey is not processed or chemical but releases into the system with out sending my body isn’t over drive
Adam A.
That's great removing white sugar, it's totally up to you if you have honey, personally I have honey with my cereal but I don't have it everyday good luck👍