I can’t move after breakfast, if I have my stomach full it’s impossible to exercise… How much time do you leave in between breakfast and exercise? Is it a good way to solve this? I love having a great breakfast!

Supriya N.
I always give 1 hour between breakfast and exercising, but sometimes I prefer to work out first and then have my breakfast. It is a good option, too! Hope this help you!
Therese E.
I’ll typically leave about an hour, maybe more depending on how much time I have during the day. I prefer working out in the morning, and I don’t wanna miss breakfast either! After I eat, I’ll do a few small chores such as light cleaning, laundry, organizing, or I’ll instead spend time with my pets. I try to do something that’ll keep me moving so I don’t get lazy and stationary, and end up avoiding my workout.
Maureen O.
I had the same issue when i started being more healthy. I think the key is to wake up and have your breakfast early around 7-8 am. After that i always leave 2 hours before i do any workout. It works for me i hope it will works for you too.
Kate C.
I usually leave about an hour, eat a breakfast full of jogurt, milk, Müsli and fruits. After that you could study (watch a lecture) for about an hour, then you can gladly stretch and workout. Or you could first stretch before the lecture, then workout after it. If you dont have any lectures to do or so just relax and watch something fun for you, you'll be looking forward to mornings that way
William S.
I usually exercise one hour after breakfast so my stomach is not full. Also, you can have a great breakfast without eating too much and still have enough energy to exercise. I hope it helps!😊
Ljiljana P.
It depends how much you workout. I workout out for 30 minutes. Run 15, workout 15, and then shower and eat breakfast.

Getting up in the morning can be troubling sometimes, but once you get in the rhythm of getting up and running, you’ll feel a lot better!

Emily G.
I like to have a smoothie before my exercise it is a good way to start the day and after my exercise I will have a small sandwich on my way to work .
But you start the day by jogging or walking to start the day and have your breakfast after it and do heavy workouts in the evenings .
Donna N.
When eating and having to workout afterwards, you’re going to want something light. You will need fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc.. You can simply add fruit to any oats or grains such as, oatmeal, grits or breads such as, bagels and croissants.
Emily G.
Well, when i have the enough motivation to exercise that's the first thing i do when i wake up, so i never feel full with the food i prepare. But as you know not everyone is the same and I don't if this work to you so when i exercise before my breakfast i use to wait like 50mins o one hour…. I hope this can help u somehow
Emily G.
I think you should start excercise before having a breakfast and even if you do after that make sure you walk for 5-10 mins and then after 1 hour do it might help it
Scarlett N.
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Supriya N.
I usually don't eat much of a breakfast before exercising. (usually just something small like a banana) if I've eaten a suitably sized meal I wait 2 hours minimum before doing any exercise. This is purely personal preference but I find if it's any sooner I start feeling bloated and low after exercise rather than a high from the endorphin release.
William S.
i usually exercise about 2h after a meal if its not enough time i extend it or if i feel fine after an hour ill exercise after an hour it all depends on how you feel
Stanislav S.
I always exercise before eating breakfast. I feel better and it is healthier. You burn lots of fat working out before breakfast. I hope this helps 💛🤗
Rafael Q.
It is better to have breakfast later in the morning than not at all. Think about what mix of carbs,
Protein and fats will keep you full for longer. Add a fruit and a veggie to your breakfast. Mix it up—a different fruit and veggie is better than the same thing every day. And savour your breakfast. Chew it thoroughly and slowly. 25 chews per bite so that it is liquid and pre-digested. You can do your meditation at the same time that you eat. Enjoy!
Emily G.
I think that it is better to exercise in the evning/afterno because in the morning you don’t have that much timme because you have to go to school/work but if it is a weekend I think you shorts wait at least an hour so that your body has woken up a bit and so that your body doese’n hurt
William S.
I actually exercise before I eat breakfast. It starts with morning mindful meditation and a relaxing dog walk in the morning. I feel energized after that. I also like to keep my breakfast light.
Candela G.
This is a New start for me,i had my breakfast this morning oats and bananas,it was good,i dont have a nutirtion plan but following the guidance im recieving now will give me a great idea for one. I love walking…