What breakfast is best?

Tom F.
I love to have a small bowl of porridge in the morning. I always prepare it with some almond milk or something like that. I also top it off with some cinnamon, chia seeds as well as pumpkin seeds. 🙂
Isidor E.
I have a green smoothie, or eggs with a fruit of my choice. I like to have a glass ofilk with my eggs and fruit as well.
Ella C.
A breakfast that you will eat. In other words – a breakfast you enjoy. Some days it’s a high fibre porridge with berries, and some days it’s leftover pizza. Just eat! Enjoy what you eat. Eat consciously. Eat mindfully. Make it a nice and positive time of your day, regardless of WHAT you it. Just eat.
Ashley J.
breakfast With variety is the best breakfast .
Fruits, dry fruits, cheez, sprouts
tea or Milk
bread / toast / Omelette / cornflakes, kandapohe upama etc
Josephine F.
Fruit and Oatmeal is a Great way to Start your Day… For me it's mostly Cereal and A Bottle of water to get myself up and Ready for the Day…
Sebastian G.
Any breakfast that is healthy and easy to make. One healthy breakfast I like to do is oatmeal. To make it easier, make a large batch at the beginning of the week and heat it up for every day.
Tibor U.
You want to watch a breakfast that has protein in it, such a small eggs, and apple with peanut butter, these will give you sustainable energy throughout the day.
Stacey Y.
My absolute favorite breakfast is quinoa with a dash of homemade cilantro vinaigrette, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes (sliced in half), one egg over medium, sharp cheddar cheese and avocado. Delicious, filling and tons of healthy fats and protein to start the day off right.
Kaat I.
I like yoghurt with one apple (you can choose wich fruit you like the most) and than i add granola, and drink a cup of tea. Whenever i eat this, my hunger is over and it is soooo delicious
Nereu B.
The best breakfast is one that makes you feel energized for the day. My favorite breakfast is a whole wheat waffle with some fruit.
Alicia X.
I really enjoy a boiled egg and a piece of toast buttered, but when I am short on time I have a bowl of muesli with fresh fruit on top
Lara S.
I love to keep it simple with just eggs with or without cheese or oatmeal with milk. I drink water or milk with breakfast, I sometimes have a V8 energy drink as well if I have to go to work.
Tracy S.
I would say that the best breakfast would be a balanced breakfast.
Water/orange juice/warm tea
Valentine S.
The best breakfast is one that is light and with whole foods in it. Something like a breakfast stir fry (grilled avocado, tomato, and mushroom is what I use, I put it on toast sometimes). Oatmeal would be another good option, but fruit may be the best. Slow digesting sugar (slow digesting because of the fiber) will energize you with no crash unlike cereal and stuff. Consider a smoothie with peanut butter, oats, plant milk, and all the fruits you want in it for a good breakfast that will keep you really full and energized.