Do you have any nutrient-dense, raw food prep ideas for breakfast? I do a vegetarian meal in the morning, it’s very light and efficient to digest.

Rapha L Z.
Egg i found it easy and effective one preparation in the morning. Followed by a cup orange juice makes the day hydrated and full.

Benjamin P.
I make myself a banana-Milo smoothie! Great source of energy for me and I love having a drink in the morning instead of food. When I have a break after class I get myself some more breakfasts.

Freja A.
I have 2 suggestions that both work for me
1) put a few tablespoons of oats, and a tablespoon of vegan protein powder (pick one with good reviews as the tastes vary) in a bowl. Add enough water to just cover and microwave for 1 min. Give an extra stir and add flavours such as fruit or jam if desired.
2) blend huel and water. Done. Can be used for any meal. Nutritionally complete and balanced, very filling.

Florent W.
I make a simple egg casserole with lots of eggs, bell pepper, mushrooms, cheese, spinach, and I use sausage but tofu would work as a vegitarian replacement.

Franklin C.
Overnight oats!
You can use nut milk instead of dairy and pack in loads of fresh fruit, I also add some raw cacao and maca or lacuma powder to

Axelle A.
Well I am a vegetarian myself and my all-time favorite meal is sweet potato with scrambled eggs and it’s really easy to make as well as nutrient-dense. But if you prefer something more sweet I would totally recommend some vegan blueberry muffins (you can find the recipes for these two meals on the Internet)

Lauren C.
My favorite is overnight oats…in a 16 oz wide mouth jar put1/4-1/2cups rolled oats stir in 1-2 teaspoons of raw chia seeds sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds each …cover with non dairy milk of choice I like homemade oat milk cover put in fridge overnight if you like add more milk and cut fruit or berries and enjoy

Argemiro C.
Not yet. I usually fast for 16 hours from 1800 – 1000. But I will try to change this to 1600 – 0800. So I can have my breakfast at 8 in the morning.

Freja E.
Hey there! When I want a vegetarian breakfast made mostly out of raw ingredients, I prefer to make an avocado sandwich, sprinkling on it some lemon juice and slicing some tomatoes. If you need more energy value, just add cashew nuts or walnuts. Hope it helped!

Franklin F.
I enjoy making over night oats as they keep you full for a long period of time and I also like to make banana pancakes which are a bit more of a treat but are still good for you. There so yummy. Making smoothies is a good idea because you basically put whatever you want in them and they are easy to make and you can drink it on the go.

Hasso Q.
Almond Butter Oatmeal
1. Make a bowl of oatmeal
2. Put these items in it: spoonful of almond butter, spoonful of chia seeds in it, milk, chopped apples, and (optional) a spoonful of Stevia