If I’m trying to gain weight, should I eat breakfast before or after I work out?

Clifton P.
Eating breakfast before you work out is better because you get more energy for the work out. You body will use more of the breakfast energy instead of the energy stored in your muscles and fat.
Munir T.
Probably drink something like a smoothie or something before and then eat you main breakfast after. Depending on the workout also may be go easy.
Simal G.
After seems more logical. When you workout you burn fat, if you first eat then workout you are just working away the food you ate. Or I may be wrong. Working out after eating could make it faster to process the food. Biology isn't my thing.
Katrine X.
You should get healthy grains like barley,whole wheat,ect.You should eat breakfast before your work as it gives you energy to do work.
Tobias Z.
It depends on what you're eating and what kinds of weight you want to gain. If you want to gain muscle weight, eat protein an hour to two after a workout. If you eat a high caloric meal after a workout, you will gain weight, but a low caloric meal should maintain weight.
If you eat complex carbs and protein three to four hours before a workout, it will give you energy to sustain the workout and lose more weight.
Egon X.
I'm not sure about the weight gain part but I don't know anyone who would eat breakfast before they worked out. I think a protein shake is sufficient before a workout and then breakfast is great afterwards just as far as feeling good goes. I think eating breakfast before a workout would just weigh you down. I would talk to a professional about weight gain or weight loss. Maybe a health coach from Optivia.
Asta W.
I can't sure, maybe it's better to eat breakfast after workout. When I tried to look fitty, I ate my breakfast before workout, you know like burn the weight , just I got.
Micaella N.
I think it would be better to eat after working out to avoid having issues.. Personally, it’s easier to workout when your stomach is not that full since you won’t feel that heavy. And of course, you don’t want to burst your appendix.. A light snack would do though, some fruits maybe?
Damaris N.
I recommend you eat breakfast after your workout. If you plan on gaining weight, i suggest you increase your caloric intake as well. weight gain and weight loss depends on caloric intake. if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. all the best!
Gurupriya N.
Eat little Protein supplement like almost, banana before workout it will help to build muscles and after workout eat your breakfast ❤️
Floriano S.
After, as eating before exercise in most cases hinders the exercise you are doing, and eating afterwards allows a full refresh of the energy you used exercising
Kunibert J.
Gaining weight has to do with how many calories you intake compared to what your body uses. You can also gain weight by building muscle mass through strength training.
Liam E.
Anyway, weather you want to gaun, or lose weight, you dhould eat breakfast before you work out, because after 8 hours of sleeping, your stomach is empty, so your body is lack of energy. So, you need breakfast to boost your energy before you work out during the day
Alana F.
So long as you're eating fewer calories than your body is using then you'll lose weight. It doesn't matter for weightloss when you eat, so go with what makes you feel best. I feel sluggish if I eat too close to working out so I eat breakfast afterwards, but I also know many people who can't work out without having eaten breakfast. I think you have to listen to what your body needs and what makes sense for your routine.
Nne F.
To gain weight, you should eat before you workout. Eat healthy carbohydrates and some fruit. Example: oatmeal. This will ensure that you’re using carbohydrates during your workout, and then after working out, eat proteins. Most importantly, count your calories
Ilias Z.
I would say it would be better to eat after your workout if your wanting to gain weight because you wouldn't loose what you are if you workout afterwards.
Jessica E.
I'm not sure how to answer this question but I would say it would be a good thing to eat it before you work out because I work out when I wake up in the morning so I eat my breakfast before I workout so I have a lot of energy
Bernd Q.
If you're trying to gain weight you should eat breakfast before you work out because working out cuts out your hunger. So if you eat breakfast after you will eat only half of what your body really needs. Moreover, working out with an empty stomach can be very dangerous for your health and security! (You can faint, feel dizzy, etc).
Kenzi A.
I too am trying to gain weight. I prefer to eat something small and light eg. Apple or snack bar before working out, then have a hearty breakfast afterwards. I also have a mass gainer shake after breakfast, as having this before eating fills me up too much and I don't feel hungry. Hope that helps x
Kierstyn P.
Tbh I really don’t know, but eating breaKfast before hand will help give you energy fir your workout. When you’re working out it doesn’t mean you are losing weight. The muscle that you build will become your weight.