What would be the great breakfast which gives energy and is healthy and tasty?

Song L P.
Plain oatmeal with milk, nuts and raisins. I don't cook it, just mix the oatmeal with the nuts and the raisins and add milk.

Another option is plain Greek yogurt with honey and nuts. I also add chopped apple, banana, or berries.

Ad Le Q.
Oatmeal and fruit
Elias P.
I make shakes most weekday mornings. Frozen berries, skyr (Icelandic yogurt), peanut butter, protein powder (any flavour you like), and some water to help liquify. It's healthy and super quick and easy to make.
Katrine C.
Scrambled egg with spinach is healthy and quick if you buy prewashed bagged spinach. If you have time to prechop onions as well, that adds to the taste and health as well.
Willard F.
I've been making an egg on toast. The ingredients are: one egg, 2 tbs cheese, 1.5 tsp milk, pepper, and a bit of onion (I prefer green). Whisk them all together and then as you're getting a buttered pan hot, drop a piece of bread in the toaster. Let the pan get very hot, then as the butter bubbles and you see the first sign of it turning brown, pour your mixture in. It will cook quickly, so fold the egg onto itself until it gets firm, but never dry. Try to time the bread being toasted a bit before the eggs are done and put the piece of bread on a plate. Now put the finished eggs over the piece of toast. I like to fold the piece of bread and make a egg and toast taco. Enjoy!
Leslie C.
I like multigrain instant oatmeal with fruit preserve mixed with it. I usually have cheese or other easy protiens (peanut butter, nuts) to keep me full until lunch.
Peter Michael T.
When I have time to really make breakfast, I like eggs over easy, some kind of meat protein, and then some fruit or veggies that pair nicely–I love asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Most days I can only afford a small quick breakfast, so just the eggs and protein happens. It seems to really work.
I want to add a protein drink or health supplement in the future, it would help me more.
Nara A.
A breakfast that combines proteins and slow-metabolizing sugar. For example, eggs, some oatmeal with low-fat dairy, and fruit mixed with peanut butter to make the sugar absorb slower.
Lo C Q.
I think it depends on what you like. I’m not crazy about eggs, but I still eat them sometimes with cheese, onions and salsa.

If I need something super quick because I am running late, I get a spoonful of peanut butter and eat it with a banana or fruit.

I think quiches are super tasty, but I’m not sure how healthy they are.

I think a good way to make things tasty is by adding spice to it or eating your favorite fruit in the morning with some peanut butter. Or getting Greek yogurt with some honey and fruit. There’s plenty of options. You can also google tasty healthy breakfasts and see all the ideas. Toast can be tasty and healthy with the right spreads.

Rem Gio Z.
Naked pea protein powder or other vegan p. powder, in the ninja with spinach, almond or other nut milk, any berry, some flax,hemp,and chia seeds, if you have a big blender you can add a banana for sweetness
Vicki E.
Bananas, avocado toast, and a shake made up of berrys is my go to breakfast since it tastes wonderful and gives me the energy I need for the day.
Lena G.
My absolute favorite breakfast has to be oatmeal. There can be elements of sweetness or sugar in oatmeal that satisfy my sweet tooth, as well as plenty of fruits and protein that create the perfect healthy package.
V Nea P.
Regular (unsweetened) or steel cut oatmeal works great for sustaining energy through the morning. Added fruit or nuts is a good option as well.
Terra Z.
Pan fried eggs over spring mix salad greens with avocado. I also like to add salsa on top of the eggs b cause the salad greens need some flavor!
F Lvia Z.
For me a great breakfast ALWAYS includes an egg or two. Eggs are great sources of high quality protein. They are also full of good vitamins, iron, zinc and copper 💪 not only are they full of benefits but they also help keep me full for longer.
Domenico F.
I like microwaving frozen vegetable meals mixed with some real peanut butter. It's convenient and delicious. There's a little sugar from the sauce and a little salt from the peanut butter making this a yummy meal.
Kim T.
A great breakfast for me would be scrambled eggs, cheese and a little salsa, fruit, and sausage. Yummy! 😋 A piece of toast with a bit of jam.
Francilene Q.
I always go for a protein shake now. Has everything you need and as easy to make. I'll even add fruit for some more flavor.
Caleb E.
Lots of fruits and vegetables and eggs in the morning can fill you up and also give you the essential nutrients along with the required energy for the day.
Karen Q.
Full cream plain yoghurt, one chopped banana, 10 raw almonds, small handful of pumpkin seeds, squeeze of honey and generous sprinkle of cinnamon