What are some nutritious but make at home least costly and easily available ingredient dish for breakfast?

Babett F.
An Apple with peanut butter and Gluten free toast with grass fed cow butter. I also enjoy a cup of coffee with almond and coconut mik.
T Kavita C.
Eggs are a good choice here. They are easy to make, affordable, and provide protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Another good choice is steel cut oats. It's inexpensive and very versatile; You can make a big batch of granola and throw in whatever you'd like. I chop up nuts, add puffed rice cereal, dried fruit, and even semi-sweet chocolate chips. Or you can make good old-fashioned oatmeal with whatever toppings you like. Another good choice is fresh fruit with nut butter; I like apples or bananas with peanut or cashew butter.
Victoria Z.
Spinach and eggs are my go-to. I can cook them a variety of ways and add different spices and sauces. I highly recommend!
Gabriella U.
A lot of Indian vegetarian recipes are the ones to go for, trust me. And you can always make some good ol’ oatmeal with fresh fruit and seeds 🙂
Kristin Z.
Oatmeal is cheap and easy, versatile and super healthy. You get enough to keep you energized until lunch and you can top it with fresh fruit or nuts or anything you want (also savoury)