Any breakfast ideas with fruits like oranges and apples?

Eleonore Y.
Orange works surprisingly well with yoghurt if you slice up the segments and add some chopped toasted nuts (toasting can be done very quickly in a dry frying pan over a medium heat.) Another fun thing to do with fruit is make a quick compote that can liven up yoghurt or porridge. Apples work really well for this. Heat them in a saucepan over a medium heat with a squeeze of lemon juice and a couple tablespoons of honey, sugar, or agave syrup to taste, until softened. You can sprinkle in some ground cinnamon in the winter months for a warming vibe.

Esme F.
I love to make smoothies and fruit bowls. If you make a thicker smoothie and put it in a bowl and sprinkle more fruit on it it’s very tasty. Like a fruit parfait.

Keri N.
Apple or banana sliced with peanut butter.
Stewed apples in a little bit of water with cinnamon and walnuts. A little added sliced ginger helps the digestion first thing.
You can also bake these lightly in the toaster oven.
And of course a fruit salad with sliced oranges apples and berries with some cottage cheese is light and delicious.
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Destynee J.
I don't think you could ever go wrong with a fruit salad. If you make enough, you could even save some for each morning.

Rain X.
I don't really like sweet foods at breakfast time, I prefer to eat "unconventional" savoury breakfast items such as perogies with sausage, congee, poached eggs with toast, and unsweetened peanut butter on toast. If I do eat fruits at breakfast I just break it up into small pieces to eat by hand.

Reimer Z.
I always uses oranges and apples as a side for example porridge with slices of apple ! Berries and bananas are the best for putting into cereal !

Crystal F.
I like to add fresh fruit to my yogurt in the mornings. I also will add apple, orange and grapefruit pieces to oatmeal…if you're looking for just fruit breakfast ideas, try preparing home made fruit cocktail. A really nice touch to rice pudding is fresh apple slices also.

Owen T.
You can make an apple and orange juice with ginger. You might also like a salad, just add to the apple and orange a little lettuce and fresh cheese with a bit of walnuts.

Christina Z.
Yes, you can make toast and add sliced banana’s on it. You can also eat applesauce with peanut-butter. I have no more ideas but you can look for some on Pinterest! Bye bye! 🙂

Sherri U.
Quinoa with (Mandarin) oranges, crushed almonds, butter, and honey makes a great breakfast, and the quinoa can be made in a rice cooker.

Muy G.
For the apple you can blend it with some vegetables like spinach, kale, cucumber, celery. Orange you can squeeze it the night before and use it as your smoothie liquid with addition to water.

Micarcha W.
I'm not a breakfast type of person but I kinda eat these as breakfast snacks. Like apples and peanut butter, orange juice, a fruit salad or just a whole apple with milk.

Dennis T.
I usually like morning breakfast fruit over greek yogurt. I turn it into a parfait with a few pinches of uncooked oatmeal or whatever granola mix I might have. Or I cook a small bowl of oatmeal and put fruit and a drizzle of honey over it.

Lana M.
Not sure about oranges but you can make oatmeal and then cut up apple or bananas or any berries and place on top. Another idea is to cut up apples into cubes and cook with oats on stove and add maple syrup and cinnamon so it becomes crunchy

Fanny Y.
I used to eat apples and oranges for breakfast and hated it, but then I found eating them in a different form rather than simply and apple and orange changed the game for me. I used to simply chop them up, combine them with chopped banana or any other fruit lying around the house, pour some orange juice on it and eat a fresh fruit salad. Sweet, easy and delicious!

Alexander O.
My mom sometimes makes oatmeal, just regular oatmeal, and puts cinnamon and sometimes brown sugar, and adds a lot of apples slices, and it is delicious.

Charlotte W.
I like to eat oatmeal with apple, pear or bananas on top, add some dried fruit for extra sweetness like raisins. And cinnamon is a good addition too 🙂

Fiona F.
Porridge with stewed apple, I make a batch of cooked apple at the start of the week, sometimes with berries or raisins and cinnamon to liven it up

Wes R.
Apple and peanut butter is a great simple protein/sugar breakfast. Oranges on top of yogurt and granola offers more carbs in the mix. Happy breky!

Gabriela S.
They can be juiced to make a breakfast wellness shot and add some veggies for more nutrients. You could also bake the apples with cinnamon and mix in with oatmeal topped with the zest and juice from the orange.

Anton C.
Yes! If you're wanting to put them together a fruit salad is definitely a good way to go or a smoothie. With apples I love making parfaits with some oats. You could also look into to making stewed apples. They are SUPER easy to make. Like less than 15 minutes. Hope this helps. Good luck. 😺🤙🏾