I eat almost the same breakfast daily. I would love to hear what others eat, to give me more ideas.

Clyde S.
I vary it. Sometimes a fruit shake with kefir. Or muesli and yoghurt. Or 'shahshouka: Egyptian scrambled eggs. My favourite is Sri Lankan string hoppers with fish curry and pol sambol. But that's usually when I'm staying in a hotel!
Nicoline A.
I usually do cereal and banana. Sometimes, I mix it up with egg, veggie burger, onions, and cheese on a sandwich thin. Other days, I do oatmeal with dried plums, a little cinnamon, and half a banana.
Gene U.
Actually, as a student, I also eat almost the same breakfast everyday because it's fast and you don't have to think of what to eat at all. It's fine to eat the same one when the meal includes everything you need to start the day.
Naja P.
Breakfast 1.
2 eggs, 1.5 cups fruit, 2 cherry tomatoes.

Breakfast 2.
Dinosaur oatmeal, 10 almonds, spoon full vanilla Greek yogurt.

Basically swap between those.

Alberte Z.
I’m the same. I make the same breakfast most of the time, which is scrambled eggs on toast. I love eggs so I don’t mind it. On days that I’m lazy, I make a sandwich or a peanut butter and banana milkshake
Benjamin P.
I find that meal-prepping gives me lots of tasty and healthy options on the fly throughout the week. We make egg-bites of all varieties in a muffin tin, overnight oats in Mason jars, or prep hard boiled eggs or protein shakes for quick-grab options when we get home from the gym.
Roberto R.
I tend to have a similar version of whatever my two boys are having for breakfast that day and thankfully thay come up with some good ideas so breakfasts never boring, if it were I would probably be more tempted to skip it on busy mornings. We have scrambled egg on toast, fruit and yogurt, cereal and my boys particularly like porridge with honey and almonds at the moment
Oscar E.
Sometimes I make avocado toast with a fried egg on top, oatmeal with cold almond or coconut milk on top with fresh fruits and chia and pumpkin seeds, scrambled eggs with toast, a fruit smoothie with almond milk and with kale, spinach sometimes thrown in. And I switch it up between those.
Gl Ria Q.
I eat a varied breakfast menu. I like oatmeal, especially during the winter. I like to add walnuts, cinnamon and raisins for health benefits.

I also like to eat scrambled eggs and toast.

In the summer, I drink protein shakes with added fruit and flax seeds and wheat germ.

I eat quinoa with mango and cinnamon and a little cream.

One of my favorites are sweet potato pancakes with a little maple syrup and apple chicken sausages.

Elliot T.
Breakfast is always a challenge for me… Nothing seems appealing and everyday it's a frustrating search… Sometimes leftovers, sometimes bfast foods… And always a cup of chai (after my glass of water!)
Ma Lie Y.
I like to keep my breakfast varied. Cold options include cereal, overnight oats, fruit and yoghurt and when I'm feeling indulgent pastries. In cold whether or when I know I have a lot on that day I opt for something hot and more substantial. This can include porridge with fruit and honey, omelette with a variety of fillings, or some sort of breakfast wrap or sandwich containing bacon, sausage, egg, mushroom and cheese either individually or in any combination using up whatever I have in the fridge.
Christina J.
I was struggling with something quick, healthy, and easy to make and finally had some inspiration. I started making savory oatmeal bowls with eggs and veggies every morning. They have been the best, super filling and delicious, and you can season them any way you like.
Johanne X.
As I have mentioned to others who have asked for someone to give them ideas, I am not a breakfast person! I never was. Even as a child, I'd try to leave home without my mother or older sister seeing me go. I was not the model child she had hoped for. My sister was the perfect daughter…never gave my loving parents a moment's concern. I, on the other hand, was constantly rushing around and getting injured falling down our 19 step staircase, almost weekly! I fell downstairs often because I never looked where I was going. I would fall on gravel driveways, which dug a deep hole in my skin so you could see my bone. I grew up,until my teens, in a small town in the northeastern part of Maine, which was an area for growing potatoes. When we were let off schooling to let us go potato picking because there were never enough people to do this work and we got paid! we would always be taken to the farms in the back of a pickup truck. It was fun to stand up while moving, with the wind in your hair….and bugs! Once every year, I would always fall, usually still in the truck, but not always! My mom said that I couldn't be worse, if I was a "boy"! This was in the mid 1940's! Now there are wonderful machines! I am 81, now!
Anyway back to breakfast! I don't eat until mid-morning, around 10 o'clock. First, I have to take my meds with a glass of water, of course. Then, I have to give my little dog, a Shih Tzu called,Mischief. She is 14 now, but she earned her name when she was younger. But, she is my best female buddy. We spend time loving each other for a while. Next, I do a hour or more stretching every muscle in my body because I have problems exercising on dry land. I still have a tendency to fall. Having two total hip replacements in my hips and screws and rods in my back, it is not a good idea to fall, now. So I do serious stretching on my bed. It is really toning me.
Okay, now to breakfast!
1 – I tend to have a slice of 12 grain bread, which I love, with peanut butter, or light cream cheese, and a no-sugar added jam. Another glass of water, of course. About an hour later, I usually eat a Granny Smith apple for a fruit and fiber. I am not a hot drink person and I like cold water.
2 – I sometimes eat a sugarless dry cereal with some milk, instead of the bread plus.
3 – Being that I am still living in the north and it is wintertime, I will, once in a while, put some milk in a bowl with oatmeal flakes, stir it, cover it with Press and Seal or Saranwrap. Put it in the fridge to soak up the milk during the night. In the morning, I put it in the microwave for a few minutes, until it is hot and smooth. Take it out and add a little regardless jam for a tasty treat.
4 – Sometimes, I will make an omelet with a slice of cheddar cheese in it. It is so good, but I don't really care to cook for myself. When my husband is joining me, it is different. We are still very close, even though we are still married almost 61 years.
I hope that I have given you a couple of ideas. I wish you joy with your The Fabulous app. It is the greatest!!! In this young year, may you and yours have good health, much happiness and a lots of laughter in you lives.
Have a positive attitude toward your life, it really helps. Bye bye.

Adam U.
I love to eat eggs in the morning. They’re so versatile: boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, mixed in a recipe, the list goes on.
Erkan N.
– Greek yogurt wth blueberries
-apple with almond butter and a piece of whole wheat toast
-spinach and fruit smoothie with a scoop of vanilla protein
Alyssia E.
An egg omelet would be an excellent breakfast choice, Especially, if you have a very fast pace mornings .Its a very good source of protein an it energize your diet.
Timmothy Y.
What I like to do is I buy a box of my favorite cereal and eat it everyday until its empty. except two or three days a week I like to have oatmeal, an egg on toast, or something with peanut butter on it. 😁
Elsa E.
My breakfast usually consists of three main parts, the cereal, the toast, and the fruit. The cereal is something such as bran flakes, oatmeal, or fruit and fibre with some real honey to sweeten up if its something a bit bland. The toast, Ill have with peanut butter. The fruit, I change up the most. An apple, a banana, half a can of peaches. Sometimes I'll even just add it to the cereal or the toast. So like you, my breakfast can become a little bit samey, always cereal, toast, and fruit, but I find making little changes to a set structure works the best for me. Hope this helps!
Bianka T.
I eat a pure whole wheat bread with some cheese. Sometimes a quick cheese egg and butter in a bowl in the microwave would do as well. But if Im craving something sweet then I would eat some bananas with some unsweeetened peanut butter.