Do you still keep your great breakfast habit if for some reason you are late and in a hurry? What do you do in these cases?

Sarah S.
I either grab an apple, banana or just some fruit that I currently have at home, or I buy something on my way, like a protein bar or something. Hope this helps <<3
Merryn N.
If I am running late, I can remind myself of my commitment to myself and make something quick. If I miss a day I forgive myself and move on.
Chloe E.
Drink some OJ, I try to have hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator and I grab a couple of those and put them in a zip lock bag.
Julien C.
I’ll try to. If I’m late I will have a smaller one but at least I’ll have a breakfast just for my mind to keep going and know that the routine is still here and I can do it ! Hope it help
Sans O P.
I too had this question, because I don't get enough time before leaving in the morning as I have to leave very early for work so I don't get to make and eat a proper breakfast in time everyday, so I rather opt to just pack my breakfast for break time and eat it then but while leaving home I'll just have either a glass of milk/juice or plain water and a banana.