What do you like to eat for a nourishing breakfast?

Hans J Z.
I absolutely love bread but I try to eat it only for lunch. For breakfast I will have granola with soy yoghurt and maybe some fruit. A cup of tea and a glass of orange juice to both energize and comfort me.

Ruby O.
I am vegan, so eggs and bacon aren't an option for me. That's totally fine though, because fruit is so much healthier! I like to make oatmeal and top it with fruit and almond or peanut butter.

Katelynn R.
I like to have a nice whole grain like toast, granola, or a Belvita crisp. Then I pair it up with some yogurt or a protein smoothie.

Kimberly O.
Always break my fast with some fruit.

A bunch of grapes
Some strawberries
A small banana

And sometimes add yoghurt or nuts or oats

Cle Patra P.
So far I've been having eggs with avocado, either scrambled eggs with avocado on the side with some fruit, or an egg and avocado sandwich with whole wheat bread. It keeps me full for longer than I thought and tastes super yummy.

Amanda A.
If I have a busy schedule that day I like to eat fruit, like bananas or apples, paired with water (and occasionally milk – it’s a strong source of calcium.) A proper breakfast would look something like toast, eggs, and hash brown.

Carl J.
2 eggs, spinach, avocado, tea/coffee, and some kind of carb. Sometimes potatoes other times a slice of toast. Some peppers and tomato can help add some variety to scrambled eggs. WATER, always WATER.
Milk is always a good option in moderation. If I’m in a hurry I will throw some fresh fruit and greens into a smoothie with protein powder.

Claudia O.
Usually have 2 boiled eggs, one slice of toast with honey, one slice of toast with peanut butter, porridge or Belvita. To drink i have water, orange juice, Actimel and one naughty cup of coffee.

Gustav C.
Banana, frozen berry, flaxseed and soya milk smoothie, followed by seeded toast with scrambled tofu with tomato, a few baked beans and 2 small vegan chorizo sausages!

S W.
Dates or oatmeal and bananas with honey or a tomatoes, cucumber and tiny flakes (hoping we can call it that lol) of green chili peppers with white feta cheese

Clara T.
For breakfast I like to eat pancakes and eggs something like that will fill me up but, according to Fabulous pancakes build you up and throw you back down so instead of having pancakes an egg sandwich may be more promising.Along with the egg sandwich I will have some tea to drink and that'll be all.

Juliette O.
I prefer scrambled eggs during this time. For this I use Gordon Ramsay's recipe I found on YouTube. On other days I can recommend a healthy cereal (for days you don't have time to heat up the stove) or whole-wheat bread with hummus and avocado. Maybe you can also prepare a good bulgur salad the day before