Would you like to share your favorite memory of a breakfast with me? This can be a moment or a particular type of food you enjoyed.

Hannah A.
I was living with a friend taking care of her grandmother. The usual breakfast I had wasn't available, so I looked in the freezer. There were some flat iron steaks in there with a little defrost on them! I took them out and began my breakfast. We had some grapes in the fridge and some eggs. I grabbed both of those. The steaks were thawed out and so I put them in a pan and seasoned them. I scrambled my eggs and seasoned them. After the steaks were seared, I put them in the oven on low; I only eat well done! I put the eggs in the pan to cook quickly and plated them when they were done. I washed the grapes and put them on the plate. The steaks were smelling good as I took them out and plated them also. I added a little steak sauce to the eggs and steak and began eating. A breakfast fit for a queen. I enjoyed it thoroughly and will never forget it!
Clara W.
I like the feeling of new day and the breakfast gives you an opportunity to enjoy it! A warm coffee an omelette or a sandwich or a porridge with a dark chocolate and fruits ( tasty!!)
Capucine S.
I usually drink a blueberry kale smoothie in the morning before I go to work. It gives me time to unwind while starting my day with an energizing breakfast and I reflect on the positivity in my life ☺️
Barry Y.
I've eating healthier and staying from Sugary foods and making better choices by walking everyday and going to class 3 times at the YMCA
Alberto Y.
I remember a really hot day in April 2016, where I made my first smoothie bowl. It was wind still and I was sitting at the terrace at the back of my apartment. The food and weather combination was perfect.
Adruzilo P.
I love gashouse eggs. This is my favorite breakfast dish. You cut a hole in toast (I love a Jewish Rye) and crack a fresh egg in the middle over a hot, buttered pan. Flip and cook to your preference. When the toast is crisp and the egg over medium (solid egg white and yolk has soft solid edges and is runny in the middle), it’s perfection! Take this to the next level by adding salt, cracked pepper, and dill; it’s so good! This is such a solid breakfast to kick off the day, then add a side of half a ruby grapefruit and a black robust dark roast coffee to drink so that can really round this out. Each time I eat a gashouse egg this way for breakfast I feel so happy and satiated all day.
Neil Z.
Ohhhh mornings are not my favorite so it's normally hard for me to enjoy breakfast but lately I found myself enjoying a simple boiled egg with half an avocado. With a little sprinkle of salt and pepper. ☺️
Jamie J.
Sliced strawberries and sliced bananas. Top the bananas with peanut butter. The peanut butter helps slow the absorption of these foods and gives you more energy throughout the morning.
Nanna Y.
ILove my toast with homemade peanut butter. Crunchy, healthy and tasty! I am also adding an orange to my breakfast. Also, it can be any kind of oats.
Glenda R.
My partner usually works quite early in the morning. Very recently he started a new projected that has an on-site office very close to us. The first morning he was able to work from home we went to breakfast together!

Not only was it breakfast food that is nostalgic for me, but to spend this time with him is so special and precious. It felt like being a kid again and staying home from school while feeling “sick” or playing hooky 🙂 it was fun, spontaneous, and very special.

Marius N.
This morning I made eggs and spinach all by myself, for myself! It felt so nice to make something healthy and yummy for me to eat. Cooking for yourself is such a special and fun way to practice self care.
Hans Joachim X.
When I start working at 6:00 am, I have to wake up at 4:30 in order to be in time. This is really difficult for me because I cannot get used to it. And as a consequence, I very often indulge in a croissant and cappuccino before I start working, I think that’s a wrong way to seek for comfort. This morning I woke up a little earlier. I had time to prepare my healthy breakfast and I took everything with me at work. I ate it before starting my day, very proud of myself and feeling positive and starting the righy way. I had rice milk with organic muesli made with oats. It makes me feel so powerful starting my day right!
Rute Q.
The favourite thing for me about breakfast is now the evening before. I begin to understand that preparation is key. So when I boil the eggs the nught before, or wash the vegetables for next day, I’m thinking that I do this for me, that I invest in taking care of myself and that “future me” will be very proud and pleased.

The ritual is so very rewarding.

Elias A.
I made pancakes from eggs, whole wheat and bananas. It has a lot of protein and you are full for a large portion of the morning
Signe N.
OMG! A delicious scrambled eggs with bacon, cheese and avocado…
Hot black coffe
Confortable seat
Amazing view!!!! Off course
Ethan F.
Old fashioned oats (1/2 C dry, with 1 C water), mixed with 1 tsp almond butter. I also have some berries on the side or mixed in!
Calvin O.
Growing up in New Mexico green chiles are everywhere. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My grandmother made the best green sauce. Wished I had gotten her recipe before she passed. I can remember mornings waking up at her house the sweet spicy smell of chiles. I knew we were having her Heuvos Rancheros. Omg they were the best thing I have ever eaten. A little heat, my grandma would call me a Gringa if I wimped out and say it was too spicy, runny eggs all on crispy tortillas or American style on toast. My mouth is watering right now with the memory.
Rotraut F.
My favorite breakfast was when my daughter, sister, and I were in Minneapolis, MN for a concert. The morning after the concert we stopped at a little cafe and had the best coffee and gluten free blueberry pancakes ever before catching my flight back to Denver. It was a perfect ending to a great trip.
Catarino A.
My favorite breakfast memory as an adult who is trying to be fabulous was when I visited Quintana Roo, Mexico in 2016. It was so wonderful. After my first night of my vacation , I woke up at about 6am local time with the sunshine filling the room and reflecting off the surface of the ocean. It was amazing. I was really hungry, I had literally awaken into a new state of mind and my body needed fuel. I ordered a fresh local fruit platter with papaya and pineapple and other fruit as well and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice with a side of scrambled eggs and chorizo from room service provided by the resort at which I stayed; and for a moment, I literally felt like I was in heaven. Now I try to create this feeling everytime I eat and only eat what I really want and enjoy and know will nourish me in all four corners of my being.
Mattie P.
My favorite memory of a breakfast was when I met my cousins from Beijing for the first time. They served me steamed buns stuffed with pork sung and a bowl of chocolate milk. It was so simple yet really satisfying, and very different from the greasy sugary breakfasts prepared by my American relatives.
Gerald R.
Hmmm I enjoy the breakfast in a Buddhist monastery that I always go on Sunday. They served porridge, a lot of healthy food. And the best is enjoying with the natural environment there.
Alison E.
I enjoy eating smaller breakfasts that pack more nutrients. Sitting down in the morning by myself to just eat and think about my day helps me kick start my morning.
Ambre E.
I think I really enjoyed bread with eggs- I did add some butter to the bread though because I felt that the taste complemented it well. I think once I’ve finished a healthy meal I feel a significantly lower craving for something that may not be quite so good for my body.
Beatrice U.
As a child, on weekends the whole family would come together for pancake Saturday and eggs and bacon Sunday. It was a time we enjoyed together.