For me, the place where you eat makes a difference. Does it matter to you where you eat breakfast?

Astrid A.
I don't really care where I'm eating breakfast, as long as I'm sitting. I rather be in a calm environment, taking my time
Gih Z.
Not really I think that as long as I eat the breakfast I make it's good eating In other places doesn't really affect me I don't mind unless I'm uncomfortable in the seat or area
Lana Z.
Actually i eat my breakfast in home. Right in front of my kitchen window. Watching the birds and how the weather's gonna be. It's a fast breakfast but I enjoy it.
Lena U.
It doesn’t really matter to me where I eat breakfast. All I need is to sit down and peacefully eat them, because I take it as a form of relaxation. I nourish my body with it and my body doesn’t deserve to be in rush for breakfast, because it needs breakfast to function. That’s way I eat my breakfast not in hurry so I could enjoy it fully and nourish my body with it 🙂
Dave O.
No it doesn’t. But so can imagine that if you’re struggling eating breakfast, eating it in the kitchen only (for example) can make it easier and turn it into a habit.
Deann Y.
Absolutely, when I'm with my friends in coffee it's the most delicious breakfast for me.
But at home I have some special place for eat breakfast to make me pleasure.
Gih Z.
Yes, I like to eat breakfast in our kitchen, at the table. We have a window directed to the east, so we have a morning sun and golden hour for breakfast. This makes me appreciate the day.
Gih Z.
I think that if the place is clean and the dishes/mugs are simple it makes the moment even better. I’ve been trying to serve myself in beautiful dishes and mugs and it makes me enjoy even more my breakfast.
Sulene I.
It matters a lot to me where I eat my breakfast, I always use a particular spot at the table. It makes me feel like I’m starting the day in the right way. I also prefer to take my time for breakfast and not skip it even if I’m running late. Maybe I’ll skip a quick shower and have breakfast instead. I don’t like eating breakfast out on the run, I feel like it’s not healthy for me.