Can you have toast for breakfast?

Becky T.
Sure, I would try wheat bread. Also, try not to use butter as it has a lot of fat and is high on cholesterol. Try peanut butter!
Alessandra S.
Of course! You can prepare it before go to sleep, so when you wake up you find your toast that waiting you. I recommend a protein toast to start a perfect day
Maria Y.
Yes, cause though it’s suggested to limit carbs on breakfast, we (I) still need some. Also carbs cheer me up I think, I fill and think better with than without some. Also a toast goes well with all kinds of healthy food.
Alvina P.
You can have anything for breakfast, but the less refined sugars the better. If you're planning on toast, try and go for the loaves that don't rise after being squished. This is a sign of high natural fiber.
Leyla W.
I think that yes, you can have toast for breakfast. You can pair it with fruits and yogurt so that your not only eating toast. But on the other hand having toast could be a treat if eating with something unhealthy, such as Nutella,Peanut butter and other additives that are sugary. It’s not good for your body to be starting off the day with sugar because sugar keeps you energized for a short amount of time but the has the tendency of making you feel tired after. So having toast is fine in the morning as long as you eat with consideration.