Why is it wrong to skip breakfast? I know people who skip breakfast and actually feel better after skipping breakfast.

Julie I.
Look into intermittent fasting. Skipping breakfast is okay for some people, but everyone is different. It's not one diet fits all! Good luck!

Sarah F.
I think people need to fuel their bodies to have more energy throughout the day, and to try to avoid brain fog and the afternoon blahs(yes that’s a word). Although, everyone is different, and everyone goes through phases. Maybe what works for one person when they are 20 won’t work when they are 40, or won’t work at all for someone else.

Hermine T.
I used to skip it because to me there was no point of having breakfast but now I have realised that not only is it fuel for you but it helps you throughout the day also it gives you more energy no matter what it is.

Bertha Z.
People do feel better but as soon as time passes you will feel dizzy or sleepy and hungry easily tired and angry for awhile so get eating breakfast

Ilaria P.
I think that breakfast is one of my favorite moment in the day, I can take all the time that I want, the morning isn’t started yet and I can think. When I take a long breakfast I choose what to eat and I feel well about my self, I can take time to look outside and to be conscious. Than it’s good for your body, I don’t wake up completely without breakfast.. I don’t know how someone can wait until lunch

Kd N.
I feel like what the asker is looking for is more ‘is it okay for ME to skip breakfast’ and I think like with most habits no one can answer that but yourself after some experimentation. We all have different needs, if you find the traditional ‘breakfast’ doesn’t help you, then why keep it in your life?

Samanta Q.
Breakfast is your fuel for the day. You need it, because it's what your body and mind are going to run on all day. It's part of the foundation of a great day! Also I've heard that skipping breakfast makes you gain weight because your body converts the more of the food you eat later on into fat. It does this because it doesn't know when the next time is that you're going to get to eat. It's a defense mechanism. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I hope this was helpful! 🙂

Terry N.
Because breakfast fuels you for the day whereas if you don’t have breakfast you don’t have right mind set and nutrients to power you till lunch

Jennifer P.
The reason breakfast is so important is because when you wake up after sleeping 8 hrs a night (if you are one of the lucky people that sleep a full 8 hrs) your body has already fasted for 8 hrs and if you wait till lunch at 11 or 12 that's a long time to go without nutrients, and when you do eat your body will store it rather than burn it making you feel a bit more tired and sluggish, typically hitting around 2:30-ish, breakfast doesn't have to be a large meal for me I prefer a juicy fruit like melon or grapes, or oatmeal with a fresh banana cut up in it. This is also more beneficial to help with weight management, helping with stress, and a must if you have issues with your sugar. Eating a heavy breakfast can make people feel rough in the mornings, I personally don't feel like eating my weight in bacon and pancakes first thing either, but a light healthy breakfast can help kick off your day and keep you going strong.

Mallory Z.
why that may be true for some people breakfast is really important for most!! if you sleep a good 8 hours than your body hasn’t had any food in that time! you need to refuel so you don’t get tired quicker or go hungry!

Lea N.
Skip breakfast is not good because you need to have this energy of the beginning of the day. The breakfast is the importants meal time! And a good breakfast is like a good beginning in the day! You have the energy and the power to begin the day happy..